Binging with Babish: Harry Potter Special

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Nickk IRL : *knock knock* I smell you baking pumpkin pasties... mind if I Slytherin?

Vile Slanders : "Doesn't cost $50 at an amusement park AND it has booze in it." -Best closing remark ever.

Alfie Swan : Wait your book is in the UK Um It’s gonna be in my possession

Katelyn Irons : "as you can see, im having a hard time handling it." 😂😂😂😂😂

sheentheexplorer : Butter beer ❤️💛

Zach Digital : 1:04 "Sometimes the skin does the job for you" -Hannibal Lector

barry bee benson : I dare you to chop an onion as fine as Marco Pierre White

ChuckCanada : Fresh pumpkin is better since you can caramelize it more then the stuff in the cans comes thus giving a stronger pumpkin flavor.

Riley Costello : It's weird to think that in America it's difficult to find Lyle's golden syrup when it's literally a given that every household in England has at least a tin of it or something

Daniel White : Do Americans not have treacle tart? Pretty common here. Also you should really put orange or lemon juice and peel to cut into the crazy sweetness of the desert

Justin Y. : *Harry Potter and the curse of the delicious shake*

Manya Goyal : More harry potter

Katharine Sullivan : I always thought pumpkin pasties were savoury? With cheese and spice and I'm British.

bigguscurlyus : I always imagined the pumpkin pasties as being savoury and chunky! Chilli, garlic, rosemary, more like the flavours of a spiced pumpkin soup.

Alina Collard : A Pastie is savoury and not a pie at all.

anxietydown : Jerk bought out the whole trolley

christian, j. : Can you do a whole series recreating dishes from the anime "Food Wars!"? I'll warn you though, it's a bit erotic.. lol

Doggo Memes : this dude just keeps pumping out the best vids

MorselOfBread : Can you make something from Silence of the Lambs??

Stephanie Doel : I love your stuff usually, but no no no no, pasties are not a sweet. They are always savoury, and we’re actually invented so that coal miners had a balanced meal to take into the mines - even that folded crust was specifically for holding so they didn’t get their food dirty. I can’t get on board with a sweet pasty, pls stahp.

Sauce Stache : This looks so good it could have been made by Molly Weasley herself!

Mr Bain : that aint a pasty dude

blueocean43 : While the food looks delicious, I would argue that it is nothing like the food in the Harry Potter books. First, pasties aren't supposed to be sweet. A pumpkin pasty would therefore follow basically a cornish pasty recipe, but swap the meat for pumpkin. It's easier to find recipes with butternut squash, but it's the same idea. As for the treacle tart, yes the modern version uses light treacle, but the statute of secrecy kicked in pre-industrial revolution, and wizards therefore likely kept on using black treacle. As for the butterbeer, I quite regularly (we all have our hobbies, mines the culinary history of Harry Potter, yes, I know that's weird) rant that the abomination made by the parks has no resemblance whatsoever to the disgusting rubbish the parks serve. Buttered beer is a real thing, not something JK Rowling made up, and contains small beer, butter, egg yolks, sugar and spices like nutmeg. It's pretty close to eggnog, though we don't really get eggnog in the UK, but with a low alcohol beer instead of the milk. So save the spices used in the "pasties" and stick them in the hot (or chilled) buttered beere instead.

Carol Shuturan : I just watched Julie and Julia, please make the chocolate cake with Almonds on the sides!

Willsbury : today while trying to make those pumpkin pasties I learned that a blender CANNOT replace a food processor.

slimkt : Treacle tart looks vaguely like pecan pie without the pecans.

space mate : Definitely going to try these, thank you. I'd love to see you make the pastry that Queenie serves Jacob in Fantastic Beasts.

Natalie Meyers : for a REAL British food item you'd want to go with Wow-wow sauce from Discworld

Burke Tinsley : Babish should do turbriskefil from Big Bang theory

Siner666 : Can you do the special food of M*A*S*H like spam lamb and other foods?

Infinite Athletics : You know it’s going to be a good day when you wake up to a new video from Babish.

StevieColeslaw : Hate to be “that guy” but Harry’s favorite was Lemon Treacle Tart just a regular treacle tart.

Liam Turner : im not sure about eggs in the USA but eggs in the UK have a red lion symbol to show that they're salmonella free. a.k.a you can eat them raw

Cameron R : I wonder if I can get him to make Quatro queso dos fritos from Psych

HypeFoods : who is harry potter? jk everything looks bomb af.

DJ Hancock : Shout out to the oven, always in the background, getting work done, never complaining.

Louise T : Those pumpkin pasties look good but a pasty is savory with puff pastry.

Jasmine14 : You: “..Add the wad-ca..” Me: Alright, how much have you drank durning this video or are you always making weird names, just as I do, from weird mixtures of things? (Ship names, etc. *cant think of anything else*)

TheAliLife : Straight magic


Justin Y. : *I don't have any jokes this time, this is a quality video!*

Destructor 2000 : “Harry, you’re a wizard!” “No, I’m just Harry.” *Just Harry, you’re a wizard*

Angel Dysart-Nunekpku : I think I actually love this man

Lacy Shrewsbury : make the naco from kim possible!

Madamoizillion : Seems like a lot of work to make a pie crust... I only use a bowl and two forks to mix and water with ice cubes in the glass, and my crusts come out deliciously tender and flaky.

AND WE DANCE. VLOGS : Aye it’s got booze in it? Or A: It’s got booze in it?.. doesn’t matter, when does your Restaurant open up?

Skyler Cooper : Pumpkin seeds are so delicious roasted

Sad Dumpling : Can you make Best Burger in New York from How I Met Your Mother?

Hoàng Nguyên : Now make PIPE WEED FROM HOBBITS !!!!

Hoàng Nguyên : Now make PIPE WEED FROM HOBBITS !!!!