Respiratory System Song

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Diya the Potterhead : Thank you so much! This will definitely help me tomorrow in my exam. Let's just hope that I don't burst out laughing because of the song. 😂😂

YouFoundBloxx : Thanks!! There's a test tomorrow on this!!

mAKe sUrE tO sUbSCRiBe : I have a test on this tomorrow.... and I’m here😂 thank you

Lachie Davidson : COOL SONG MAn

Kitten Mittens : My teacher plays this in class because we are learning about the respiratory system. My friends like to sing this ALOT!

Mqddie : I Remember this From 2 years Ago In 4th xD

Louise Althea : it reminds me of barack obama ,the voice... btw i like this hhahha

Twicher KnifesYT : Wait...YOUR A TEACHER OR NOT? Cause I just watched it in my class xD

Jiana Cerin : the first time i watched this it was so funny and cool for me then the second one i sang along then i watched in my classroom on the smartboad

hope well : helpfull.also entertaing

Gabriel Wright : Thank you so MUCH!!!

Homeless boy : You video was amazing

Kareen Gino John Paul Modequillo : It's important to breathe. Otherwise you won't sing! Very important song of respiratory.

Evangeline Cerda : Thanks for posting this :)) It's a good video for my presentation because its so informative. :)

Simon Ehn Ottosson : hahahahahaahahahahahahahahhahahahhaha

Trace Bruno : I have a test tomorrow and this is so helpful.

Adrian Blackwood : Respiration is different from breathing. 😳

Jill Bourque : thanks gona have test

Kyurie Chan : My Classmates are a actually gonna sing this because our teacher told us to and we will have scores too

imvu dancer : I have to do a song on this on stage

Nour Mrad : thank you for this amazing video.

Prisca Yeboah : Thx this really helped

69_obamaismymom_69 : I had to use this on a presentation at school, thx XD

Ravi mirigilla : Fantastic explantion

-arleeij : Thanks for the helps me for reviewing to my exam...I almost burst when the cow sings la la la la la.. But I also learned the part bronchi..coz it wasn't on the video..not this one but the video which is all about respiratory system too. :) Many thanks for this really.

JakesGotGames : Aids. lots.

Golden_ GreatnessHD : That's amazing

Gianna Keeffe : i have a test for this so this will be helpful!

David Gribble : Thank you for making this! This will help a lot for my 6th grade science!

Cookiebunny777 AJ : thx for making this!! I just learned this 2day. My teacher showed the class this! Very helpful (btw i'm in 4th grade)

Daviana D : I love this!!!

Jerzie Vap : Thank you so much Mr. R I'm not a teacher but I play school with my friends and we are learning about lungs and I was looking for a song and this is perfect! Also for others if you want another great science channel check out Crash Course Kids!

FaithfulLlama : Awesome video.!

GΙΞΘ ΔΔΔ : Bruh my homework Ja to watch this and write about it

Tad Macke : I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE this song so much. Its the best!!!

Alan Braatz : This was really good! I used some of this information for my 9th grade science class. And by the way, what software do you use to create these videos Mr. R?

I Only Comment : *Dont scream at your parents*

Eli Han-Liu : Don’t scream at your parents!

Alexandria Liwanag : LMAO thanks for this song we’re learning the respiratory system and this is stuck in my head

Fhfhhfh Dhdhdhdhd : Lol my biology theacher played this song for middle grade us and we are like -__-

Kimberlyn Liquet : I am one of the many with a test tomorrow so um thanks.

Paphi : In the part about the alveoli, isn't the Oxygen meant to be going out of the alveoli and carbon dioxide going out?

Michelle Robinson : my my gosh

Low Chai Teng : LOL😂😂😂😡😬😐😩😢😴