This is Fallout 76 - AAA $60 Experience
This is Fallout 76 AAA 60 Experience

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Sources: Gameplay clips: sequisha - FrenchTomohawk - Shroud - Angry Joe - Bokoen1 - CohhCarnage - SaattelizerGames - AdmiralBahroo - DisguisedToast - LIRIK - EmptyStrings - DansGaming - BikeMan - JERICHO - Bucklington - Vinesauce - TheNo1Alex - Peeve - CrReaM - DingDongVG - Gamepedia - UberHaxorNova - itmeJP - skillupyt - BumblerTV - RealJameskii - Strippin - Nyhxius - Vuxxy - Angry Joe - nukaheizi - Shinseph - lxstation - ValveNewsNetwork - Robbaz - Other: Fallout 76 is a Lie - The Making of Fallout 76 (Noclip) - Todd Howard nous parle de Fallout 76 - FIRST EVER NUKE ON FISSURE SITE! Fallout 76 ENDGAME - QuakeCon 2018 | Fallout 76 and Fan Q&A - 2018 Bethesda E3 Showcase - Fallout 76 Official Trailer - The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Official Trailer - Skyrim Guide - How to kill a Dragon - Skyrim 8 bit Trailer Theme - Todd Howard and Bethesda did it again. Fallout 76 is essentially a $60 AAA joke of a videogame. It’s full of bugs and glitches, and situation hasn’t changed even after the multiple “betas” which really have been more like demos or preorder access. Even after the official release, the game is full of bugs and glitches, as well as broken mechanics and thoughtless game design decisions. It is barely playable. Fallout 76 is a lazy, shameless asset flip of Fallout 4 that is trying to capitalize on the popularity of the franchise and make as much money with as little effort as possible. This is a $60 AAA Early Access game. In the interviews Todd Howard have claimed in the interviews that this project is important to the company and multiple studios have worked on this game. #Fallout76 #F76 #ToddHoward


romagnolo : I'm afraid for the next Elder Scrolls

Robin : "16x the detail"

Ghost Alpha Gaming : I just find it quite hilarious how the only thing that was working was the game's microtransaction-payment system. Priorities eh?

Bryan L : *"a-and remember it just works"* -Todd

joker : I'm worried for The Elder Scrolls 6.

Raq Bits : “You complained about my dialogue wheel, now you get no dialogue” -Todd

xed alpha : You don't get it. Fallout 76 isn't about good graphics, good gameplay, great environments, amazing story, or even interesting characters. What it IS about...I'll...have to get back to you on.

CESSKAR : Todd is such a pathological liar. But his success is only your fault.

N0mAd basically yeah my nans a creature : Fallout 3: Wheres my dad Fallout 4: Wheres my son Fallout 76: Wheres the dev room

Grey Goose : The look on that guy's face when he realized the girl could still hear him after he closed the game was priceless

trb rec : Stop pre-ordering games, people.

RocketSauce28 : I see no problem with the ghoul at 0:37, all he was doing was asserting dominance

pavel starling : I got an ad of the Outer worlds while watching this video. Even YouTube knows :/

NemesisWesker : I find it hilarious that when the server disconnects your character is literally "stripped off" the game

zimbabve Katureebe : Todd at E3 2020:Elder scrolls 6 will be a online dating simulator only for steam console

Tien Tran : Skyrim: we made a game you mod it Fallout 76: we made a game you fix it Elder scroll 6: we sell a game you made it

Rich Smith : And the disaster continues. Bethesda bans players for accessing their "secret" developers room. And get this- it's the same room from FO4!

Raquel : Todd sounds like an absolute evil Michael Scott

thsudy : I never understood why people forgive this company so much with all the game breaking glitches. and they expect the fans to fix the patches for them.

Sharky Mode : I would like to say it early RIP The Elder Scrolls 6

XyerDark : Todd sold you Skyrim for the 5th time but removed NPCs and you all fell for it.

Uni Factory : 3:35 "is this the right game for fallout fans??" Todd : "Weellll....i- i dont reeaaallly knoooowwww~~" even todd doesn't know his own game.. LMAO

Jake Shumway : My biggest mistake was starting with fallout new vegas which set the bar too high.

Pickled rabbits : 16x the detail *16x the detail* *16X THE DETAIL*

Sax : This game is not even worth to get cracked. Its that bad.

TonyBMan : You are the FIRST to emerge into an untamed, and very -different- similar -wasteland- source code. -Todd Howard

Brenton Goldfinch-Belbin : After Fallout 4 I didn't think it was possible that Bethesda Game Studios could dumb down their games any further or make them any more casual. I was wrong. Yes. I just admitted I was wrong. You will not hear me say that often.

CreativeUsernameEh : This reminds me of Mass Effect Andromeda.

Pankaek : 8:51 What is this did she hack his mic?! What's going on. I'm not in this guy's situation but hearing her voice when he closed the game scared me to.

RodMyGod : Hey bethesda, you've got a bit of game in your bugs.

Tanner Sliva : The cow glitch was in fallout 4

SNap15 : It just works.

butt lord : 12:22 i need more mustaches like this in my life

Dmytro Bogdan : Its like F76 released 5 years before Skyrim. I hope he was joking including Id Software into this mess, they did pretty polished games

luke25653 : "Fallout 4 is the worst Fallout game" Fallout 76: Hold my beer

Medo El Naby 2 : Every other fallout game is better than this. Every other Bethesda game (published and or developed) is better than this. Every other game at e3 2018 is better than this.

Youlo King : And we'll get the same engine for Starfield and TES6 guys..... Next gen Bethesda NEXT GEN

Imaginary Girlfriend : 76 makes fallout 4 into a masterpiece.

Coloritel : "this game is so empty and devoid of content , just like my tinder inbox"

v3nny : lmao at all the dislikes Bethestards never learn

Aiden F : 9:59 A Nightkin. I wish they would return. But this glitch makes up for it.

Xx SUPER T xX : Nobody will believe anything that you say ever again Todd Howard. #toddhowardyousuckass #laststraw

Friendly Fetus : I bet it took you more time and effort to create this video than it did for Bethesda to make Fallout 76

あきらJordi : Wow new updates for No Man's Sky this game seems legit now wow YES

debicadude : Maybe a silly question, but can't we just globally sue Bethesda for EVERYTHING that they did with Fallout 76 and im not talking about "destroying" the series but about the lies, the marketing etc

Hey There ! : Press F to pay respects for everyone who preorderd and bought the game xD

Aaron De Guzman : Bethesda releasing buggy and unfinished game. . . *Destruction : 100*

Delta-Tech : Everyone at Bethesda should be forced to play 76 hours of Fallout 76.

Aye : _”You are one of the first to emerge into an unfinished, and very bugged wasteland”_