Chris Brown opens up about Rihanna incident in his new documentary

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Kid The Flame : The whole world needs to see his documentary...

Violet Blue : If Rihanna can forgive him even though she was wrong for hitting him first than why can't yall?

GoldenVisual : This was real. He’s real for doing this. Stop the hate, he’s been hating himself for years for it.

Kristen : If behaviour was excused based on our childhood over half of us would be beating up people.

Erika Robinson : I don’t care what gender you are keep ALL hands to yourself

Ruaimaa Hasan : The world needs to hear his side of the story, he's been misunderstood by many

Mariah Victor : not to lie I still like Chris

Darian H. : Legit feel like I was the only one who didnt take Rihanna's side

Hunter Meaney : Even though what Chris did was wrong he still took the high road rather than dragging Rihanna's name down. I really respect him because of that and I know realize it was just a young couple in love

Emmilee Shroyer : it was never really brought to light that she was hitting him too. everyone made it sound like he just did it whenever he got mad. i feel bad that i judged him so bad when i was younger

Tracie Rivera : I believe him. Although he should not have hit her, I had a feeling it was not only him doing wrong.

Madihah Rasool : At least he admits he was wrong and he didn't do it for no reason it's called relationship depression something people need to understand is that it wasn't Rihanna or Chris Brown's fault

Michael Weinberg : I love how Rihanna smacked the shit out of him but then he hit her back and he got all the bad press.

Sunny Yoda : Dude, it's true Rihanna started it though, I am not saying that she deserved it. But, when I saw Chris and her together several times before the incident when Rihanna gets upset, she usually hit/ smacks and yells like no other girls I have seen. She was toxic, and this was just a volatile relationship.

XXXTENTATION A FOREVER LEGEND : He would be as big as Michael jackson if it wasn't for this

Queen Zey : people need to remember there are two sides to the story. Thanks for telling yours, Chris

Marvin Just one 7 now : I think Riri fans and people in general hate Chris Brown more than Riri does. Last time I heard, they're on good terms. But anytime he comments on someone's picture, there is pure hate hurled towards him. Violence in itself is wrong. Whether its a man hitting a woman or vice vesa. I know I'm going to get hate for this but I don't view Chris Brown as a I view other abusers who control their other half through violence, bullying, pain and manipulation. This seemed like a toxic relationship on both ends where people involved hurt each other and fought each other.

Miah Donnelly : Ppl don't even realize the depression he's been in for years when the industry just want him drugged up and to party till he kills himself. To use that against him. He's not a monster, we all have demons to deal with.

Star L : What people fail to realize is he is just like the rest of us. You owned up to your mistakes I salute you breezy 🙌🏾 . Always been a fan of yours .

BROTHA Jeff : This made me not respect Rihanna! I know it's never ok to hit a woman but Chris stated that she would sometimes physically assault him first and instigate fights. She painted this picture like she was innocent in all of this and that's what made me look at her side ways. Also if you keep egging on a man and hitting him he's eventually going to snap and hit your ass back! Rihanna's from the islands so I can see her being very mean and aggressive.

Ms Lyndzy : I'm glad he said his side of the story. Kinda bummed out that I formed a judgement against him all these years

Miracle Brown : It's crazy how they both originally said they got in a car accident. Rih told her family that before they found out what really happened. She wanted to protect Chris but Chris wanted to protect her too so he took all the blame. I love that he was so selfless about the situation, it only proves that he truly loved her and wanted to pay for what he did cause he never wanted it to go that far, he even tried to stop her and calm her down but she just couldn't get herself to believe what he was telling her about the text message. I still believe that these two love each other and always will. They were young & truly and deeply in love.

Fernando Jimenez : She played the victim

Nadia Carlos : 😭 he said he still love her!!😭

PIИGU GD : I grew up in an abusive home and learned not to judge because people do change. My dad used to be physically abusive towards me and my family. But he always regretted what he did and he made changes to be a better person. I'm not saying it's okay at all but I'm not gonna judge someone because they made mistakes. I really hate it when people stay in the past and only see the worst in someone.

gianna eldridge : Honestly, a lot of people are failing to realize that the abuse was coming from both sides. Just shut up, and accept the fact that both of them were in the wrong, and that it was not just Chris's fault.

Janelle Johnson : so rihanna initiated the whole  thing.... SMH I HAVE LOST ALL RESPECT FOR HER

Thomas Conway : If she hit him then that’s abusive too

Shan said Shush eve : If this would have never happened they would have been in the same place as Beyoncé & Jay Z

legomypancakes : he was only 17?

XxLauren BlogsxX : Everyone is gonna be in a relationship😑but they were both wrong💍you don’t put your hands on a girl and you don’t put your hands on a guy💐but Chris brown and Rihanna are the main reason why I love 🎼music❤️please stop this hate on Chris!! He is not a abuser💖

Zulu Ripper : And I knew this from the beginning. It's just a shame that the world made him the poster child of black violent men.

TheRealSurge : Dude why is every comment a huge thicc ass paragraph

Jennifer Brooke : It doesn't matter if a guy hits a girl, the same thing goes for a girl hitting a guy. It's still abuse.

IR's Blue Man Money® Channel : Rihanna is the one who started it and Chris was just defending himself - he is innocent. Needless to say, Rihanna is the bad one here.

fishygal53 : I think this is the reason why Rihanna still in love with Chris.

wbanks113 : We al feel your pain Chris sometimes there is only so much a guy can take

SweetDaddyBarron78 : Why the hell does it matter what someone does before they get with you? Why even ask? None of your business. Your business is from the point you guys get together and on not anything before

Tenshinsho : It takes a real man to admit his wrong doings like this.. I respect this

Camryn Anderson : I feel like I'm the only person who loves both of them

Mixed Man : Rhianna sounds insecure as hell.

Tyquan Jarrett : She was abusive first what the hell

Denise Mrll : they really love each other (together or not), & that is beautiful.

Agahahag Omgg : Nah lmfao I was serious the whole video up until he said “and she grabbed my nuts” I’m crying😂. Ok I’m done

Rae Cabrera : I'm glad he opened up to that incident. Because back in 2009 I was shocked when I found out that he got arrested. Even more shocked when I found out what for. Like back then I was obsessed with him. And I know how he is with women Ik he would never physically harm one

zayn bhabie : Rihanna started it wtf

Ghost : Rihanna should see this.... anybody agree?

kheshire kat : I've always admired Chris Brown for the artist he is and now I'm happy that I can admire him as a human too. It's nice hearing his side of the story.

monstarr .x : I was always on his side. But both truth to a story 😢 glad he told the truth

suad ahmed : I love this guy❤that was definitely true love