Working for Tesla Motors (My Experience)

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Bruno Casillas : Wow thanls for the insight, How can they let it go like that?

Deshawn Saunders : Bro. This is hilarious, really.

VV Doom : “Mm homie” lmaoo

IndecisveKp KP : Lol

TribeWars1 : The silicon valley corporate culture is absolutely atrocious for employees at all levels except the very top.

Dragases XI : Three year Tesla production associate here. I can confirm that all of this is true, at Fremont and at the Gigafactory. He's not exaggerating about the shifts. He's definitely not lying about the widespread drug use by employees and managers, either. Also spot-on about the injuries at Tesla, proof of that is that Cal OSHA is now investigating. The amputation story is accurate.

TheCamaro209 : Agreed. A lot of co-workers bring drugs, leads are soooo bad with management. They always speed up the line just to get extra cars done. Favoritism is always used.

Sleeping Elephant : I picked up a PAX who got their foot ran over at the Tesla Factory. Real deal. Corp life has become to PC as well as dealing with talent leaving.

Dima Sigal : This is all true specially at the Gigafactory.

Richard Castromayor : I was contractor for Tesla for only 2 freaking months. Wasted my time, and culture sucks. I’m glad my current job unionize & doesn’t take loopholes to screw their employees over.

IndecisveKp KP : You are so right!! Lol

luis valencia : I have a job interview tomorrow in Stockton

russell pierce : @richbuilds

Joshua Blanchard : Try working for the post office.

Cesar Leiva : I was going to work at Tesla and door dash part time. What do you think about that?

Ted Green : Warehouse work sucked but I’m surprised they pressure workers to work overtime. Usually that overtime should be voluntary and I’m sure someone would take it if they need the cash. But yeah I feel ya warehouse can get like high school. I’m a do my best to remember that, if I ever become a manager for a warehouse, shit gots to stop and treat worker right

hypnostream : They don't make money it,s a ponzi scheme that relies on ppl keeping ordering and government subs it is doomed to fail the big car brands will be more desirable then tesla when a electric so tesla will never be in profit

DEEP THOUGHT CYCLE (BIKE COMMUTER BLOG) *LIVE FROM CHINA : In coming from China after nearly 25 years away... I am re-immigrating to the US to work with Tesla or SpaceX again. I have been so long away from the US, but I really believe I want to be part of Elons team. I have no worry about social structure... I mean, girls, popularity, etc. I am going to make Tesla/SpaceX better, and I can work 100 hours a week, no problem. Im bringing my kids to the US, and dont care about drugs. Life is hard. Keep your head up. Stay Cool, Tesla needs people like you. Keep your focus. Dont let the others bring you down.

DEEP THOUGHT CYCLE (BIKE COMMUTER BLOG) *LIVE FROM CHINA : Man, I work 20 hours a day. Boil some eggs. Bring some food. Be a man.

Ariel Nashiro Calderon : Mf mf mf lol

radu ion : crybaby he did not get the beautiful girls for being such a good worker he does look like a hard worker his physique shows as much!!!!!!

sweetaznboi209 : Exactly bro