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MARQUESE SCOTT : It’s My Birthday 🎂!!!

IGN DuDE : Anyone in 2019???

Rezolent Music : _I watched that so many times, that I counted all the bricks on walls..._

Ryan Skare : 7 years ago and nobody has topped this. It's friggin mind blowing still!

MARQUESE SCOTT : Just stopping by to say whats up !! and thank everyone again for the support !! THANK YOU!!! 

WHØ KNØWS : This is walking in cursive

Ghost : Who’s still watching in 2018?

Marian Delcea : 2019 anyone with me in the future??

Arctic Wolf Official : 2011 - 2012 Was the golden age...

Arnò Mezzanotte : Damn, the nostalgia. I remember watching this when it came out. Right when I started high school. Still amazing!

Eric Schultz : 4:12-4:13, whaaat?! How did he do that 😱

Fatwa Yt540 : 2019?

Elavatr : I remember watching this 7 years ago :)

VladGames BG : *All other kids with the pumped up kicks*

MARQUESE SCOTT : 120 million views !!!!! Thanks a million !!! be sure to subscribe !😂😂

Imma Smiler : I remember when I first saw this

すすんすん : The BEST DANCE of the world FOREVER

LifeStoriez JZM : this was very popular till 2013 and then everybody just stopped watching and today i thought hey i remember this!

Slick Tactics : Wow 7 years and this is still an amazing video

Heitor Silva : He has more control in the body than I have in my life

Ravez 0000 : You should make another video at this place again🔥🔥

bototoy 11223456 : January of 2019 and im still watchin damn!

M2K Clark : Damn This is Crazy i remember watching this when i was in 7th grade. Now I'm im a senior time flys man :(

Hamza Hamad : RIP Dubstep :'(

john fleming : showing some love still ….. TEXAS in the house

Houston 4 Life : Memories ladies and gentlemen. Great times

aditya jotshi : One of the strongest memories of my YouTube childhood damn.. Never forget

Adog5836 : Tbh I'd like to see what you could do now with this song. Like a remaster of the original routine with your current skill set.

スフェニック : What’s this song? Please tell me!

Amanda Kelley Mcmillan : Ur amazing!!! ❤this

Andron3912 Andron3912 : БРАВО!!!😀

John D. : I am expecting to watch this video 40-60 times in the next 30-40 years or so. Always there will be times I will be remembering this video and coming back to see it once more time.

MARQUESE SCOTT : Shout out to spencer happy Halloween everyone!!!!!

Kevin Hart : Mannn it's been years I'm only 14 when I started watching this, I'm a dancer now and competing from different events your videos made me what I am today so i just want to say thanks and i hope you keep inspiring more people mad respect!

Yoan Malbec : 🙀 the god dubstep

Youdesh Deep : I'm youdesh deep from india & i'm your craziest fan.!


UnPhayzable : So... Is he human?

Brendon Singh : December 2018 anyone

Jack Sakran : No way this is real


JordanPlayz : All the other Viewers with PUMPED UP KICKS hi!!

richard caster : Physics called: "stop breaking me!"

Rifqi Setiyawan : watch this for 3:32-4:08 So epic

Pete Richardson : This is so coooool

i'am anonymous : 23.09.2018 !!!

DJRckwl : I still like my own misheard lyrics... "All the other kids with the pumped up kicks better run, better run, outrun my dog. All the other kids with the pumped up kicks better run, better run, faster than my puppy" Haha, it's really what I heard. Made sense too. 0:29

Thomas Wiczulis : Stuff like this probably would have labeled you as a witch in the 17th century.

abiPUKI`S channel : Even 7 years ago , i still watch this, why????

ZENON GG : Pozdro od live izakooo twitch