Bongo Cat knows only 5 notes but still fire asf (2)
Bongo Cat knows only 5 notes but still fire asf 2

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I literally copied this iconic LET'S GO vine: and Yosuto: The original Bongo Cat: The music - Jerk It Out: I'm here folks: Facebook: YouTube: Soundcloud: Instagram: Patreon: Ko-fi: #memes #bongocat


marc zorya : Before: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) After: ( ͡🕳 ͜ʖ ͡🕳)

Rikka りか : 0:17 my brain in a math test xD

ROSTEL GRANt : Selling LET'S GO 0:17 price 1 like

Rocket Dino : From the first 5 notes i knew that this was that song

K1ngSc0ut 24 : for real, Bongo Cat dropped this heat harder than James Charles subscriber count!

Chamomile Tea : You see that? It’s my anxiety. It’s gone, bro. I’ve been cured. We found the cure to cancer. The pinned comment is right, this is it. *Cheif*

kule kid 69 : *extended version when*

Slapped Yoda : *me:nice music* *cat:inhales* *me:okk* *loud music while I wearing headphones* *me:(ノಠ ∩ಠ)ノ*

FireBlastYoAss : *Ali-A intro plays

Wild_ Rush123 : *inhales and plays 5 notes* nailed it

BOB36907 : who else watched this 100,000,000 times just me? ok.

Lulzerino : 5, 8, 5, 8, 8, 5, 3, 6, 3, 1 let's go

Luca : *God has joined the server*

Taco Master : 0:17 when the catnip kicks in

That One Car Nerd. : 1900s: I bet in 100 years we'll have flying cars! Now:

Watercraft : 0:17 Windows Media Player audio spectrum effects be like

SaltyOwen : The notes are A♭B A♭B B A♭G♭B♭G♭E for anyone who wants to play this

Dis guy : Apparently this is how you speak spanish Idk ask the captions

Scorn the Great : This is my favorite Bongo Cat so far, just because of the original meme. Also, great editing!

Popcorndalutino Cockatiel : 0:13 REPLAY DA BEST PART! Cost:1 Like

\Commander Max/ : Remember kids. If you only have 5 notes from your piano. *U can still make a Perfect tune*

Animistic : *goes to school* friends I have learned a new song *plays piano* omg is so cool *friends claps* I learned from my sensei...*BONGO CATS*

vinh ha : lever 1:NOOB level 55:PRO level 100:cringe over 9000+godddddddddddddd

Victor Gabriel : Do not use drugs kids !!!

Matthew Martin : I love this what is the song called? Price.......if you want a coment or a like. 😅🤗

sleepys : All these are free ;) 0:13 0:13 0:13 0:13 This are the best though still free :D 0:14 0:14 0:14

Alessandro Gulì : Omfg i was with headphone, i think u broke them now.

rielitty : _the bongo cat meme is now at its peak_

Crazyyy Al : The new despacito 3 looks great!

Chloe Russell : What instruments is the cat playing because I can't figure this out and I have the game.

Wobbayeet : (inhales) AH DATS HOT

Lunar Minnex [The Demon] : I died XDdxdxd LES GO XD

Why can't we be friends : My brain in meth class 0:14-0:23

Xx Rorie xX : Me during a test: trying to focus My brain:

Ngaomi Taiaroa : 0:17 to 0:23 when a war finishes and your team win

Nazar Dubinskyi : *0:14** RIP replay button* *still RIP replay button in 2019...*

Pikachowww : *inhales* _LET'S GO_

suzanne déry : i love so much that song used in austin power

superchloemega rainbowburst : Me when I am new to school: 0:02 When the students learned that I am funny: 0:15

Fort LlamaYT : How do you get that type of keyboard I NEED ANSWERES NOW

Invaluable Boi : 0:17 Me posting in 2019

OH YEAH YEAH : 1980 : There are gonna be flying cars in the future 2018 : BONGO CAT

Amansala Tulum : when i saw the first part i was like oh he ganna play nice music then 5 seconds after. LLLLLLLLEEEEEEEETTTTTSSSS GOOOOOOO

Miguel Braga : Bongo Cat is Keyboard Cat's son And srsly wtf was that mouth??

Sofia Sofia : Captions: _spanish_ Me: W-what? Spanish? Out of all languages, _spanish_ ?

TriForceGaming : 1996: we will have flying cars in the future! 2018:

PollAll : Humans have been on this planet for a quarter of a million years... This is the apex of all of that...

Day Temmie : captions: and. (stays for a few seconds) *What's wrong with you?*

Jacksena : Play this at my funeral, please.