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WHØ KNØWS : This is walking in cursive

Elavatr : I remember watching this 7 years ago :)

Airborn : It's like he has an agreement with gravity

MARQUESE SCOTT : 100 million - !!!!!! Wow !!!!!!!

Adi Melamed : 3:32-3:42, the only move I can do...

Veteran : Who’s still watching in 2018?

mrmannster : Holy shit!!!! This brings back tons of memories!! The nostalgia hits you harder than a bullet train on acid. I remember back in like late 2013 (when I first started getting into dubstep), my dad, knowing that I liked dubstep, showed this video to me. I thought it the coolest thing ever at the time! I watched it everyday. I simply just remembered this video today and decided to come back ton watch it again... It's been 5 years since I saw it though... Seeing it again is awesome!!!! Though at the same time, kinda depressing. Nostalgia is the emotion that makes us happy yet sad at the same time. I will never forget the impact dubstep had in my life. I don't listen to dubstep as much as I used to though... But Everytime I do, it's takes me back to a simpler time in life.

David Globe : Wow, I saw firstly this video when I was like 4 years old, I'm know pensioned.

Tony Drizy : i first watched this video when i was in primary 6. now i have a beard but still watching.

Garantia COBIA : Marquese is among the best in the world, no doubt about that!

Ali S. : This man right here is why I started dancing in the first place, the way he moves and just syncs in with the music is astonishing. I as a female would always get ridiculed by others when I began dancing, there's been a few times I was gonna quit. But because of this man, I didn't quit. I may not know him in person, but seeing this alone inspired me to keep going. I'm not the best, but I put my all into it. Thank you Marquese, really. 7 years ago, I would have never thought to be like you, but as years passed by, you helped me find myself. Thank you.

hachiroku907 : And I find myself here again after 7 long years....

Arnò Mezzanotte : Damn, the nostalgia. I remember watching this when it came out. Right when I started high school. Still amazing!

Hamza Hamad : RIP Dubstep :'(

Dante Legacy : Came back to see the video after 7 years!!! Yo, time is flying!

Riley Mitchell : Bro... 7 years ago my late wife showed me this video and I fell in love. She died on 12-24-2014 and this bring me back to a better time and I thank u for that. 💙

Fatwa Yt540 : 2019?


Chad Cousineau : Great way to roll an ankle

Tom R : *MESSAGE FROM REALITY* Experiencing interruptions? Learn more here.

Jamal Checora : Any april 12 2019 never gets old favorite video

Thomas Wiczulis : Stuff like this probably would have labeled you as a witch in the 17th century.

Ambuk Fx : wow 188k views **188k comments.

TAME IMPALA : When I first saw this video my phone's screen was too small 😀

Angelo Gutz : This dubstep version is better than the original👌💯🔥🔥🔥

ALTo King Gatwas : Anyone here in 2019? This is still lit

richard caster : Physics called: "stop breaking me!"

triggaOne2000 : As outstanding as the first time I watched. 👍

Void Monkey : Completely forgot about this

XD GodSnipez : Seems like gravity forgot about this man

Ankit Shukla : Thank for coming india And show your performance In dance+☺️

MARQUESE SCOTT : Thanks everyone for all the love ... were approaching  100,000,000 wow !!!!

NIGHTMARE-NIGHTMARE NIGHTMARE-NIGHTMARE-NIGHTMARE : Holy crap, I completely forgot about this. It was EVERYWHERE back in the day. Glad I got this in my recommended 7 years later lmao

Anthony Tejada : feel like I'm the only one still here

Luis Chairez Or : Uff una verga este remix tanto viejos recuerdos 😍

わい : The BEST DANCE of the world FOREVER

Tristn Olivarez : 3:40 "hey look! I found a quarter, it must be my lucky day! What the...NOO-OON eht tahw yad ykcul ym eb tsum ti retrauq a dnuof I !kool yeh"

Mklan GAMES : Brother, que vídeo fantástico e a música mais top ainda..👍

El Awesome : This man is the definition of boneless

Isaiah Hernandez : Bro I still get goosebumps watching this

Jelani Robertson : This video was the reason I started doing popping, animation and tutting. I remember I first saw this back in 8th grade. I’m now a senior about to graduate high school

MARQUESE SCOTT : Just stopping by to say whats up !! and thank everyone again for the support !! THANK YOU!!! 

otaku subliminal seguro : For ever that is amazing Saludos desde colombia 🇯🇵🇮🇹🇪🇸

Adog5836 : Tbh I'd like to see what you could do now with this song. Like a remaster of the original routine with your current skill set.

Nikhil Yadav : Nostalgia ;_;

Las Vegas Nights : Nonstop flame👍🏾🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Ryan Skare : 7 years ago and nobody has topped this. It's friggin mind blowing still!

ninja naws : 1 mysterious robot caught on camera

Ale Lemos : Brasil, 2019, janeiro, domingo e ainda é foda esse vídeo