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MaxMisterC : How's he got time for drinking & clubbing with all those relatives to look after...

Patrick Reuben : He only apologizing cause he got fired

LPrincess Aziz : He is still lying. That's a sorry apology. He never mentioned a threat of a gun in the video. He's an opprotunistic liar. Shame. Shame. Shame. The driver did not lie on him. Why is he still lying on him. Still? He sick trying to beg for money. As of to say it's his fault that the driver got that money.

Maria Greenidge : Alcohol is a truth serum and you spoke what you were thinking, those words and behavior came from you. You're just sorry you got caught being a little racist jerk. No amt of explanation can change thAt. When somebody shows you who they are, believe them.

Edwina Barry : What kind of apology is that.🤣🤔

Dauid Zion : lol his white card had a zero balance.

Jacquez Johnson : You want us to feel bad for your mom but you're out clubbing and getting drunk

Andrea Williams : He only apologizing because he got caught.... and he probably did cote for trump.... the truth comes out when you drunk so he meant every word... bull shit

Nonu Frenz : Not buying it. Out of the HEART the MOUTH speaks!! Who says "I'm sorry BUT its the drivers fault?!"are u kiddin me?! And now he is using a sympathy card? Are you for real? Lol boy that karma is a mutha......

BwayneDeluxe : You wasn't that drunk to call the cops!

T Davis : Apology not accepted....liquor is truth spoke your truth....we now know who you are...have a great day..... Nickname Lyft Larry

June Askew : What's he talking about HE'S BLACK HIMSELF! PUERTO RICAN is NOT a RACE! Let's let the cops decided if he's black or not when they beat the life out of him. This guy doesn't know his history .

Princess D : Y’all hear the saltiness he has that the driver got money from go fund me. Lol

Vito Anthony : Even in defeat this man plays a victim . He deserves no empathy as he opened his statement by throwing the driver under the bus... he’s a coward and a poor human . A true douchbag and a shitty son.

FlyyMoney4Eva : "I'm not racist to blacks. I grew up in the projects."🤔🤔🤔 How racist of you to say...😭😭😭

lola johnson : I think you may be sorry, but you could've gotten this man killed. Then 'how sorry would you be . You're sorry because you're the one that lost your job . I hope he learned from his action.

Cee9 Adams : Alcohol alway enhance a person's sober behavior actions and thoughts. That's was your true colors.

Dyshonda Fowler : I knew he didn't have 2 jobs. He wouldn't have talked all that trash. As the saying goes "a drunk man ain't nothing but a sober man talking".

Keisha Berry : Hindsight is 20/20. When it hurt his pockets, he suddenly felt an apology coming on 👀

Blkgemini 84 : I noticed his list. His apology means nothing, too many excuses and not enough accountability. He wasn't that drunk either, he knew what he was doing.

Daughter of Judah Tribe of Gad : Ortiz, Ortez, Cruz or whatever your name is; your favorite President just went down to Puerto Rico and threw toilet paper to your community by telling them that this island is a crap hole! But you proudly support a man that hates your existence upon the earth. Ortiz, Cruz or whatever your name is; YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF SELF, PLUS LYING ON THIS NOBLE LYFT DRIVER IS EVIL!

jaymoralucifer : Sounds to me like he hoping someone pities him and gets him a job again. What a bozo

How Can I Help Speak On This? : You know what you were doing don't cry now 😢😢😢😢

west haven love you : Alcohol is the truth serum...notice how how his friends left his ass.......lost everything

D. James : What he wanted for the driver, he got for himself. Apology is not accepted. Showed your true colors!

Dauid Zion : your background is black bruh smh

Teresa Holmes : Yo get out of here!! Your fired.. You picked the right one!! Lol

ashley harris : A drunk speaks a sober way!

Dauid Zion : this is damage control

K Mims : Own it you not sorry.

Kwaku : He is not Black he is a Hybrid that one drop statement is not biological sound.

Devon Jones : Him being a little tipsy isn't a excuse even though he keep stressing he was intoxicated. He is a narcissistic, entitled loudmouth. He isn't sorry just mad he was exposed for what he is. Not to mention him kept bringing up his sick family members. He even said his actions affected all of us which shows how egotistical this guy is. That was about a disingenuous apology possible.

AliensAnonymous : The old "My Mom is sick" excuse!

Davey D : The violin is playing 🎻🎻🎻🎻🎻🎻🎻🎻

fireghost2978 : Real Latinos dont act like tjat....and even drunk do even mention trump in a drunk sentence......

stalag Alter Egos : Mr. Ortiz, get the hell out of your FEELINGS fool. And please, please, don't blame it on the Hennie!

Karen Mushat : Your liar 🤥 🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥

Sardo Numspa : So it’s all the drivers fault???

Karen A : He's apology means nothing with his lying butt. He stated right, he pick the right one and my King held his dignity!

Roseann Bell : In the closet racist

fireghost2978 : Too little to late.......too bad robert your fault

Paquita Mayaguez : You definitely don’t know who you really are clearly..Or you hate your Roots..When you referred to yourself as “Latin”🙄😖We are not Latin-Lots of soul searching this man needs to do..

Dauid Zion : rambling Robert

Aki Chukwuma Okoye : Ladies and gentle, boys and girls let's rise to our feet and please, give the uber driver a round of applause for displaying the following impeccable qualities: restraint, patience, class, respect, intelligence, composure, a true gentle man, maturity, cool, calm and collected. Lest I forget, common sense which is not common. Uber driver, you're such a fine gentleman and an embodiment of what a real man should be. I salute you my brother, you're an asset and more than appreciated.

what is an American : Bet you feeling mighty black right now I don't know what put you on that white petals that you where on but I bet it was a white person that knocked you down a peg or two or three or four Mrs. Ortez Apology not accepted stay right on over there where you wanted to be in your Lily white world with the name Ortez you and Congressman Cruz....☻

OKay Gee : How you gonna put God in it, Sir? That has nothing to do with God.

Delma Henry : Your lying you want people to feel sorry for you

Leslie Sinclair : What’s worse is he clearly has Black ancestry. But he is racist against Black people. So, many people are out here pretending to be someone they are not. He ought to be ashamed of himself. Dude you are not a White Puerto Rican. You are Black. You have a nappy beard. Cut the games!

Gabriel Prosser : A drunken body speaks a sober mind

langston122 : Spanish people are some of the most racist people.