Binging with Babish: Harry Potter Special

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Infinite Athletics : You know it’s going to be a good day when you wake up to a new video from Babish.

Lun Hing : Oh yeah

Lucia Cento : make a part two! harry potter has SO much good food

InfernosDragons : Can I point out as a proud Cornishman the “Decretive crust” actually has a purpose. Back in ye olden time the crimp as we call it was used to hold the pasty, this is a necessity as it was a common food for Cornish miners who would get dirty hands so they would eat it from the crimp and throw that away. Ye dare insult the pasty crimp as decorative again and I’ll set the bloody cows on you.

inglourious basterds : slytherin pride xx

ZacharyJTA : 1:04 "Sometimes the skin does the job for you" -Hannibal Lector

iUnhinged : Please do the hot chocolate from The Polar Express since the world is starting to cool down

HewOnYoutube : Everyone breathe...its most likely because he has clearly been to Harry Potter world at Universal, and the pumpkin pasties they have there are sweet, and since they are backed by JK Rowling and Warner Bros, he probably assumed that’s the way she meant them to be in the book. I️ mean, they have chocolate frogs that leap out of their boxes... I’m sure there are things more shocking and controversial than a pasty that is sweet. Oh & great job, congrats on your book, thanks for doing a Harry Potter episode!

XXX RICKACION : Binging with hagrid

KpopNoodle : *I just realized the illustration on your book cover is a combination of film reel and pizza. Clever.*

slimkt : Treacle tart looks vaguely like pecan pie without the pecans.

Alyssa H : Calm down about the pasty. He was making his interperetation and it looked delicious

Michael Cummins : Pasties can be sweet or savoury guys. They were traditionally made about two third savoury (steak, onion, potatoes, swede) and one third sweet (jam and apple). So you could have you main meal and dessert all wrapped up in one package. Source: I'm Cornish. Great crimping btw.

Slender Ender : 0:23 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Alfie Swan : Wait your book is in the UK Um It’s gonna be in my possession

anxietydown : Jerk bought out the whole trolley

1thatonechick1 : All these comments about the pastie being sweet aren't going to change anything so there is no need to keep repeating it

Bobby K : I dare you to chop an onion as fine as Marco Pierre White

Joel Lloyd : OMG THANK YOU

Carol Shuturan : Pumpkin IPA with butterscotch schnapps is how I make butter beer.

Justin Young : *Harry Potter and the curse of the delicious shake*

BigBruhTV : How can you hate this guy? i fucking love him

Blue Nidalee : The soup from Kung Fu Panda???

Kenton Scott : Geez, first he doesn't cook with a real human leg for that Hannibal Lecter video a few weeks ago, now he makes a SWEET PASTY!!?!?!?!? I agree with all the Brits whining in the comments. Babish is Fake News!!!!

Alma Bešić : Uploaded on my birthday yaaaay best gift ever

Nickk IRL : *knock knock* I smell you baking pumpkin pasties... mind if I Slytherin?

Geno Marcello : Everything looks amazing. I’m the redditor that suggested you do a HP episode... glad you took my advice lol I’m for sure gonna try that Butterbeer recipe.

Alpha17x : Some timestamped links for anyone who comes back to this video in the future Pumpkin Pasties: Treacle Tart Butter Beer (Alcoholic, book-authentic)

winston mark lao : Will it have metric units in the book.

AirSofter241 : Very curious, what does the vodka do for the pie crusts? I've made pretty much that exact dough before but the recipe I was using didn't call for it. Just wondering

whyaremeninmyshoes : I am from the UK. If I buy your book will you come round to my house and help me make this for my nan please?

T Tr : So do American NOT have treacle tart? I just thought it was kind of universal. Wieeeerd.

Cockey Spaniard Pace Merchant III : Good morning to everyone except the 211 people that disliked this video

BunkerBinkleton : Do a Skyrim sweetroll.

ᴸᴵᴸ ᴮᴬᴷᴬ : All the righteous British people acting so fucking rude. Harry Potter maybe set in Britain but it's also a series about fucking wizards. Go find another recipe on pumpkin pies if you're going to be such assholes. With the reaction to the fucking pies, you guys don't even deserve this episode. You've wasted his time and effort into making a delicious recipe only to upload and be bashed on for "ItS SAvOrY nOt SwEEt!1!" If you're offended that he wasn't accurate then go away. Jesus.

Sauce Stache : This looks so good it could have been made by Molly Weasley herself!

Victoria B. : *reads multiple comments of all U.K. People mad that he used sugar* when did that become a crime? lol it's HIS recipe, ya nuts.

mmiiaa : Could you do the food from Eddie’s Million Dollar Cook Off? Lol I always wondered if that fruit loop coated fried chicken would taste any good!

Jacklin : "Repeating the same information over and over again will make the video change!" -most of these commenters Do you guys yell at the TV too? You think the little people in the colour box can hear you?

Doggo Memes : this dude just keeps pumping out the best vids

MANA : Anything with "Harry Potter" as title got me clicking 🙌

Serendipity Speaks : Do something from Percy Jackson like try to recreate ambrosia and nectar

Hyanne Lee : getting the vibe andrew isnt a big harry potter fan

Lydia Webster : Pops milkshake from Riverdale!!!

Evan Brunet : i recheck.. wtf your book is 188 bucks (Canadian)

Justin Young : *I don't have any jokes this time, this is a quality video!*

Stunfisk : All the Cornish rage on this video haha. As a fellow Cornish girl, I was just pleased to see an American use the word "pasty". Go shop at Trago and calm yer arses down.

sasayaki : Food. It's serious bizness (from looking at some of these comments.

Elsie Viola Dupuis : Mmmmmmm Lyle's Golden Syrup 😋

Keith McNugget : YEs yES