Why we have blind spots - and how to see the blood vessels inside your own eye!

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I've made a lot of videos about juggling (and will continue to!) as well as minecraft. This is the first video I've made about a passion of mine that's larger than the other two combined - science! I hope to create videos which explain scientific phenomena at a well-researched middle level of detail. I am studying cognitive neuroscience at Brown University, and the trick in this video was shown to me by Professor David Sheinberg. A big thanks goes to him for all the awesome stuff he's taught me!


Beverly Glover : You explained everything soooo well! I normally drift off after awhile when watching this type of video but you held me the entire time and I understood everything. I even saw my blood vessels. There are very many. I have seen them before but didn't know what it was or that it was normal. Thanks so much. If I had had teachers like you when I went to school, I could have learned much, much more than I did. 

Things That Meditate : 240p for video about VISION 😂👌

Sierra Cole : Man, that was awesome... as soon as the little lines started to appear, mind was blown!

Garrett Stelly : If you do it right, you can't mistake it. It literally looks liek blood vessels, or dead sprawling tree limbs illuminating inside of the white light that is constantly changing. This is a great video and I hope to see more stuff like this all over youtube.

EmpressMystique : I've been suffering from seeing my own blood vessels, or purkinje tree in my eye each morning, they show up green in color. I may get referred to an ophthamologist when I go to see my doctor again.

Manuel Rodriguez : We are prehistoric outdated organisms. A true superior life form would have used wireless over physical cables. Our AI overlords will laugh at this outdated tech.

SubToPewdiepie : 10/10 would look at my retina again!

Marcio T : Does not work for me. Does the fact that I am severely nearsighted affect whether this trick works or not?

Vishwajeet Singh Sankhla : Thank you, you made my day more exciting.

Akoa Genesis : You answered so many question I've had in such a short time

Peter Kvačkay : And my friends didn't believe that i could see my vessels inside my eye! (it worked with street light, too)

johnknoefler : Seems the capillaries in my right are much different from the ones in my left. Great trick.

SmartYouTubification : You know these are all reddit commenters when everyone is using proper punctuation, grammar, and capitalization.

Narwhal Bacon : Reddit scientist here, I can confirm everything he says. (I have over 2000 comment karma so you can trust me)

Snoop Doge : Gonna need some /r/eyebleach for this. Snoop doge reddit.com admin

nGon- : The first test you can also do by extending your arm with your thumb pointing up, then moving it sideways while focusing as a specific object. I'm bad at guessing but it seems like for me, if I extend my arm so that it creates a ~20 degree angle with a direct line from my iris to the object, I can see (or rather not "see") the blind spot (where your thumb is basically invisible and you can't see it if you twitch it

Kristian Pyykkönen : you need to make more videos, that is awesome.  and subscribed.

13litz57 : that was SUPER cool seeing my vasculature. Well spoken and informative video 10/10

spYro : omg..... why did i never tried this before? Awesome explanation and the trick at the end blew my mind O_O

sarcasmo57 : I couldn't find my blind spot, could it be that I'm a cephalopod?

Ashkore Whitemoon : holy shit it works! Am I a magic now??

Zoster : WOW ! it actually worked (the second part i mean, the first i knew already, but it;'s still great). Thanks! great vid!

Diane Burrough : I sometimes notice I can see vein pulsing  when I stare at a bright sky. Especially if I'm working out and my heart is beating harder. Was a little worried, this lets me know it is probably normal.

misconstrudel : This is absolutely brilliant. Thanks so much for making this video - it's the most interesting "CNS hack" (for want of a better term) I've come across in ages. Going to carry a small hole around with me to impress all my friend.

ItsCaiCai : I had trouble finding my blindspot from 6 inches to 5 feett away so ill have to try when I'm in a bigger room.

Bibek Bhattarai : I learned something completely new today. Thanks for the video!

dʒeɪms : if u do mushrooms u have control over sensory adaptation. its quite cool.

Julián López : This is just amazing. Thank you!

Eddie_ C : That's awesome dude

Jennifer Marcoccia : Oh my lanta, this is amazing

Techn0 for life : Pretty freakin awesome, pretty freakin awesome he says....hahaa nooo IT'S FUCKING INSANE OMG This is so..GRRRR  I LOVE IT! :D

Leon Ettey : Brilliant haha this is amazing thanks man

F Clarke : I really enjoyed this thank you.

Matty Matt Matt : WITCHCRAFT

Keith Fretz : I noticed that anything outside a circle in the middle of my eyes i can see clearly, yet not be able to recognize or identify them.

responsor : insane) it works and it looks more like a warped light, not like shadows

Lewis Guilfoyle : Holy cow It worked!!!!!!!!!!!

Cosmic Velociraptor : Cool trick! I moved my hand around in circles - rather than side to side or up and down - while looking through it and could basically see all of the vessels

Християн Чолаков : it works :o, my veins are cool inside ;D

hoppinonabronzeleg : This guy is good, I think he should be on the Royal Society Christmas lectures.

Joaquin Vivas : I see tht all the time cuz i have an unattached brain since i did spice once

Meliza Livermore : Great video! helped for my exam, thanks!

Cali Clark : This is amazing!

VTEC : This is amazing!

Dan Lewis : Bravo. Well done.

blu3! : Im invisible

Ruslo Baratyan : A-a-a-a-a-a-a!!!!!

NeptuneHelix : I can activate that tunnel vission on command.

javaskum : like... blurry, webby, jellylike lines..