Binging with Babish: Harry Potter Special

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Infinite Athletics : You know it’s going to be a good day when you wake up to a new video from Babish.

sheentheexplorer : Butter beer ❤️💛

SmallFishBig : I dare you to chop an onion as fine as Marco Pierre White

Manya Goyal : More harry potter

Alfie Swan : Wait your book is in the UK Um It’s gonna be in my possession

Zach Digital : 1:04 "Sometimes the skin does the job for you" -Hannibal Lector

TheAliLife : Straight magic

Blue Nidalee : The soup from Kung Fu Panda???

ChuckCanada : Fresh pumpkin is better since you can caramelize it more then the stuff in the cans comes thus giving a stronger pumpkin flavor.

mmiiaa : Could you do the food from Eddie’s Million Dollar Cook Off? Lol I always wondered if that fruit loop coated fried chicken would taste any good!

anxietydown : Jerk bought out the whole trolley

Doggo Memes : this dude just keeps pumping out the best vids

Serendipity Speaks : Do something from Percy Jackson like try to recreate ambrosia and nectar

Lydia Webster : Pops milkshake from Riverdale!!!

Katelyn Irons : "as you can see, im having a hard time handling it." 😂😂😂😂😂

slimkt : Treacle tart looks vaguely like pecan pie without the pecans.

Callum Schmidt : Make spaghetti tacos from icarly

Daniel White : Do Americans not have treacle tart? Pretty common here. Also you should really put orange or lemon juice and peel to cut into the crazy sweetness of the desert

Katharine Sullivan : I always thought pumpkin pasties were savoury? With cheese and spice and I'm British.

bigguscurlyus : I always imagined the pumpkin pasties as being savoury and chunky! Chilli, garlic, rosemary, more like the flavours of a spiced pumpkin soup.

Sauce Stache : This looks so good it could have been made by Molly Weasley herself!

MorselOfBread : Can you make something from Silence of the Lambs??

Cameron R : I wonder if I can get him to make Quatro queso dos fritos from Psych

CrayCho : Making pie with vodka...what?

Mr Bain : that aint a pasty dude

Justin Y. : *Harry Potter and the curse of the delicious shake*

Alina Collard : A Pastie is savoury and not a pie at all.


StevieColeslaw : Hate to be “that guy” but Harry’s favorite was Lemon Treacle Tart just a regular treacle tart.

Burke Tinsley : Babish should do turbriskefil from Big Bang theory

liquetro : You should try the food from Dexter

sasayaki : Food. It's serious bizness (from looking at some of these comments.

Sunny Tang : Can you please make the protein blocks from Snowpiercer?

Natalie Meyers : for a REAL British food item you'd want to go with Wow-wow sauce from Discworld

AND WE DANCE. VLOGS : Aye it’s got booze in it? Or A: It’s got booze in it?.. doesn’t matter, when does your Restaurant open up?

HypeFoods : who is harry potter? jk everything looks bomb af.

Soko Semske : Can you make something from PJO? I just finished The Mark of Athena and I need something to stop my sobs

Raihan Islam : Can I skip the vodka

Cassidy Dingman : Harry Potter is as British as Harry Potter? Wow. What a simile.

Lun Hing : Oh yeah

Omar Mansour : Can you please do the cooking scene from the end of Johnny English: Reborn? Thank you!

Milana Mukatova : AHS cults sloppy joes

isunktheship : While the video looks amazing, your text recipe, the one published on your website, says to use **MOLASSES**, and in your video you even say "light molasses", which isn't a thing. It should also be noted your online recipe makes twice as much crust as necessary. I've enjoyed watching your show, it's definitely entertaining, but the absence of a professional background really shows.

Antariel : Please use metric mass for measurement or at least add annotations for it (And of course Celsius). It's really annoying to have to always convert stuff. Thank you , love your videos.

Nickk IRL : *knock knock* I smell you baking pumpkin pasties... mind if I Slytherin?

christian, j. : Can you do a whole series recreating dishes from the anime "Food Wars!"? I'll warn you though, it's a bit erotic.. lol

Angel Dysart-Nunekpku : I think I actually love this man

Dylan Millikan : Andrew, you have excellent taste in wodka.

Eric Sinkler : Can you make the turturkeykey from how I met your mother for thanksgiving

Justin Y. : *I don't have any jokes this time, this is a quality video!*