eric andre this ain't your mom's monologue

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axel _ : Hey Hunger Games! I'm still FULL


toggle : oh i'm saying it.

ProducShuns : I love how he goes from angry Korn guitarist to lost man with diphtheria in the space of 10 seconds

coffeehauz : internet people trying to "own the sjws" like

Reggie-a : This is the perfect thing to show someone when they ask "What does edgy mean?"

Fermented Batfarts : He was bass-slapping and rock-rapping so damn hard that he shook his eyeballs out of place.

MrBalcora : ....Hannibal?

linde : I sent this in a group chat and the first reaction was "oh god THIS guy again?" well i'm sorry if you can't appreciate modern art

cosmogrammar : him taking off the glasses is probably the funniest thing i've ever seen.

Joe Cullen : I think this is my favorite monologue of all time.

habaneroach : is this the new rage against the machine

Kodakazi : 0:51 when Eric Andre accidentally spits fire

Jack Kebbell : i finally realized the piano at the end is from offenbach’s barcarolle from the tales of hoffman. classy, but not as classy as boning ur grandma

geejus : OH I'M SAYIN' IT.

Monika TM : "why y'all booing me? I'm right"

Something New : I get it now, Hannibal came in doing multiple back flips, Eric felt intimated and needed to ranch it up

Chungus Amoung Us : I think the bands wearing biker leather and bandanas is the funniest thing

The Scrimmiest Bingus : *Hannibal?*

das it mane : Sounds like a Cypress Hill song rofl

Marty Anderson : That sax player was killing it


Alexo : favorite bit from the whole show

OkCool : Anti-SJW's in a nutshell

Gfghi Vcfbb : I like how he dances like fieldy from Korn and raps like b-real from cypress hill.

jeepheep69 : Anti-Humor at it's absolute finest.

Long Mane : i literally looked up 'edgy eric andre' and this was the first result

eric andre : Hannibal?

TheLastSliceOfPie : Eric Andre goes full on Cypress Hill at the end

Asher Wycoff : is this from the new joe rogan special

Jonathan Keith : Hey Hunger Games! *I'M STILL FULL!*

No one : I want to die

Saleem Frazer : 0:48 is freakin comedy gold for 90's nostalgic reasons and that ending: WTF??!!! LMAO

Andrew Hatchett : Dont listen to this guy he's got Lynk's disease

Doyle Harken : Ricky Gervais's new special looks dope!

Clayton : This is like if Hopsin were a comedian

OverTonesOfLevi : Pssshh.. nothin' personell...KID

noona : The end has me laughing everytime it's so random😂

KEVIN PIASTRA: COMEDIAN : This is one of the fav moments in the season if not the series.

Thomas Wepfer : hey let me ask you people something!

budro : Oh I'm saying it!

JeaIous : Hey give it up for Hannibal Backflipss everyone

Who cares : This confirms eric for being a korn fan

TVBForever : Guess Eric Andre just got _down with the sickness._

Akilleus : I’ve watched this about 17 different times in the past week and it never gets old.

clovely000 : Lmao @ 0:38 Hannibal shaking his head no

twatfaceno1 : The little eye moving 😂

Danus : ... Hannibal?

InCaseOfEmergency EatAss : Guitar player going ham at 0:53 is so overlooked

Macy Carasco : Can anyone tell me the music at the end?