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MARQUESE SCOTT : If you liked this ... Check out my latest video!!! And be sure to subscribe 😍✌️ https://youtu.be/pZw-Msmxxhs

MARQUESE SCOTT : Just stopping by to say whats up !! and thank everyone again for the support !! THANK YOU!!! 

NONstop Creations : wow.......nonstop 👌

Erurso : 2018 anybody?

fu liao : i can do the 3:33-3:52 part ^^

Amazing Gaming Music : love it you so smart scott


kim jong un : Wow 7 years? Saw this when i was 7 Im 14

lars : 2018 and it still rocks!!!

charles dupré : who watch in 2k18 ?

The Doctor : When you try to distract the school shooter

MARQUESE SCOTT : 120 million views !!!!! Thanks a million !!! be sure to subscribe !😂😂

Keith Rodriguez : Marquee Scott is the reason why I started dancing I wish I could meet him

JH vibes : 133m views damn boi, this guys happy he chose a dank remix I bet

Chad Jones : How does anyone move like this? It's beyond me ,bad ass!!

Covert_Recon 1 : 6 years man, I remember watching this for the first time.

MARQUESE SCOTT : Thanks everyone for all the love ... were approaching  100,000,000 wow !!!!

Marco Mendoza : You should revisit this place again and make another video 🔥

Diego LeyVa : 2011 ❤ 😭😭

•IaGo• •Bløck-Strike• : 2017 ?

Brandon Estes : still epic to watch again

MARQUESE SCOTT : Call off duty Ghosts !!

EdgarStupidTV : What a unique talent!

ShadowShark25 : I can now dubstep dance! Watched this millions of times not kidding! Ur a great man thx for the inspiration!

Thomas Ramos : Classic.

Arol Estor : who watch this in 2018???

Arnò Mezzanotte : Damn, the nostalgia. I remember watching this when it came out. Right when I started high school. Still amazing!

とと。 : この人を超える大好きなダンサーがまだいない

井本隆之 : Thanks for the good time.

Жорик Железный : ссссуккка агонь!!!!

ketan singh : 2018 here

UnPhayzable : So... Is he human?

D.K4lov : 2018. recognized this. its legend.U r so God. blessed. respect U.

Michael Maniscalco : If I had the time I'd watch this all day.

TheYung FortniteGoat : my child hood😭😢im getting im getting old feels bad

Rodrigo Norambuena Pizarro : Still iconic men... that nostalgia 🙏 7 years ago!!

MARQUESE SCOTT : Shout out to spencer happy Halloween everyone!!!!!

Leilani Regalado : 4:12 tho that was lit😑😳

Dank La Douge : remember when i was in 4th grade my dad showing this to me

Real5lyfer : this guy broke the laws of the physics

iiyana : When i eat hot cheetos for the first time:


salar yeganeh : man I'm your biggest fan in Iran. you are amazing

Obi Wan Kenobi : ItsMRich

IgorSvoi : ШЕДЕВР!!!

Negitive_9 : here for Black History month.

Nuketown Zombie : Incredible

Leilani Regalado : The background music is very annoying but not the actual song the actual song pumped up kicks is lit😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😘😍😍😍😘😘

Leilani Regalado : HOW CAN HE DO THAT I was trying to learn the steps to the dance on the vid pumped up kicks so I can do the dance moves in an actual lockdown for the shooter so if he is she comes I will just start dancing so I can distract the shooter so someone can take him down and be the hero NO GUYS I WOULD ACTUALLY DO THIS to save everyone yahhhhh sooooooi us something wrong with me!!!!!!!🤔🤗😎😉😑😅🤐😛🤑😳

Gilliard VirginIsland : Non Stop You're so FODAA BRASIL TE AMA