Did Raptorex Really Exist?

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Pfhorrest : Your explanation and illustration of carbon-14 decay is misleading. It's not like one of its electrons spontaneously combusts and becomes an electron and an electron antineutrino. One of its *neutrons* "spontaneously combusts" (because of rare interactions between its constituent quarks and ambient W bosons, which flip an up quark to a down quark [edit: reverse that]) and emits the electron and electron antineutrino. The emission of the negatively charged electron turns the neutral neutron into a positively charged proton, and the mess that becomes of the particles' quantum numbers when that happens generates the electron antineutrino to balance it all out. It's the change of the neutron to proton that makes it into a different element (carbon to nitrogen), and none of the already-orbiting electrons have to be lost in this process; actually, the nitrogen-14 will want to grab another electron from the environment (like the one it just emitted) for its electron shells, now that it has one more positive charge in its nucleus than it did before.

Mikee Vee : This is why i hate private collectors.... let the scientists do the discovering so it can be officiated and done properly... we will probably never know the truth behind raptorex unless another specimen is found by scientists and can be traced to specific formations etc.

Denver Fowler : Thank you for the interest in our research. It is worth noting that a later study by fish expert Mike Newbrey et al. (in 2013; I am one of the coauthors) showed that the fish vertebra is identical to those found in the 70 million year old Nemegt Formation of Mongolia, and that this specific type of fish vertebra has not been found anywhere else. Thus, there is little doubt that the "Raptorex" fossil is from the Nemegt Formation of Mongolia. The wikipedia article on "Raptorex" is quite detailed and covers these and more pieces of evidence. Denver Fowler.

The incarnation of boredom : "Did raptorex really exist?" My first thought: what the hell is raptorex?

Steve Vicari : Here I go again... Requesting the same this as last week, and the week before... And the week before... Can we please see a episode about Pleistocene Australian megafauna? Please?

Jose C. : A video about the evolution of spiders please.

Bryce McKenzie : Raptorex and Tarbosaurus are two of my favorite Dinosaurs. They're amazing!

hellboy2097 : In conclusion, profit hunters harm science. Sure they found a cool dino but because it was not recorded properly they screwed the science up.

Jawbreaker The Hyaenodon : Raptorrex:I’m the most controversial tyrannosaur ever Nanotyrannus:Hold my beer Raptorrex:But beer hasn’t been invented yet Nanotyrannus:This is a Youtube comment,it doesn’t have to make sense Raptorrex:YouTube hasn’t been invented either Nanotyrannus:... *Flips table and leaves* Raptorrex:Tables haven’t been invented yet either Nanotyrannus:SHUT UP!

DJ Crumrine : I like how this video also starts to discuss controversy. We think of science as something cold and rigid, but it’s a field full of passionate people just like any other career. I think a video on the history of how glamorized, shady and scandalous paleontology can get. Fossils are for everyone, not for private collections!

Deadpool3E : There should be a Maury-type meme for this. "When it comes to the ontogenic results for Raptorex, Tarbosaurus bataar, you ARE the father!"

Thomas Richter : none of that happen, all the evidence were planted there by the Flying Spaghetti Monster

Tim parsons : Can you do a video of mammal-like reptiles please?

Hafiz Aji Aziz : The decay process animation is wrong. Its supposed to be neutron that decayed, not electron

huahualipo : This is why we don't want for profit fossil hunters to do the digging because this sort of thing happens way to often when they do it. Sadly it's happening all over China right now (sigh

troytjuh : I would like to see a video about the evolution of kangaroos! :)

Maximus Sparticus : This is just nanotyrannus all over again

peppermintfoxy : Video ideas: Evolution of coelacanths/ other lobe finned fish Evolution of bioluminescence in deep sea creatures

Servals : Looks like a juvenile Tarbosaurus to me, but I'm no paleontologist. I just think people are over eager to find and name "new" species, and that contributes to bias. It wouldn't be the first time someone made a juvenile into a new species.

Niklas Melton : Hey do you guys have any gear available? I really want to support the channel but I also kinda want a t-shirt...

Mike Moore : It's a parrot. a beautiful Norwiegan blue I believe.

SlamBoi : I love this channel! I love dinosaurs as well!

L Guo : That moment when you realise the fossilized fish sitting on your desk are over 120 million years old.

BLT Player : The instance where science can't science.

rex_ noctis_ : Do a video about the evolution of cats ^^

Daniel Staal : Honestly, I'm going with Occam's razor here: One explanation posits a new species, with features that are otherwise unknown at the time. The other says it's a known species, with features that were more common. Without good strong evidence otherwise, the explanation that doesn't bring *two* new facts to the field is most likely the correct one.

Buildosaurus-LEGOSAURUS : I love the skull pin :D

Nihar Gawand : A video about the evolution of Pinnipeds, please And awesome video as usual for someone who hasn't studied palaeontology but loves Prehistoric creature this channel is a bliss

Bo the Wolf : Do the evolution of wolves. Because wolves are cool, AROOOOOOOOOO

thes7274473 : Thanks a lot, amateur private fossil hunters…

tangmo mopet : What about Nanotyrannus?

Cities & Skyscrapers : I would like to see a video about elephant evolution.

H K : I think it may be a juvenile, I mean if you think about it, a tyrannosaur-like dinosaur with two fingers seems a bit early for 130 million years ago There were small tyrannosaurs in the early cretaceous, but they didn't have two fingers

TheRoyalGallade [TRG] : ‘Can we not science our way out of this?!?’ Thats what i think every day.

Brian Johnson : How about a video on the evolution of Carnivorous plants?

Frank Kelley : What's up with monotremes?

Manuel Ucañán : is it the asian version of Nanotyrannus?

sam rizzardi : Sounds like the name of a Gaulish assassin from the Asterix series

King Nobody : the two-fingered hands and shape of the neck suggests to me that it is a tyrannosaurid and not a maniraptoriform. Of course, not having access to the fossils themselves means that my opinion is somewhat worthless as your graphic designers could make it look however they want...

John Lee : You guys make arguing paleontologists incredibly fascinating!

H Ĕ Ł P ? : The evolution of seals please

FungalBoi999 ** : Why not have a third party examine it?

Miroslav Georgiev : Isn't there also potassium dating?

Leo : That moment when you think you’re an adult of your own unique genus and have the badass name “Raptorex” but then log onto youtube to watch a new PBS Eons video just to realize you’re nothing but a juvenile Tarbosaurus.

Steve Lawrie : The moral of this story is don't touch what you don't understand.

H Ĕ Ł P ? : You made me not fall asleep from having chemistry thrown at my face. *Congratulations*

Sheryl Hosler : That explanation of how radio-isotope dating works was really well-done!

Zeba Lord : Literally yelled yaas when I got the notification

Rust-O : I never understood how carbon dating worked at all. This is fascinating.

András Agócs : Geologists are brilliant. Such an underrated field.