I used to be with "it"

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TGX Game Reviews : I used to be liberal, but then they changed what liberal was. Now what I am isn't liberal and what's liberal seem regressive and extremist to me. It'll happen to you.

Moonbeam : I'm almost 30 and I feel like this.

Jimmy90022 : I was with "it" when this aired. He was right.

grawlix : I feel this way towards the Simpsons

Hana Obsiye : the hardest thing about getting old is running out of people who understand you.

luke : This is one of the most real life lessons The Simpsons ever taught us

Peter Loew : Normally, The Simpsons are funny (the earlier seasons), but this scene is so accurate and haunting. I watched this particular episode of The Simpsons when it first came out around 20 years ago and sure enough things have changed. What's worse, what's "it" changes so much quicker because of the Internet. In the past, there were these different lifestyle cultures, for better or for worse: The beatniks, the hippies, the yuppies, the slackers.. Now it's just one big concoction of nothingness.

SonofMrPeanut : The Generation Gap in 11 seconds.

Suika Ibuki : He....was right.....

Clancy Wiggum : It happened to me :(

Mike Hunt : Aw, man. I wish it had the part where Homer goes "No way, man! I'm gonna keep rockin forever"

busterkeatonsbriefs : Not sure if modern pop culture is terrible or I'm just old....A little from column A, a little from column B.

Adam Ohm : Just think, 20 years from now Justin Bieber will be considered "old people music."

Zettabeam62 : im only 20 and i can already relate

Hazinger Z : 25 going on 26. Video game streamer personality culture, definitely.

EvilJ069 : When I first saw this I thought it was funny, now I think "Damnit, this is true..."

bravo075 : I'm 29 and this is happening to me.

Gabsy : And then... it happened to me...

1337m4n : I grew up being taught by all the authorities around me--parents, teachers, priests, even politicians--that the color of a person's skin doesn't matter, that you treat people as individuals and not as stereotypes, that you don't judge a book by its cover, ever. And it seems most of my hometown agreed, because race relations in that town back then were so good you didn't even know that "race relations" was a concept. Everybody just got along with each other, white, black, asian, didn't matter. We played with kids of all colors and it was not seen as special or progressive, just normal, just what we did. Everyone treated everyone else as almost a part of their extended family. We had neither white nationalist rallies nor racial gang wars. We didn't know what those were, and when teachers told us stories about them we could not comprehend why any sane person would ever even think of getting involved in such ridiculous things. Fast forward to today where everyone seems to be obsessed with race all the time like it's the most important thing in the universe. Gangs with tiki torches making nazi gestures. Nonstop arguments about "white privilege" and "whiteness" where both sides are just yelling at each other not even attempting to come to an understanding. I quote MLK's famous line about judging character not skin color: an alt-righter calls me an SJW and an SJW calls me an alt-righter. I guess I am both somehow? "Black Lives Matter" and "It's Okay to be White" are both considered controversial, divisive statements. When I was growing up saying either would get you the same reaction as saying "the sky is blue" or "the Pope is Catholic". Everything I hear anymore is "white people" this, "PoC" that, blah blah the blacks blah blah whypipo blah blah the Jews blah blah blah. None of this makes any sense to me. The alt-right does not make sense to me. The SJWs do not make sense to me. I don't know what the hell's going on. Why is it white genocide if I want to date a latina? Why is it cultural appropriation if I cook tacos? Why do these people care; why is it any of their business? Why is the fact that I'm white more important than who I am as an individual? Why should I be proud of something I didn't choose, or accept blame for the sins of someone who isn't at all related to me except for having a similar skin pigmentation? What does "race traitor" even mean? A "traitor" is someone who breaks a promise or oath or betrays someone's trust, and I don't remember ever putting one hand on a bible, raising the other, and swearing a formal oath of loyalty to the White Race. TL:DR It happened to me.

ChrisMCR : I'm only 31 and this has already happened to me, especially where music is concerned.

Armando Corona : I'm 23 and what is it seems wierd and scary to me

boiledelephant : It's happening constantly, forever. I'm 26 and I have no idea what the hell is going on with popular music. I feel violated every time I try to listen to it.

utPheeLboy : This Video explains perfectly how i feel about Video gaming

xrustynailsx : I was born in the 90s, and was with with it all through the late 2000s, but then they changed what it was in the 2010s. Now whats "it" seems weird and scary to me.

Terry I : And it did happen to me. :(

johnny : I'm 52 and I've beat it. Never give in never conform and always keep an open mind. Things are only getting better.

xYouthAttackx : I don't know what "it" is either. I don't think I ever knew. chances are I will never know.

Scalie Kisses : Whenever some grumpy old curmudgeon talks about "kids today" just remember this. Different generations have a difficult time adapting, and the only solution is to keep an open mind and give new things a chance.

Supervillainfan1 : You used to be with Pennywise the Clown?!

Shin Seiki Evan : I was "with it" when this episode aired. The whole episode is (rightfully) trashing how dumb my generation was. Like grandpa prophesied, I'm totally not with it any more. And this generation of young people is even dumber! :) But I laugh when I see people in their early 20s in the comments saying they're old because even though it's totally not true, that's when I started feeling it too. It's when you start to realize everything the media is feeding you is BS and start to tune out.

potaterjim : To date the simpsons most timeless quote.

OriginMSD : This reminds me of me and my dad exchanging cheesy martial arts movies. He wanted to show me stuff like Bloodfist and American Ninja and I got him to watch Ip Man 2 and Forbidden Kingdom. Luckily we still have common ground in Bruce Lee. The cover changes, but the fundamentals usually stay the same. And I think that's important to remember. We're all alike in the end honestly.

Sam Aronow : Middle age doesn't just happen when you turn 40. It starts when you're 25 and find yourself singing along to Doobie Brothers songs.

Krystal Lake : Anyone else listen to the Simpsons DVD commentaries?  Season 1 - taped in ~2001: The writers talk about how they used to relate to Bart when the show started,  and now they relate to Homer.  Make fun of Grandpa Simpson "At least we aren't there, yet!" Have a good laugh. Season 16 - taped in ~2013:  The writers talk about how they used to relate to Homer, but now relate to Grandpa Simpson. "I used to think he was silly and crazy, but now he makes a lot of sense." 

Kevin Kibble : Prophetic, as one of the central themes of this episode is how Homer can't fit in with the cool youngsters, who are into grunge and rock. Over twenty years later and grunge is now very dated, and rock is nowhere near as "cool" as EDM and Hip Hop. The kids in this episode used to be with it too.

The Slick Android : This is how I feel about modern rap music (aka "trap music").

jessica C : Once the Baby Boomers and Gen X's pop their clogs we will have less people slagging off pop stars nowadays, 00s, 90s. That's British word for 'Kicked the bucket" ok.

the chair is back, but renji won : not being "in it" these days is not a bad thing since "it" is dog garbage

Area Portal : Fidget Spinners

DATo DATonian : As a kid the majority of the senior citizens I met wore a perpetual scowl on their faces and now that I am a senior myself I know why. I resent being herded by technology into a corral along with so many other people of my age like cows as a result of technological changes which seems to be advancing at an exponential rate. We old timers are being forced to abandon our old ways of doing things like the Indians were forced to give up their hunting grounds. Maybe it is for the best, and I know mankind must move forward, but I still resent it. Superman should still be allowed to jump into a phone booth to change into his Superman costume, but there are no longer any phone booths. I should still be allowed to wear my plaid, bell bottom pants without being ridiculed by teenagers with purple and orange hair and covered in tattoos and piercings. Where did these kids come from anyway? They look like a cross between Harpo Marx, a pincushion, and an exotic parrot. I do not want to talk to a recorded message when I call the doctor's office or any other place of business. I WANT TO TALK TO A HUMAN BEING! I resent having to push #1 if I want to know the status of my payment history, #2 if I want to hear the insurance plan options, #3 if ... etc, etc, etc. I'm getting old, I don't have the time left to put up with such shenanigans. Every minute is precious. When I was a kid if you bought something it came with a guarantee. If it doesn't work just bring it back. Go to any store and try to buy a washing machine and the salesman will immediately try to ~~~SELL~~~ you a warranty. With a big smile on his face he will say, "And for only $100 more you can buy a two year warranty which will protect your investment if the product proves defective." TRANSLATION: "This product is crap and it may not even last you two years." The refrigerator, washing machine, stove and oven my mother had when I was a kid lasted 40 years with no repairs necessary. Back then car bumpers and dashboard knobs were made of metal, soda and milk came in glass bottles, doctors actually came to your home if you were sick, you dreaded failing in school because you would have to repeat the entire year, parents gave a damn about how their children looked and acted when they went out in public and they made them do their homework before being allowed to play. Saturday morning cartoons were beautiful works of animated art - now they are non-animated pictures with only moving mouths. Rap "music"? I don't get the "music" part. To me it sounds like the classical poet, Alexander Pope, reciting is poetry while in the throes of crystal meth. "I remember when ..." --- remember that? Our elders used to say it all the time. NOW I'M SAYING IT ALL THE TIME! "I remember when" a Baby Ruth candy bar cost a nickel, now you can't get one for less than a dollar, and it doesn't taste like a candy bar anymore - it tastes like chocolate flavored wax. I do not want to have to order things online because I can no longer find these things in stores. Just look at any 15 month old toddler who comes into contact with something new: he looks at it, he taps it to see how strong it is, he puts in in his mouth to taste it. I want to do that too. I don't want to buy something sight-unseen. If I buy something I want to hold the object in my hands to evaluate it, to tap it against the wall to test its structural integrity, to stick it into my mouth to taste it if I want to, even if it is a shoe. I would be fascinated to learn the reaction of the men who lifted the American flag on Iwo Jima to know that in the last election America's "best?" choices for President of the United States, OUT OF 300 MILLION PEOPLE, were Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. And what about all this other political nonsense. You know, there's that line in the Star Spangled Banner ... "Oh say, does that Star Spangled Banner yet wave? o're the land of the free? and the home of the brave?" I used to know how to answer that question. Now I am confused. I do have one consolation however: the generation which created this technological, fashionable, marketing, political disaster will someday grow old too, and I can already imagine the sublime sound of their faces cracking in the formation of scowls.

Erich Damer : when 'it' changed what it was, it only changed its appearance so you couldn't recognize it anymore. Its core never really changed

Rockman IXA : Scary because its true... This recent generations of High School teens are the epitome of stupid. They've exceeded my generation in stupidity, and that's saying a lot.

antonio titus : i was born 2 months before the simpsons and remember reaching Bart's age with excitement. That was fifteen years ago. When I reach homers age in 9 years I will be just as excited to see they are still standing strong.

jpf : -sigh- story of eternity

Drbigt let's plays : No way man, we're going to keep partying forever! Forever! Forever... For...ever... D'oh...

No. 5 : I’m 22 and I’m already feeling this...

The Struggler : >Chris Jericho right now

supermario_2 : The Simpsons used to be with it. Then they changed what it was. Now what they're with isn't it and what's it seems weird and scary. It happened to them.

Marc Baker : That explains the anger, and rage toward 'Thundercats Roar'.

Science and News : im 27, have no idea why trap music is so popular