Young girl overjoyed after receiving puck from Brett Connolly

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povang : She's a little angel

John Bolanos : Lol poor the little girl until the end?

Martavis Miles : You see this is why like hockey players

lamaaz :3 : No views 2 likes wow

Paul Greene : Another reason I love the NHL

Alex Leclerc : She is so adorable

Leonardo Andres Garcia Pedraza : The little girl will treasure that pock for the rest of her life

eatenferogenious : Did anyone else notice the guy flinch after he gave the second boy the puck and Connolly banged the glass? watch it again. he crosses his arm, than Connolly bangs the glass and you can see him flinch before pointing to the girl (intended target for the first 2 pucks which he robbed her of) like it was his idea for the girl to get one. That guy sucks.

Brendan Strode : Third time is the charm

Molly Mollinaro : The 2 boys surrounding the girl need a crash course in Public Manners 101.

Hayleigh Bodoh : If anyone hasn't seen the tweet yet the from the mom of the little girl the "dad" wasn't her father. The little girls father was sitting a few rows back because he didn't want to get in any of the kids way. The man the was giving the pucks to the two boys is either their father or someone else

JustA Fan : All jokes aside, I gaurentee the instinct for that man who passed the pucks out was "Why would a little girl want the puck, let me give it to the boys". Step your life up old dude.

Matthew Martin : Now I gotta admit, that was pretty cute. I got a niece on the way and I swear I will do everything in my power to help raise her the only way one be a hockey fan.

Tyler Burch : She was like “really...” at first. Poor thing

WickedPissahVideos : The Dad isn't a "genius", the only thing he "orchestrated" was looking like a DOUCHE. He should thank Connolly for the parenting lesson. I just hope the Dad remembered she also needed a ride home.

DJ Regnier : Her name is Keelan. That was not her dad that caught the pucks. Her dad was 7 rows back. Those two boys also no relation to Keelan. Keelan plays hockey at the mites level. Read the story. Lots of uninformed post, think that man who caught the pucks was the dad. Nope.

Sun Corlin : That dad didn't "orchestrate" anything, the commentator was making a joke. You can clearly see the Dad pointing at the little boy when Connolly approaches, and as soon as the puck drops, what does Dad do? Hands it right over to the boy. Connolly comes around a second time, drops another puck, and the dad hands it to the other boy. Connolly comes around AGAIN, specifically bangs on the glass beside the little girl, and you can CLEARLY SEE the Dad's face is like "Oh! Her? Oh, yeah, okay!" He was just as amazed as everyone else. It literally never crossed his mind that his daughter would want one until it was presented to him. It's so obvious that no "orchestrating" happened, that after the commentator makes the joke, the other one pauses, and goes, "Well, anyway, look at her face" and moves on. Good on Connolly for letting the little girl have one, but all of you saying that the dad is a "genius" really need to reconsider--the video is showing the exact opposite of that.

Proud Rebel : Respect for Connolly great guy

Mizalok : a group of grown men teaching a girl she will always be last after the boys

joshbowe20 : Jesus NHL stop cutting those onions 😢

godzillasballs : that guy catching is a douche


CujoF17 : Those two boys need better parenting

xTekemo : The guy behind the little girl has his fly open.

Trey johnson : dislikes have no soul

pp3k07 : Such innocence and deceipt all in one picture.

jmstewart32 : Awesome😀

Olympias : Good job raising that girl! 1st lesson: You are an object I can use to get what I want 2nd lesson: Your happiness come last 3rd lesson: You only get to be happy if all others around you are 4th lesson: Your dad is an **shole

MsJudi54 : I'm not a femi-nazi, or even a feminist, but I'm a bit pissed that the idiot male (who obviously has never had a daughter, or if he did, he didn't pay much attention to her - yes, IMO) He didn't even think of asking the little girl if she wanted the puck. He just assumed, I guess, that girls either weren't worthy of a game ball or game puck, or that the boys were more important. It was obvious she was reaching for the pucks when the boy were not, so???? Did I miss something? As a side, when our one & only child, a daughter, was born, she was "daddy's little girl" & she LOVED sports (she's an attorney in the USAF now), but she was ALL girl [makeup, dresses, fashion, cooking, etc.]! Her daddy would have done anything to get her a game ball or puck, though, & she would have cherished his thoughtfulness even more than the gift!

Jackson Allen : CAPS DAD WITH THE FINESSE 😂 this made My life

ItsAHedgehog : Well, the douchebag's face is out there...wonder if anyone has identified him yet?

Gabriel Berry : those dudes were punks i woulda made them give that puck to that poor lil girl lol

Frank Tank : how big of a douche is this #74 dad character - what an a$$

Cris Melo : This proves how clueless most males are, starting from when they are boys. Watch her face, that's what we women feel having to deal with guys most days in life. Thank you very much for this proof, Universe.

Musikkillz Lin : That was sad then happy ohhh my emotions, that man should've gave her the puck first hes so mean. Those there aren't even his kids you can see her dad behind them when she shows him she got a puck. . Someone should teach that man and those boys manners .. sigh..

MovieManiac33 : Why is he throwing pucks to a little girl when there are little boys around her? Because she's a little girl? Now the boys are made to look cruel as even a douche bag MSN writer Hemal Jhaveri, said the other two pucks were "cruelly stolen" from her. What a pig thing for him to say. Does he think little girls deserve pucks more than little boys? I ask this because in his same piece, he made the same claim if it were the boys who received the pucks instead. This is what Jordan Peterson is talking about. How young males are made to look malicious and claimed they're favored in today's society as a whole. This rhetoric is not doing these kids any good. Even the commentator is putting the two boys down questioning if they're gentlemen, who are clueless what he's trying to do there. Also funny how he's focusing on her sad face but ignoring the happy boy's faces. Two innocent and excited young men being demonized here. Pathetic.

dfallon8 : I met Brett Connolly and played golf with him, he’s super nice

Butch Rider : the guy who keeps grabbing the pucks from the girl is a freaking douchbag

LawLibertyCompassion Justice : Chivalry is dead, feminism killed it.

Zach Wabason : Awww my heart broke for her when the first boy got the puck.

FedorMachida Last : That dad was a dork. You could clearly understand the hockey player wanted to give the puck to the little girl. Instead, the dad makes sure the two sons get pucks first, then the little girl last. The father should have had to come down on the ice and receive 1 punch from the hockey player, imo.

SoCalFreelance : Another sad case of affluenza, everyone gets a trophy

Matthew Ramos : Lol yes!

Kartoffelschloss : She is adorable. This is is the reason why when I graduate high school I want to move out west find someone to settle down with and start a family. I want to have two little girls one day to care for and protect.

Ryan.j.a : Guy behind her has his fly way Open

Добер Бобер : Батя говнюк

Erin Andrews : and she'll grow up to trick many other men into giving her stuff for free

Lightingzz : I'm happy for the little girl. But the Guy and the 2 little boys need to learn manner's.

Bazooka Joe : That was the saddest, most adorable look I've ever seen.

Emily the Catfish : Well... 1. He's not anyone's dad. Stop praising him as a "smart dad." The girl's dad was sitting several rows behind. 2. The player meant to throw the puck for the girl, unfortunately some dude decided that she didnt deserve it. Or worse, he didnt even notice the jumping girl reaching for the puck. 3. The girl said in an interview that she's happy for the boys (at the moment the boys received the pucks) but was sad that she didnt get one like them (which she eventually got, thanks heavens.)