Tiptoes (2003) (VHS Trailer)

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VHS TRAILER for Tiptoes (2003) Stars: Gary Oldman, Peter Dinklage, Kate Beckinsale


TheRepty818 : It's a bad sign when you can't tell if this is a real movie trailer or one of those parody trailers.

Akilleus : “From the writers who brought you Simple Jack.”

D Roach : "That's why I like dwarves. I keep growing up and they stay the same size... Alright alright alright."

Regan Russell : "You never go full midget" -Gary Oldman probably

vest816 : This was my favorite part of Tropic Thunder.

J Fonzerrelli : "try it out"...

Matthew Stewart : Oscar winners Matthew McConaughey and Gary Oldman everybody. This is their lowest moment

ktothec24 : This is such a crazy idea that no one would ever fall for ; Mathew Mcconaughey as a Jew..

T Tanizawa : What in the hell did I just watch.

Evan Lee : Damn, Ethan wasn't lying about this movie

Zero Cool : I dated a midget in college (Her name was Julia) and she always went full trottle, no neuropathy issues and she liked to get pissed on and beat. Try it out.

Chud Watley : Cool trailer but too short

Indigo Bennett : any mommies out here? keep them jeans high and tight!

ahahah2 : I heard they shot the whole movie in four strokes...

An sionnach dearg : Peter dinklage said there was over an hour of footage cut from the movie.. That this at some point, dispite flaws was actual great movie.. But the studio interfered.

nangke : Before the world found out about Peter Dinklage

Beatle4sale : Haha omg this can't be real life. That was the greatest thing I've ever seen! Thank you h3 for making me aware of this

Matt Sutton : Keep those 👖 high and tight. Piss on me, beat me, try it out.

Bhodisatvas : Seeing this makes me start to believe we really did shoot off into an alternate universe in 2012. Never heard of this before and I sure as hell would have!

omnomproductions : Not even a mention of Peter dinklage damn

Anom Mona : When he says "tiptoes" at the end, I giggle every time

Kirk Fletcher : "In the role of a lifetime, Gary Oldman". LMAO. Role of a lifetime. Dude went full midget - you never go full midget!

Michael Zacarias Benjamin Glass : best actor of our time gary oldman

Nick Slouka : Gary Oldman as: Jeff Foxworthy

Travel Session : Feel like I watched the entire plot of the movie, and also sleepers represent!

TOTALLY not A COP : I just took 14 benadryl, I'm about to try it out

Tyler : Who here cause of tiggerbelly?...... lmaooooooooo

David Lindsten : "I wus finna hit her over the head with a clawhammer bcuz she called my family amidgets" -Matthew Macaranihoney

Iain McManus : I’ve never laughed so hard ever. They just say midget like it’s nothing hahahahah try that in 2019 lol

Uncle Remus : Who's here from the Slept Kingdom?

RS Automation : Your Mom's House brought me here, Jeans. Try it out!

Rockstar XP : Hi Mommy's

LordTwatBeard : H3 podcast anyone ?

Chris Galitz : Thanks for showing the baby in the Trailer now I dont have to watch

Karsten Von Fjellheim : "The role of a lifetime", yeah, this is the one we'll remember Gary Oldman for.

Salmonidae Chaser : Shoot this f*cking trailer to the moon!

james Barrie : One has to wonder if Gary and Matthew had some gambling debts they had to pay off to make this movie?

messichristy : so funny i spilled my moose soup!!!! how is this real.

Silhouette Cthulu : This couldnt be real? Please tell me this was just a joke on MADTV? lol Oh no?..well then..

Ivan Storey : Hollywood really knows how to hide stuff. How have I never heard of this?

leave this empty : Gary Oldman is a full sized man for him to play a small person is outrageous.

Stephen Schaal : I'm fed up with this wooerld

John Johnson : Tyrion Lanister has adjusted perfectly to the present year after finding that time machine on Dragon Stone.

Imogen Pollard : I literally cannot stop laughing

mrjonesy2112 : I'm just glassin!

godiebeard2015 : Let's rock

MichieMouse1 : holy hell, didnt even recognize gary oldman.. oscar material?

Jake Ritzheimer : Nosotros Papaya to you my friends

stateamind29 : Director: "I dunno, he doesn't really look 'dwarfy' enough." McConaHEE: "Hold that thought" *grabs pillow...