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MARQUESE SCOTT : Hey Guys thanks for watching the video! Go to my channel to become a Krvsh Klub Member & Get Access to Exclusive Content! 🔥

MARQUESE SCOTT : Just stopping by to say whats up !! and thank everyone again for the support !! THANK YOU!!! 

Rezolent Music : _I watched that so many times, that I counted all the bricks on walls..._

TheYung FortniteGoat : my child hood😭😢im getting im getting old feels bad

Real5lyfer : this guy broke the laws of the physics

Ryan Skare : 7 years ago and nobody has topped this. It's friggin mind blowing still!

MARQUESE SCOTT : 120 million views !!!!! Thanks a million !!! be sure to subscribe !😂😂

Catnium : 2018 and this song and this guy's dance are still as dope as ever

Preston Groves : This is the first time I ever heard pumped up kicks

Badmime : still the sickest video on youtube bar none

The Dude : I remember watching this when it was first posted...man time flies by fast.

Arnò Mezzanotte : Damn, the nostalgia. I remember watching this when it came out. Right when I started high school. Still amazing!

Marian Delcea : 2019 anyone with me in the future??

Amazing Gaming Music : love it you so smart scott

Leilani Regalado : 4:12 tho that was lit😑😳

Rodrigo Norambuena Pizarro : Still iconic men... that nostalgia 🙏 7 years ago!!

Heitor Silva : He has more control in the body than I have in my life

Tim B : Still the OG YouTube video

GAMIXX : Nostalgia :) . i miss the old hardstyle and dubstep days omg

dirham devansyah : 23.09.2018 !!!

Ravez 0000 : You should make another video at this place again🔥🔥

Adog5836 : Tbh I'd like to see what you could do now with this song. Like a remaster of the original routine with your current skill set.

Burrito Doge : How the heck to you do the sliding

Imma Smiler : I remember when I first saw this

Dank La Douge : remember when i was in 4th grade my dad showing this to me

MARQUESE SCOTT : Shout out to spencer happy Halloween everyone!!!!!

grape_senpai. : I can't believe this was posted just a bit more than 7 years ago... 2011 man... I still love this as much as I did when I was a kid.

Mr Pool : 🙀 the god dubstep

Bryan Lee : My dude lagg switching on y'all fools

Mark Calvillo : Still the goat saw this shit when I was like 14

Hybrid Librarian : I'll never get tired of watching this ツ

Youdesh Deep : I'm youdesh deep from india & i'm your craziest fan.!

John D. : I am expecting to watch this video 40-60 times in the next 30-40 years or so. Always there will be times I will be remembering this video and coming back to see it once more time.

LifeStoriez JZM : this was very popular till 2013 and then everybody just stopped watching and today i thought hey i remember this!

marzeniem moim : Nigga monkey

UnPhayzable : So... Is he human?

Arctic Wolf Official : 2011 - 2012 Was the golden age...

Fort Nighter : 4:00 this man just made walking backwards look cool👍👏👌

805glasspipe_Reviews : Damm I remember watching this video when I was into breakdance & BMX back in 2012 now I Gang Bang 2018 crazy How time Flies Haha

ketan singh : 2018 here

Thomas Wiczulis : Stuff like this probably would have labeled you as a witch in the 17th century.

Moises Alonzo : This video is a trip when you watch is fast and slow motion but yea i saw this a while back use to do it myself and its not easy it takes a ton of practice but thats what perfects his talent congrats on that man keep it up💯👍

Kevin Hart : Mannn it's been years I'm only 14 when I started watching this, I'm a dancer now and competing from different events your videos made me what I am today so i just want to say thanks and i hope you keep inspiring more people mad respect!

Eduardo 243 : Just watching this is like going back into history.....where ppl dont listen to shity music

Houston 4 Life : Memories ladies and gentlemen. Great times

Disruptor 6 : It's 2018 and we still don't know if he's a human

john fleming : showing some love still ….. TEXAS in the house

Lll Ttt : When you jerk off for the 1st time and Dance

marzeniem moim : Inferior Nigga

drewmcg2010 : Love this video. such Talent.