Tiptoes (2003) (VHS Trailer)

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Sayros : The role of a lifetime, Gary Oldman with shoes on his knees.

J Fonzerrelli : "try it out"...

TheRepty818 : It's a bad sign when you can't tell if this is a real movie trailer or one of those parody trailers.

Zero Cool : I dated a midget in college (Her name was Julia) and she always went full trottle, no neuropathy issues and she liked to get pissed on and beat. Try it out.

Fraser Stewart : "The role of a lifetime" Are you taking the piss?!

Matthew Stewart : Oscar winners Matthew McConaughey and Gary Oldman everybody. This is their lowest moment

ktothec24 : This is such a crazy idea that no one would ever fall for ; Mathew Mcconaughey as a Jew..

Regan Russell : "You never go full midget" -Gary Oldman probably

vest816 : This was my favorite part of Tropic Thunder.

Sean D : Your Mom's House brought me here, Jeans. Try it out!

Indigo Bennett : any mommies out here? keep them jeans high and tight!

T Tanizawa : What in the hell did I just watch.

Rockstar XP : Hi Mommy's

Sam Johnston : Try it out!

messichristy : so funny i spilled my moose soup!!!! how is this real.

nangke : Before the world found out about Peter Dinklage

Elijah Harper : Trailers were rough back then.

slaiyfershin : Beckinsale?!??! Gawd she looks hotter older!!!

Michael Zacarias Benjamin Glass : best actor of our time gary oldman

PiGo : I'm fed up with this wooerld

omnomproductions : Not even a mention of Peter dinklage damn

Matt A : Mommies brought me here

MyMrsamsam : holy jew dwarf comedy film

Bhodisatvas : Seeing this makes me start to believe we really did shoot off into an alternate universe in 2012. Never heard of this before and I sure as hell would have!

Ron Breier : I need to see the outtakes.

Anom Mona : When he says "tiptoes" at the end, I giggle every time

johnnybob goldstien : I saw this on Tosh.O and had to look it up because I thought it was a bad joke

colin schabel : How have I never heard of this movie? With all those stars it must be really bad. I wonder if the dwarfs were mad that the lead dwarf was cast buy a tall guy

godiebeard2015 : Let's rock

Lps Olive : "Home here now"

Aaron E : Hey Mommies

Andy Infinity : I just smoked this whole video. Damn this is a weird weed I just watched.

Jess Montes : Omg. Bwahahahahahaha! I'm still watching "Kate Beckinsale's" interview at the Sag Aftra-Foundation. That's why I'm here. LOL!

Chud Watley : Cool trailer but too short

Noble Ward : What a great trailer, it showed so much I don't even have to see the movie!

E. Boyd : Gotta watch the whole movie now...

bobo42024 : HDTGM?

Brian Padilla : 1:09 Bridget Powers!

Elinia Tollea : 1:15 Is that the dude from Little Women LA?

mudjmc : I saw Peter Dinklage, so I'm sold.

PianoKeyz : Mic-Con-oh-he DOH

Dannibal : Gary Oldman did this movie for half of his usual salary.

Dannibal : Is this a full length movie or a short?

BeeTones : I like to watch this movie while I watch this movie

PC Repair Guy : you need to wipe down

Jenny Berrocal : Just......... why??? How????

Wood Chisel : what the.. ahum ahh.. jesus wow

Mike G : Try it out

Martin : This must be the worst movie of all time? This is a joke right? How can this cast agree to this script, wtf! :D

MichieMouse1 : holy hell, didnt even recognize gary oldman.. oscar material?