Chris Brown opens up about Rihanna incident in his new documentary
Chris Brown explains what happened the night of the attack

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karro lvsq : why am i just seeing this in 2019?

Aaliyah : He took all the blame and that's a fact.

Tre Wright : Damn they would’ve been bigger than jay z and Beyoncé

Erika Robinson : I don’t care what gender you are keep ALL hands to yourself

Camryn Anderson : I feel like I'm the only person who loves both of them

OhDxrie : I wish everybody that judges him can see this video

nicky Van leendert : NOW listen to his song "don't judge me" , the whole song makes sense...

Arkishia Norman : Her cousin came out years ago saying Rihanna would hit Chris all the time first they were too toxic

Just Rose : The fact that Rihanna has said over and over they are friends should tell you alot....

Shocolate !! : 😭 he said he still love her!!😭

Brandi Medellin : I knew there was more....I was waiting on his testimony. This would be a good episode for Red Table Talk with Jada. What ya’ll think?

Ali : They were in a co abusive relationship that stemmed from the abuse they witnessed growing up. They're both in a better place now that they've matured and moved on. Everyone should too

LadyIsTheChamp : Wonder why she never spoke up about her part in the abuse........No one ever says anything when a woman abuses a man smh

Joy-Ann Profitt : You can see that he's sincere with his story.

silver : "It scares me because I would place that judgment on somebody." Felt the pain in his voice. It takes everything to even re-tell a very dire, eventful past. It must've been so hard, Chris.

KÏdd damé : And yet he's still hated .. wow. I love Chris. Much respect ✊🏽

Jannah Shah : broken attracts broken. no matter how rich.

Daizy Andere : "l loved her and I wanted to protect her. .. I had done too much harm to her" That's deep

Miracle Brown : It's crazy how they both originally said they got in a car accident. Rih told her family that before they found out what really happened. She wanted to protect Chris but Chris wanted to protect her too so he took all the blame. I love that he was so selfless about the situation, it only proves that he truly loved her and wanted to pay for what he did cause he never wanted it to go that far, he even tried to stop her and calm her down but she just couldn't get herself to believe what he was telling her about the text message. I still believe that these two love each other and always will. They were young & truly and deeply in love.

Bernadette Okoli : Respect for admitting his fault straight away.

Thandeka Ndebele : He wanted to marry her! That's all I heard

Cam Weito : Mad respect for you Chris.

Rozz Emz : I like how he took responsibility throughout

Haru Haru : It’s 2018 this incident happened in 2009 and up until now I’ve always labeled Chris Brown as an abuser, a digesting human being, and hated every single person who liked his music or ever wanted to associate with him. But then all a sudden I found out that one of my idol really liked him, that got me confused and just upset and so I tried to find out what was going on. I searched and searched about this abuse case and finally found an article about Chris’ documentary. From there I felt like shit. I realized I was a part of the people who didn’t do research and instead followed the majority into hating this man. 9 years everyone, it took 9 years for me to find out that both Rihanna and Chris were equally both at fault. This was a big lesson for me, BIG lesson. This man’s name will finally be cleared for me, from now on I’m cool with Chris. Rihanna on the other hand. Lost all respect. I haven’t seen one article where she admits or said anything about her being abusive towards Chris. She up and turned a blind eye and pulled the victim card. I’m good now. Your name will be cleared Chris.

Tyler Golden : This was real. He’s real for doing this. Stop the hate, he’s been hating himself for years for it.

SweetDaddyBarron78 : Why the hell does it matter what someone does before they get with you? Why even ask? None of your business. Your business is from the point you guys get together and on not anything before

Jess Booysen : He's a real man for admitting to his wrongs.. Love you for ever Chris ♥♥

Sophie Tipper : I always thought Chris Brown was ignorant and just an idiot, but from watching this I truly respect you Chris, this was quite hard to hear and now I respect him more than ever, it must have been so hard to come out with this especially since he's in the limelight and people expect things from idols like keeping a high reputation, but when stories like this come out and the media exaggerates like always that's when it gets worse and people send death threats

NockseeGee Umlapper : He really loved Rihanna I really respect him

Madison Ayers : when he said “i still love Rihanna” i felt that

gianna eldridge : Honestly, a lot of people are failing to realize that the abuse was coming from both sides. Just shut up, and accept the fact that both of them were in the wrong, and that it was not just Chris's fault.

Farisha Hussein : as much as this video makes me lose respect for Rihanna, its important to know they were young and in a toxic relationship which everyone goes through once in their lifetime. unfortunately theirs included abuse so instead of taking one of their sides, try taking it from neither sides because both of them were wrong and their mistakes were broadcasted which i believe they both truly regret.

Delta Sierra : they really love each other (together or not), & that is beautiful.

PrinceM : Rihanna Sounds Crazy to me😂😂

Queen Zey : people need to remember there are two sides to the story. Thanks for telling yours, Chris

zayn bhabie : Rihanna started it wtf

King Melio : Well I'm late to seeing this, but it's safe to say that this can all be chalked to a lack of trust. Chris wasn't right for not telling Rihanna about his escapades before they became official. And she wasn't right for not trying to be reasonable and hear him out. However, I can respect him for coming clean. I'm only 18 years old right now, but his situation I can relate to in some ways. Being in a toxic relationship, always hurting your significant other, suicidal thoughts, etc. I've been there. My teenage years haven't been the best. I made a lot of poor choices in my life, a lot of choices I can never take back but those mistakes taught me a life lesson. Your past doesn't define who you are, and your future isn't predestined. He could have went to court and plead not guilty but out of love for Rihanna he sacrificed everything for her. That's a true man to the end.

Shalyn Hunter : I don't understand if he did it with the girl before they were together why was it a problem ..... Tf

came2slay : If Chris would have come up with the truth and told his story then rihanna would never be this succesful as she is today. I think Chris did more for her then she will ever recognize

Jennifer Brooke : It doesn't matter if a guy hits a girl, the same thing goes for a girl hitting a guy. It's still abuse.

maatla toisetere : crying is the only thing i can do right now😭😭😭😭😭Chris has just been through a lot with so many people hating on him...i hope he finds unconditional genuine love

witchery 97 : If you hit someone, you get him back. Period.

David Muchina : That wasn't you Chris. That was a gaslighted you... A female psychopath can bring the out worst in a man and that's why you ought to run for the hills when you spot a narcisssistic woman... They know how to manipilate you using emotions, frame you, provoke you.. they are like demons any man who falls for them is a fool.

Alumna Sky : Chris and Rihanna both come from A broken home by both Father’s abandoning them both either physically or emotionally.

Cuky Lopez : He sounded like he wanted to cry so bad .. like when your throat Closes up 😧 Everyone needs to see this

Herlin Jordan : I wish that never happened they wuda been married by now smh

Lotus Floyd : Chris brown is true black excellence Luv u Rihanna & Chris ♥️❤️💘

Zulu Ripper : And I knew this from the beginning. It's just a shame that the world made him the poster child of black violent men.

Christopher Chapman : After watching this video I believe Chris 100%. And if what he’s saying is true then Rihanna was the aggressor so what was breezy suppose to do AND he was in a car! She could’ve easily got them both killed behind another woman being intentionally messy for no reason. Rihanna shouldn’t have reacted that way over a chick that came BEFORE her that’s where this whole crap started from smh. And what’s worse is that breezy had to take the rap for it all on his own. I’m glad that he can finally talk about it and has put it behind him.