This is Fallout 76 - AAA $60 Experience

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TerakJK : Apologies for not providing the sources and giving the proper credits to the channels whos clips were used for this video. I should've done that in first place. Sources: Gameplay clips: sequisha - FrenchTomohawk - Shroud - Angry Joe - Bokoen1 - CohhCarnage - SaattelizerGames - AdmiralBahroo - DisguisedToast - LIRIK - EmptyStrings - DansGaming - BikeMan - JERICHO - Bucklington - Vinesauce - TheNo1Alex - Peeve - CrReaM - DingDongVG - Gamepedia - UberHaxorNova - itmeJP - skillupyt - BumblerTV - RealJameskii - Strippin - Nyhxius - Vuxxy - Angry Joe - nukaheizi - Shinseph - lxstation - ValveNewsNetwork - Robbaz - Other: Fallout 76 is a Lie - The Making of Fallout 76 (Noclip) - Todd Howard nous parle de Fallout 76 - FIRST EVER NUKE ON FISSURE SITE! Fallout 76 ENDGAME - QuakeCon 2018 | Fallout 76 and Fan Q&A - 2018 Bethesda E3 Showcase - Fallout 76 Official Trailer - The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Official Trailer - Skyrim Guide - How to kill a Dragon - Skyrim 8 bit Trailer Theme -

Raq Bits : “You complained about my dialogue wheel, now you get no dialogue” -Todd

StringStorm ‌ : the end game is literally skyrim with guns

trb rec : Stop pre-ordering games, people.

Delta-Tech : Everyone at Bethesda should be forced to play 76 hours of Fallout 76.

Albert Wang : They DID NOT just put a fking skyrim dragon in a fallout game WTF !!!!!!

Lucky Luis : Now im not a Fallout fan, but this scares me for what they’re doing with Elder Scrolls 6


Derek Bush : You're right Todd, this game IS a wasteland, just not in the way you intended.

Double-Edge : People will still pre-order games then complain People will still buy Bethesda products and complain. People will still buy the micro-transactions then complain.

Jordan M : Activate subtitles and go to 19:28. It says Pathetic Game Studios instead of Bethesda Game Studios.

Steedoj : My favourite part is how the game actually plays like a nuclear apocalypse.

Random : Bethesda Developers: Sooo, we're just going to copy paste from Fallout 4? Todd: Yes Bethesda Developers: But...wouldn't that be boring and cause problems? Todd: Yes Bethesda Developers: Sooo why would w- Todd: YES Bethesda Developers: Are you sure abou- Todd: YES

DaManBearPig : The whole gaming industry needs a purge.

KingxDillon : Lmfao "tell your mom to shut up!!" I love Angry Joe

Tong Vang : These videos make Todd look like such a snake oil salesman lol funny as hell man

Tony : if ES6 is multiplayer, im killing myself.

Clay[Almighty] : Fun fact: The Scorched beast queen event and The final battlr with Alduin HAVE THE EXACT SAME TRIGGER EVENT CODING

Nicolas Villamil : It's literally painful for me to see what shit the gaming industry has come to

SCORPION FIRE : Bethesda cannot recover from this. Bethesda is dead.

B T : This is why I don't rush into buying any new technology or video games or movies. Time will pass, prices will go down, new becomes old.... and reviews, sales, and mods come out and then I can pay $15 for game of the year editions with a ton of content. I'd tell yall to not pre-order video games but of course there are those who blindly will. Its better IMO. Y'all can beta test these games so I can find out which are shit and which are not.

Daoloth : The irony that Skyrim looks so much better than this game 😪💀😂

MrD3sTr0 : For everyone saying "people will still buy this or that" it's not like that at all, games aren't particularly cheap, I'm one of those and I'm sure I'm not alone that thinks twice before going into the hype and gets a bit of analysis on a game before buying it. I'm done with many AAA stuff, titles that I used to love, such as battlefront, battlefield, call of duty, fallout, assassins creed, for me it's all buried. I prefer waiting a long time for titles like God of War, the last of us, the Witcher, examples of massive games that you feel there is heart and dedication there. That's worth supporting.

ATG IMM : Why does everything I love turn to shit

Your Angel Minnie : deeply dissapointing to see how much Bethesda has made a game as horrible as fallout 76 totally screwed over all who bought it and pre ordered this trash.

John Donovan : 17:56 Todd finally did it! He sold Skyrim to us again!

InsidiousSwede : This really knocks down Bethesda as one of my favorite game companies. 76 is garbage, imagine NaughtyDog putting out something like this?!... Exactly, they would never.

yeezy_god77 : That's not the real Todd! That Todd is a synth!

Samuel Maximillion : The fact they put a freaking Blood Dragon in Fallout 76 as end game and the fanboys are lapping it us proves that humanity as we know it is doomed.

Aidan Dunworth : I haven't played the game and I might just be trippin but all the models, animations, and even a good majority of the weapons and characters just look copy and pasted from fallout 4

Kaskoel : well bugthesda proved us something: you can sell whatever you want to any price to the morrons who are called "gamers" (not all of them but somes... or many)

Fodimin Layton : I don't like how people are only noticing how shit these games are made now.

ulan raslovsky : bethesda killed fallout. new vegas was last good fallout game

Adrián Herreras : soo first they hyped everyone with all that merchandising and pre order, later they release the BETA one week before the final release, they are not going to change shit in one week so idk why they did it... oh yeah, the point of this game is to lie to all our fans to preorder this game for 60$ that it would be gentle to say is in his alpha version... is this... i mean, we can denounce Bethesda for this? this is basically a fraud

Cosmonauteable : Another psychopath lying through his teeth on how they put this tremendous amount of effort into a game that was literally made in 2 hours.

Jhonny Castro : Look! a bug with a little game! Amazing

romagnolo : I'm afraid for the next Elder Scrolls

Sheldon Cooper81 : I am Dead serious i am the biggest Skyrim Fan on earth but if Elder Scrolls VI still uses this Engine i am not buying it.

meerminman : This game makes mass effect andromeda look good

Erci XIV : That dragon thing at the end made me chuckle.

Siebrand Bezemer : games nowadays are Like they said in civ 6, if it ain't broke, it doesn't have enough features yet

SengirShowsU : Mass Effect Andromeda is Gold compared to this.

Am kat : Just wait till the space dragons in starfield

Hunewearl : So glad I skipped this lol

Tommy Charles : Tod Howard is literally Michael Scott at this point.

dark man : Lololololol. So happy I didn't waste $60.

It'sAGundam : I said this is what it would be, the hardcore fallout fans called me a hater... Now, look at what has come to pass!

Spime ツ : Looks like I´d rather buy Far cry New dawn...

Jp Reyes : Bethesda better redeem themselves with Elder Scrolls VI

Sol Zaer : This is why M'aiq the Liar warned us to adventure alone.