Why we have blind spots - and how to see the blood vessels inside your own eye!

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Zack Maxfield : Hit my blind spot right as he ran his hand over the target the first time and thought he wiped it off

Narwhal Bacon : Reddit scientist here, I can confirm everything he says. (I have over 2000 comment karma so you can trust me)

Varun Gupta : I actually used to see these lines since I was 3 and even now I can see them whenever I want. Not using a hole but just while lying down and staring at the wall or the sky or something. I used to wonder what they were and thought they were just microorganisms on my eye or something. So thank you for this video because today, you opened my eye! Edit: They are floaters. Not veins. Dumb me.

Things That Meditate : 240p for video about VISION 😂👌

Beverly Glover : You explained everything soooo well! I normally drift off after awhile when watching this type of video but you held me the entire time and I understood everything. I even saw my blood vessels. There are very many. I have seen them before but didn't know what it was or that it was normal. Thanks so much. If I had had teachers like you when I went to school, I could have learned much, much more than I did. 

SmartYouTubification : You know these are all reddit commenters when everyone is using proper punctuation, grammar, and capitalization.

Garrett Stelly : If you do it right, you can't mistake it. It literally looks liek blood vessels, or dead sprawling tree limbs illuminating inside of the white light that is constantly changing. This is a great video and I hope to see more stuff like this all over youtube.

Sierra Cole : Man, that was awesome... as soon as the little lines started to appear, mind was blown!

Manuel Rodriguez : We are prehistoric outdated organisms. A true superior life form would have used wireless over physical cables. Our AI overlords will laugh at this outdated tech.

sarcasmo57 : I couldn't find my blind spot, could it be that I'm a cephalopod?

Mixdur : 10/10 would look at my retina again!

EmpressMystique : I've been suffering from seeing my own blood vessels, or purkinje tree in my eye each morning, they show up green in color. I may get referred to an ophthamologist when I go to see my doctor again.

wensuan GT : How to stop seeing it?

Akoa Genesis : You answered so many question I've had in such a short time

Volound : the word "octopus" comes from ancient greek, not latin, so the plural would absolutely not ever be "octopi", it would be "octopodes", or, "octopuses". probably had a few comments on this already in the past 4 years, but i am just making sure.

Peter Kvačkay : And my friends didn't believe that i could see my vessels inside my eye! (it worked with street light, too)

Marcio T : Does not work for me. Does the fact that I am severely nearsighted affect whether this trick works or not?

Diane Burrough : I sometimes notice I can see vein pulsing  when I stare at a bright sky. Especially if I'm working out and my heart is beating harder. Was a little worried, this lets me know it is probably normal.

johnknoefler : Seems the capillaries in my right are much different from the ones in my left. Great trick.

Vishwajeet Singh Sankhla : Thank you, you made my day more exciting.

nGon- : The first test you can also do by extending your arm with your thumb pointing up, then moving it sideways while focusing as a specific object. I'm bad at guessing but it seems like for me, if I extend my arm so that it creates a ~20 degree angle with a direct line from my iris to the object, I can see (or rather not "see") the blind spot (where your thumb is basically invisible and you can't see it if you twitch it

Jointzz : Did I do it right? I saw a bunch of lines outlined black fall down my vision / the hole I was looking in.

jin choung : i've always thought that the reason that the blood vessels and neurons are in front of the retina is to act as a shield or heat sink for incidental exposure to the sun.  just a little more protection from having the retina getting burned out.  this also would explain what cephalopods have the retina exposed... because it's underwater and less likely to have an issue of really intense exposure to sunlight.

Matty Matt Matt : WITCHCRAFT

amekanasai : IT WORKED. Amazing. I saw a network of purple veins...

Ashkore Whitemoon : holy shit it works! Am I a magic now??


blu3! : Im invisible

LLL Forevs : Am I too high for this?

kangaxx : was fine until you wrote inches, there you lost all credibility

Snoop Doge : Gonna need some /r/eyebleach for this. Snoop doge reddit.com admin

Saif Yousaf : I just stared at a light bulb then started seeing green in the light, I probably didn't do it though.

Nicholas Robinson : I've been curious about this for years and this is the first time I've been able to "see" it! I always thought the blind spot was directly in the center, but too small to notice. Thanks for this!

Andrea Roll : oh jesus im an x-man now!

Mohamed Salah Bchir : I saw them! The smaller the hole the more clear the blood vessels are. you can see with a big hole but you have to jerk your hand faster and further but it wouldn't be as clear. Science is awesome <3 But i couldn't see my blind spot, maybe i had the wrong distance/angle/video resolution. should it be full screen? staring at a right angle from the target?

Scorpionoxide : Haha as soon as he mentioned the fridge humming, i noticed my fridge humming.

Bone Momma : I'm wondering If because babies vision is so good and new, if they actually see the veins and shadows until the brain decides they aren't going anywhere...?

Shanrong Ning : I was like WOAH I HAVE TWO BLIND SPOTS IN ONE EYE??, then I realised u erased it...

boltar2003 : Creationists should watch this then tell us again how their creator designed us so perfectly.

FMK_27 : Beautiful effect, I'm amazed at the sheer scale of those vascular blood vessels.

MyLifeFrAiur : i saw those little veins since i was kid always thought they were germs micro bio living on my eyeball lol

Shinoda : So yeah, i've seen my future, and it isn't bright.

I0NE007 : This is really cool.  Thank you; but, I noticed that if you make a small circular motion, you can get a move detailed, high contrast image. I tried straight movements before, and all I saw was ghost-like ripples, went to circular motions and I got near photographic results. I used MS Paint in fullscreen (press F11) at the same resolution as my monitor with the brightness to full.  I'm definitely going to show this to my friends.

Doomtrigger : I dont have blind spots wtf

Nick Neerhof : Just confirmed this. Looks awesome.

Gary Hamilton : Yeah the target never disapears even 6 inches off the screen for me.

fabbbyyyy : i noticed when i walk past a lamp or a stearine light or some form of light, i can see the blood vessels inside my eye for a brief moment, i tried holding a light close to my eye and saw it continuessly, HALP CANCER

E P : Is this the same phenomenon known as Purkinje Tree?

TheOtisUpham : Dude. My blindspot wasn't your super cool watch. Up the video and audio quality a peg and this would be gold. Maybe take that watch off too

Gustavo Lopez : OMG, this really works.....cool.