Bongo Cat knows only 5 notes but still fire asf (2)

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Dolan Dark : This is it chief

Trap TM : 2007 > *Keyboard cat* 2018 > *Bongo cat*

Jayden Leonard 2.0 : Selling replay buttons 0:00 0:00 0:00 Price 1 Like

Quang Pham : Song : Jerk it out - Caesars Palace

ROSTEL GRANt : Selling LET'S GO 0:17 price 1 like

Pikachowww : *inhales* _LET'S GO_

rielitty : _the bongo cat meme is now at its peak_

TriForceGaming : 1996: we will have flying cars in the future! 2018:

Taco Master : 0:17 when the catnip kicks in

Tofu_GameZ Z : please make a 1 hour of this lke if u agree

FireBlastYoAss : *Ali-A intro plays

El_Toxih ! : R.I.P Replay buttom

Lu Ca : *God has joined the server*

Nation wide : thats why nation wide is on your side

thesatanofnuts : 10/10 would bongo cat again

EpicDonutDude : LETS GO!

Slapped Yoda : *me:nice music* *cat:inhales* *me:okk* *loud music while I wearing headphones* *me:(ノಠ ∩ಠ)ノ*

BOB36907 : who else watched this 100,000,000 times just me? ok.

Nexamate ZA WARUDO : I'm getting closer to finishing the playlist

Pasta Pug : 0:17 MY EAR OOF

iliketomakestuff26 _ : put it to 0x25 you can thank me later

BigBoyMemer : why has this one done so much better than the first? (edit) I now realize it is in instant regret playlist

TheBrand01 : 0:14 ufff

Dis guy : Apparently this is how you speak spanish Idk ask the captions

dor barlev : G# B G# B B G# F# A# F# E LET'S GO

xXxA_Doge_LoverxXx : *extended version when*

Wild_ Rush123 : *inhales and plays 5 notes* nailed it

Darkangel :3 : *plays it at 2x speed*

Why can't we be friends : My brain in meth class 0:14-0:23

Rikka's Tales : 0:17 my brain in a math test xD

Bleach : Beautiful.

Yui Hirasawa : Some how I love it more than senpai...

Victor Gabriel : Do not use drugs kids !!!

Dan Cartur10 : 2019 are we here ?

Alessandro Gulì : Omfg i was with headphone, i think u broke them now.

epicgamer 365 : Do do do do do zooms in on face do. Do do do do do "inhales" do do do do do do do do do LETS GO do do do do do do do

Lulzerino : 5, 8, 5, 8, 8, 5, 3, 6, 3, 1 let's go


Marmelade. exe : 0:13

chatty boi : This isn't a bill wurtz video kid

DerpyGamerJose YT : U totally need x2 speed... its even more fire


Xx Rorie xX : Me during a test: trying to focus My brain:

SaltyOwen : The notes are A♭B A♭B B A♭G♭B♭G♭E for anyone who wants to play this

Blue Boy - Craft Edition : Best drop ever :))

DR BLITZ : Бедная кнопка повтора😂

Mladen DaGoodLad : Came here to like the original!

ok then : a ti que te pasa

Adilson Cezar : Que fofo

Бодя Фреш : Наська