If I could move like this my life would be complete

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hachiroku907 : And I find myself here again after 7 long years....

Adam : Shit I watched this when I was like 12 😂 Now I’m back 😢

Ed- ward : Can't wait to rescue this dude from Area 51

Airborn : It's like he has an agreement with gravity

MARQUESE SCOTT : It’s My Birthday 🎂!!!

Daniel Arnold : How quick these 8 years have gone

Riley Mitchell : Bro... 7 years ago my late wife showed me this video and I fell in love. She died on 12-24-2014 and this bring me back to a better time and I thank u for that. 💙

mrmannster : Holy shit!!!! This brings back tons of memories!! The nostalgia hits you harder than a bullet train on acid. I remember back in like late 2013 (when I first started getting into dubstep), my dad, knowing that I liked dubstep, showed this video to me. I thought it the coolest thing ever at the time! I watched it everyday. I simply just remembered this video today and decided to come back ton watch it again... It's been 5 years since I saw it though... Seeing it again is awesome!!!! Though at the same time, kinda depressing. Nostalgia is the emotion that makes us happy yet sad at the same time. I will never forget the impact dubstep had in my life. I don't listen to dubstep as much as I used to though... But Everytime I do, it's takes me back to a simpler time in life.

Ayush Dhar : This was the first dance vid of Marquese sir watched by me and which inspired me to dance.😊And now I have recently uploaded a dance video on my channel.

MARQUESE SCOTT : 100 million - !!!!!! Wow !!!!!!!

MrTruth1253 : I’m 50 and still love this guy. Is Dubstep out?

Hodor : 4:12 this move right here officer. It's not legal.

AMINE LE CHASSEUR : 8 years later , still getting goosebumps

Dante Legacy : Came back to see the video after 7 years!!! Yo, time is flying!

Βασίλης Μπενέκης : Me: This video can't get any better * start looking at my nose * * dancing guy duplicates * Me:

Lee Simkins : Seems like your body has no bones. The way you dubstep

Jose Deleon : Had to come back to this video and remember the good old days

Bill Johnston : Wish I could meet you in person to see this!! Awesome moves!!!

WHØ KNØWS : This is walking in cursive

DISK JOCKEY : 2019 listen 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️✋

Charles Alba : Slick...craazzzy moves love this video

Drink Me : Back when dubstep was considered cool 😥

Jesus Contreras : So I saw this vid like 7 years ago. I listened to pumped up kicks like 5 min ago and this video popped in my head. I had to come back and rewatch this!!!!

QuackityJr : Wow 8 long years and I find myself her again well done Scott.....

Patrick Ortega : So much nostalgia❤️ I swear this channel used to have another name🤔🤔

Nicholas Kartel : Me: whats tha most mind blowing move you can do? Marquese scott: Yes

tvic14 : Wow. Just saw this for the first time and you are incredible!! You have a room full of people mesmerized rn. Great stuff man!

Arnò Mezzanotte : Damn, the nostalgia. I remember watching this when it came out. Right when I started high school. Still amazing!

yooo Samuel : Who still watching 2020?

TAME IMPALA : When I first saw this video my phone's screen was too small 😀

exilethebot : What a legend⚡️🔥 I watched this man 7 years ago and he’s still the same💯

moustachelessness : This is what Elon Musk and Tesla were working on before they decided to make cars instead. Apparently the prototype used in this video now resides in Area 51.

MARQUESE SCOTT : Call off duty Ghosts !!

Hi Im League : Nobody: Literally nobody: Youtube: Lemme put this on this guy’s recommended

Carlos Ramirez : It’s my birthday. Bro the best animation dancer, this is a legendary video.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

otaku subliminal seguro : For ever that is amazing Saludos desde colombia 🇯🇵🇮🇹🇪🇸

DeadTroperSociety : Legend has it he's still tying up his shoelaces until to this day.

MARQUESE SCOTT : Just stopping by to say whats up !! and thank everyone again for the support !! THANK YOU!!! 

Transformers and gundums : 2019 we love you I remember watching this when I was 4 I’m 11 now

Manoranjan M : You are the 1st dancer I saw doing SlowMo. That to 7years back.

HellBoy Benz : Yo i use to LOVE watching this on replay every night when i was 12 😆✊🏽

jocker134 : still my favorite dance from my childhood, Thanks Man!

David Globe : Wow, I saw firstly this video when I was like 4 years old, I'm know pensioned.

Sethlee Norman : This man is the definition of boneless

Déborah Pereira : Se loko destrói parabéns 2019 Esse tem o dom a dança

Natsu Dragneel : I remember my dad showing me this when is was like 7. Nice to see you again man!

MARQUESE SCOTT : Thanks everyone for all the love ... were approaching  100,000,000 wow !!!!

30 Thrasher : Seems like gravity forgot about this man

Boi Boosted : 2:29 how the hell- nvm this is amazing☹️