Snarky Puppy - Lingus (We Like It Here)

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Alex Paclin : 1) Watch Cory' play. 2) Watch Shaun's reaction throughout all the solo.

Damian Clarkson : Drummer is the secret star here! fkin unreal the whole song!

Silesian Sailor : Cory ( synths ) & Larnell (drums ) are the proof that extraterrestial life exists on our planet.

Jackson Silverman : Larnell absolutely kills it on this track, but the part that impresses me the most is the kick pattern that he and Michael lock into throughout the entirety of Corey’s solo. It never lets up and to keep pushing that tempo and stay locked in with one another for that duration, while simultaneously building under the solo, is extremely impressive

Jeremy Medicina : They say it took 12 trees to produce the sheet music for Corey's solo.

Adam Lee : This video is incomprehensible to me. Firstly, because it's hard to understand just how crazy talented every individual in this room is. Secondly, because I can't believe how perfectly this many musicians lock with one another, when the music is this demanding. Thirdly, every single one of them is sensitive to the artistic motion of the piece. They move as a unit, and every one serves the purpose of realising Michael's insane composition to its highest form of expression. This band blows my mind - every single time! Yikes!

mrjmaverick1995 : I needed a cigarette after this.

Padakeno Ryu : The more i learn about playing piano and music theory, the less i understand how this solo was possible

Malletdude31 : I just love that during Cory's solo, right from the jump, he looks glassy-eyed, like he doesn't actually see anything else around him and the keyboards. He's just staring off into space the whole time he's not looking at the keyboard fiddling with things. Then about 6 or 7 bars before they transition out of the solo, he suddenly looks up and has a giant smile on his face like he just came out of a trance. It's hilarious.

Jeffrey Vee : This is the first snarky puppy song I've ever listened to. Not disappointed. Not even a bit

Shelby67Hllyh : Lord, forgive me for my synths

GSelf : This is the 235th time i watch this freakin thing and everytime i see something different. This time was those guys behind the "recording glass" going crazy at 7:22. Love it

cathridge : I showed this to my friends last weekend. We were having a musicians' sleepover party at the keyboardist's summer house. Just jamming, recording, bonding and turning each other into some cool music that we've each come across. We're all into pretty progressive music as well as pop, alt, blues, r&b, etc. But this performance left my friends speechless. All of us are in our 50s and this is the stuff we listened to in our teens and 20s. Weather Report, RTF, Zappa, Herbie, etc. But we didn't think anyone really cared about this type of music anymore. Glad to see we were wrong.

Mateo Montenegro : Holy shit that drum is insane

Nathaniel Reichert : Is it just me or does Snarky Puppy remind anyone else of Fletcher's elite school band from the movie Whiplash? ;) Maybe Johnny Utah turns their pages.

-Jr- : I hope those instruments were over 18

S3L4H : Am I the only one crying here ? When the synth guy start to play , for the first time of my life I never cry for a performance, but this one make me cry because they all are good and the music have reach me deep down my heart and soul! That’s incredible! Did somebody felt & cry like me? 😁🔥🔥🎹🎹🎹🎹🙌🏽

Frank Bradley : 8:01 - 8:17 greatest musical transition of all time. fight me

Jesus Christ : Everybody's talking bout cory's and larnell but nobody talk about the bassit who wrote EVERY FCKING TABS FOR EVERY FCKING INSTRUMENTS on the song

MrMinusguy : PROTIP: Make sure the synth and the band are in the SAME KEY!

Not Right Music : Going to the jaw doctor. Mine just shattered all over the floor after Corey's thing!

okolekahuna : after a 100x watching this video, it still puts a smile on my face.

Sam Barillas : I see a couple thousand downvotes. I ask you: why?

Jonathan Watson : Shauns reaction is my favorite thing

Reyna Banks : Cory Henry is a BEAST on the keys.

Arpit Jain : How the hell are we supposed to cover this song

Abhijai Mathur : solo and on: 12-12-12-123-12-12-12-123-12-12-12-123-12-123-12-123 :)

kleet1 : Let's not forget the boy on the skins.

trayambak cl : my band performed this song and we won the battle of bands underdog competition

Beto Hernandez : Yo, Shaun legit just ends up sitting back with the audience while Cory dukes it out XD

Jamie : Props to the team who mic'd, mixed and mastered this. No less skilled or talented than the musicians. The mix is absolutely fantastic

Maury Allums : This has to be one of the greatest performances of all time...

MotoBandit ZA : Best performance iv'e seen in my entire life! Sheer brilliance in music complexity, individual talent and collective professional delivery. Mind blowing the variations, layers and colors of music. Beautiful seeing everyone locked in and getting it done. Wish i could have been in this room. Some things happen once in a lifetime and for those people listening this was one of those moments. What a privilege to listen to this! Thank you!

SeanithanEgan : This came on automatically after another video I was watching. I had to go to work. I'm now late to work.

Julian Harris : I must've listened / watched this at least 50 times now. That makes it one of my favourite pieces of all time.

John G : I'm starting to think this crazy newfangled "electric" music stuff just might catch on.

Dani Koerner : This is the best song in the world

fifrenzyguy341 : I’ve been dying to meet someone who can intelligibly explain what to practice (scales, modes, harmonies, etc) in order to get to that point. I feel like cats at that level are just so in love with practice that some of them just develop this unexplainable talent.

Jay D : i never wanted this to end

AgentCouch42 : I don't care what you think but the drummer is the real mvp here. He never let off the beat and was on it 100% of the time.

ted : probably my 200th time viewing this............lets hope it gets integrated into our musical culture and is never lost

Rafael Lourenco : I got it! The drummer is an Alien.

Motheo Molefi : Am I the only one who lost it when the drummer started doing this???!!!! 5:39 Also... CORY HENRY IS NOT HUMAN!!!

Chris Compositions : But can we talk about the drummer as well? Takes incredible skill to hold up with a group like this, and he does beautifully!

Šventinis bankuchenas : The guy at 1:29 totally describes how I feel listening to this

Samuel Tjia : One of the most beautiful solo ever in the history of the world

Jay Mays : I'm listening to this via surround sound and everything is clear and precise as hell! The horns, drums, keys etc. I lost my motivation for making music (keys) and just had no more time but listening to them play motivates me. This shit is NICE! ... J

Lopez Hamilton : Just saw Cory Henry perform last weekend. He did not disappoint.

qwaszasz : Need to watch it from time to time ... just need to...

bhuffisthestuff : I was doing math homework while listening to this. When the song ended, I put my pencil down, closed the tab, and practiced my saxophone for 2 hours. Music>Math