This is Fallout 76 - AAA $60 Experience

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TerakJK : Apologies for not providing the sources and giving the proper credits to the channels whos clips were used for this video. I should've done that in first place. Sources: Gameplay clips: sequisha - FrenchTomohawk - Shroud - Angry Joe - Bokoen1 - CohhCarnage - SaattelizerGames - AdmiralBahroo - DisguisedToast - LIRIK - EmptyStrings - DansGaming - BikeMan - JERICHO - Bucklington - Vinesauce - TheNo1Alex - Peeve - CrReaM - DingDongVG - Gamepedia - UberHaxorNova - itmeJP - skillupyt - BumblerTV - RealJameskii - Strippin - Nyhxius - Vuxxy - Angry Joe - nukaheizi - Shinseph - lxstation - ValveNewsNetwork - Robbaz - Other: Fallout 76 is a Lie - The Making of Fallout 76 (Noclip) - Todd Howard nous parle de Fallout 76 - FIRST EVER NUKE ON FISSURE SITE! Fallout 76 ENDGAME - QuakeCon 2018 | Fallout 76 and Fan Q&A - 2018 Bethesda E3 Showcase - Fallout 76 Official Trailer - The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Official Trailer - Skyrim Guide - How to kill a Dragon - Skyrim 8 bit Trailer Theme -

Raq Bits : “You complained about my dialogue wheel, now you get no dialogue” -Todd

Tien Tran : Skyrim: we made a game you mod it Fallout 76: we made a game you fix it Elder scroll 6: we sell a game you made it


I’m better than you : Released in a world where Witcher 3, RDR2 and God of War exist.

Jolgeable : 19:28 - I was watching the video with the automatic subtitles. The guy said "Bethesda Game Studios" and the subtitiles: "...pathetic game studio..." LOL

Lucky Luis : Now im not a Fallout fan, but this scares me for what they’re doing with Elder Scrolls 6

meerminman : This game makes mass effect andromeda look good

Annu Collins : Idk why it's getting so much hate. This is easily the best mobile game I've ever seen.

Wes/ 4chan memeLord : I'm worried for The Elder Scrolls 6.

Bryan L : *"a-and remember it just works"* -Todd

Sator : The irony that Skyrim looks so much better than this game 😪💀😂

theMelvinShow : Imagine making a game so bad, people can make a 20 minute long glitch and bug showcase

Hunewearl : So glad I skipped this lol

Robin : "16x the detail"

Cosmonauteable : Another psychopath lying through his teeth on how they put this tremendous amount of effort into a game that was literally made in 2 hours.

Steedoj : My favourite part is how the game actually plays like a nuclear apocalypse.

Jhonny Castro : Look! a bug with a little game! Amazing

FD 28 : meanwhile Obsidian announces what it seems as New Vegas 2, now in space

Danny Vaughn III : I can't believe you could say the endgame boss for fallout 76 is the same as the skyrim dragons! I mean come on! The skyrim dragons don't deserve to be associated with those things, their better than that

RocketSauce28 : I see no problem with the ghoul at 0:37, all he was doing was asserting dominance

Tony : if ES6 is multiplayer, im killing myself.

Savage Princess : deeply dissapointing to see how much Bethesda has made a game as horrible as fallout 76 totally screwed over all who bought it and pre ordered this trash.

Mick Nik : Thanks for not showing Ron Pearlman's narrator voice he never deserved this.

Brenno Calderan : Honestly, its Fallout in the name only. The multiplayer just doesn't work, the PvP is one of the worst i have ever seen in a survival game. The quest are boring, the few who are interesting are ruined if you play in co-op because when your mates talks you dont really listen to the audio-tape. Therefore ruining all immersion. Speaking of which, the game try really hard to make you believe they are some Interesting NPC still alive in the world, there are no human NPC's in the game. Only robots and ghouls. And for some stupid reasons every dialogue is taped and makes absolutly no sense in context. I dont know what to say, avoid that game, specially if you care about Fallout.

Brenton Goldfinch-Belbin : After Fallout 4 I didn't think it was possible that Bethesda Game Studios could dumb down their games any further or make them any more casual. I was wrong. Yes. I just admitted I was wrong. You will not hear me say that often.

InsidiousSwede : This really knocks down Bethesda as one of my favorite game companies. 76 is garbage, imagine NaughtyDog putting out something like this?!... Exactly, they would never.

Sharky Mode : I would like to say it early RIP The Elder Scrolls 6

pavel starling : I got an ad of the Outer worlds while watching this video. Even YouTube knows :/

CESSKAR : Todd is such a pathological liar. But his success is only your fault.

Ghost Alpha Gaming : I just find it quite hilarious how the only thing that was working was the game's microtransaction-payment system. Priorities eh?

Saucε : tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies

zimbabve Katureebe : Todd at E3 2020:Elder scrolls 6 will be a online dating simulator only for steam console

Bravilor : The good thing is that I've started to like Fallout 4 more and more. What a solid rock of a game it suddenly appears to be.

Medo El Naby 2 : Every other fallout game is better than this. Every other Bethesda game (published and or developed) is better than this. Every other game at e3 2018 is better than this.

Soy Sauce : You cannot trust todds face.

SengirShowsU : Mass Effect Andromeda is Gold compared to this.

TheGrungeManiak : It's not as easy, I used to work in a pretty big gaming company I'm not going to name as a PR specialist, and the game we were developing suffered a shit ton of game breaking bugs upon the release (It was an AAA open world RPG). There were thousands of emails a day that complained about how we screwed people over by releasing an unfinished game, but no one ever realized that it really wasn't anyones intention to use the buyers as beta testers. Our Quality Assurance team consisted of about 15-20 people, which already was over 1/5 of the whole company, but it was just impossible to simulate all scenarios that can occur in the game, so 95% of the bugs the hundreds of thousands of people who bought the game discovered was the first time the QA team ever heard of them. And oh, the horror of being on the PR team at that time. People were even sending us fucking death threats, not kidding. But mostly it was "How can you charge $XX for this buggy piece of shit you greedy fucks". I guess what I'm trying to say is be more considerate of the developers, they all have their deadlines and developing a huge open-world game is the worst possible type of game for bugs, because there is just so many things that can go wrong, no QA team can discover them all before release. Thanks

Desolation William : This game must be burned at the stake with Todd then all rights need to be given to obisdian so we can have a real game

Matt Armstrong : Who would win in a fight, Todd Howard or Peter Molyneux?

xed alpha : You don't get it. Fallout 76 isn't about good graphics, good gameplay, great environments, amazing story, or even interesting characters. What it IS about...I'll...have to get back to you on.

It'sAGundam : I said this is what it would be, the hardcore fallout fans called me a hater... Now, look at what has come to pass!

Rich Smith : And the disaster continues. Bethesda bans players for accessing their "secret" developers room. And get this- it's the same room from FO4!

Nerine : Todd sounds like an absolute evil Michael Scott

Tanner Sliva : The cow glitch was in fallout 4

SNap15 : It just works.

Fodimin Layton : I don't like how people are only noticing how shit these games are made now.

debicadude : Maybe a silly question, but can't we just globally sue Bethesda for EVERYTHING that they did with Fallout 76 and im not talking about "destroying" the series but about the lies, the marketing etc

TonyBMan : You are the FIRST to emerge into an untamed, and very -different- similar -wasteland- source code. -Todd Howard

Rafael Corrêa : TES V wasn't that great. There I said it.