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MARQUESE SCOTT : Hey Guys thanks for watching the video! Go to my channel to become a Krvsh Klub Member & Get Access to Exclusive Content! 🔥

MARQUESE SCOTT : Just stopping by to say whats up !! and thank everyone again for the support !! THANK YOU!!! 

Rezolent Music : _I watched that so many times, that I counted all the bricks on walls..._

Amazing Gaming Music : love it you so smart scott

The Doctor : When you try to distract the school shooter

kim jong un : Wow 7 years? Saw this when i was 7 Im 14 Edit: im 15 now lol


Covert_Recon 1 : 6 years man, I remember watching this for the first time.

Arol Estor : who watch this in 2018???

Preston Groves : This is the first time I ever heard pumped up kicks

Real5lyfer : this guy broke the laws of the physics

MARQUESE SCOTT : Thanks everyone for all the love ... were approaching  100,000,000 wow !!!!

Disruptor 6 : It's 2018 and we still don't know if he's a human

TheYung FortniteGoat : my child hood😭😢im getting im getting old feels bad

Maksim Gadzhiev : *И почему это собрало так дохуя просмотров?*

Leilani Regalado : 4:12 tho that was lit😑😳

MARQUESE SCOTT : 120 million views !!!!! Thanks a million !!! be sure to subscribe !😂😂

Brandon Estes : still epic to watch again

Badmime : still the sickest video on youtube bar none

ketan singh : 2018 here

Thomas Ramos : Classic.

MARQUESE SCOTT : Call off duty Ghosts !!

とと。 : この人を超える大好きなダンサーがまだいない

Tim B : Still the OG YouTube video

Dank La Douge : remember when i was in 4th grade my dad showing this to me

Rodrigo Norambuena Pizarro : Still iconic men... that nostalgia 🙏 7 years ago!!

Arnò Mezzanotte : Damn, the nostalgia. I remember watching this when it came out. Right when I started high school. Still amazing!

iiyana : When i eat hot cheetos for the first time:

Nuketown Zombie : Incredible

Julin Santos : BR ?

D.K4lov : 2018. recognized this. its legend.U r so God. blessed. respect U.

UnPhayzable : So... Is he human?

Michael Maniscalco : If I had the time I'd watch this all day.

Negative_9 : here for Black History month.

Burrito Doge : How the heck to you do the sliding

スフェニック : What’s this song? Please tell me!

MARQUESE SCOTT : Shout out to spencer happy Halloween everyone!!!!!

cheyennepug : this guy would be good at doing the heel-toe

isadora keren batista falcão : 0 credo

GAMIXX : Nostalgia :) . i miss the old hardstyle and dubstep days omg

Ravez 0000 : You should make another video at this place again🔥🔥

NONstop Creations : wow.......nonstop 👌

Geometry Dash ToXIc : Whoever this guy is he just broke the wallbarrriers of lag and shit Internet connection and just kept on going

Fort Nighter : 4:00 this man just made walking backwards look cool👍👏👌

Mr Pool : 🙀 the god dubstep

Go Crazy : First person with the reverse challenge 🤔



Hornyman9000 : Where can I buy this game?

Prodigious Tortuga : 2018. Still a pumped up kick.