Bongo Cat knows only 5 notes but still fire asf (2)

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Dolan Dark : This is it chief

Pikachowww : *inhales* _LET'S GO_

FireBlastYoAss : *Ali-A intro plays

EpicDonutDude : LETS GO!

Trap TM : 2007 > *Keyboard cat* 2018 > *Bongo cat*

Jayden Leonard 2.0 : Selling replay buttons 0:00 0:00 0:00 Price 1 Like

Taco Master : 0:17 when the catnip kicks in

rielitty : _the bongo cat meme is now at its peak_

Quang Pham : Song : Jerk it out - Caesars Palace

dor barlev : G# B G# B B G# F# A# F# E LET'S GO

TriForceGaming : 1996: we will have flying cars in the future! 2018:


Tofu_GameZ Z : please make a 1 hour of this lke if u agree

M a r l t o b : Here some replay's 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 Each cost a like

Scorn the Great : This is my favorite Bongo Cat so far, just because of the original meme. Also, great editing!

daft punk : Selling LET'S GO 0:17 price 1 like

Nation wide : thats why nation wide is on your side

themasterofnut : 10/10 would bongo cat again

El_Toxih ! : R.I.P Replay buttom

Lu Ca : *God has joined the server*

Slapped Yoda : *me:nice music* *cat:inhales* *me:okk* *loud music while I wearing headphones* *me:(ノಠ ∩ಠ)ノ*

LillyBillyDilly _/ _/ : **rave music kicks in** Me: OH HELL YEAH, LET'S KICK IT

Pasta Pug : 0:17 MY EAR OOF

Nexamate ZA WARUDO : I'm getting closer to finishing the playlist

Dis guy : Apparently this is how you speak spanish Idk ask the captions

i-win : LETS GO


Vietnam in my heart : *Lẹc gâu*

xXxA_Doge_LoverxXx : *extended version when*

BigBoyMemer : why has this one done so much better than the first? (edit) I now realize it is in instant regret playlist

Yandere-Chan : Some how I love it more than senpai...

Kanbxtouツ : better than first one

TheBrand01 : 0:14 ufff

King Ragnar : Capucino me trouxe aki 😁

BOB36907 : who else watched this 100,000,000 times just me? ok.

Miku ._. : My brain in meth class 0:14-0:23

SaltyOwen : The notes are A♭B A♭B B A♭G♭B♭G♭E for anyone who wants to play this

Ninja boi : This isn't a bill wurtz video kid

Alessandro Gulì : Omfg i was with headphone, i think u broke them now.

GlowDustWL : Here’s my comment before this blows up

Tam Nguyen : ngoài cái trò earrape ra chả có cái gì khác.

iliketomakestuff26 _ : put it to 0x25 you can thank me later

Victor Gabriel : Do not use drugs kids !!!

Mr. Popo : Going from five notes to seizure warning just buy saying let's go

Bleach : Beautiful.

xXTryCkyStrobelxX UndMax'sHaustier : OMG 😂 Who also know this guy from Insta?

The Pureed Chaos : U totally need x2 speed... its even more fire

Aubree Warner : Do do do do do zooms in on face do. Do do do do do "inhales" do do do do do do do do do LETS GO do do do do do do do

Бодя Фреш : Наська

Wild_ Rush123 : *inhales and plays 5 notes* nailed it