Crew Safe After Soyuz Launch Abort

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Gøran Greggor : Glad they are safe! I watched it live and it was so could clearly hear the Russian flight control communicating with the crew, saying that a booster had failed, while the NASA TV commentator continued talking over it saying everything was nominal.

Casey Todd : And here I am... screaming at a Whirlpool dishwasher for not getting my plates clean...

Upcycle Electronics : Nice to hear there was no loss of life in this ever hazardous situation. Thanks Roscosmos, and all our Russian friends for designing a backup plan for these inevitable situations. Sorry for your disappointing day and I hope for better luck next time. To many commentators here, I reply with the words of someone much smarter than myself: *"Nationalism is an infantile disease. It is the measles of mankind."* -Albert Einstein (1929)

The Exoplanets Channel : I'm glad the crew is safe !

Gaurav Setty : Before y'all jump on the SpaceX bandwagon or start bashing Soyuz just keep in mind that the Soyuz probably has one of the best safety records for manned flight in space exploration history

ELIJAH WOGGON : Can't wait till Scott Manley makes a video explaining this more!

Paddy Slattery : Thank god the animation was fine and managed to remain nominal.

Jesto910 : Why does everyone thank NASA? It's Roscosmos' rocket, so you need to thank them!

Alan Alexander : Wouldn't it be nice if the space relationship between Russia and the West extended into Earthly affairs as well ?

greg ryan : First a hole drilled in the last Soyuz spacecraft sent to ISS, now a engine failure. The first has been ruled sabotage, is someone intentionally trying to halt US and Russian cooperation in space station? We all know space travel in inherently dangerous, but the Soyuz capsules and the rockets power stack that lifts them have a terrific record of success. Now these two back to back occurrences is a little too coincidental for me. That said, these men are VERY lucky to be still alive.

Nikki Luzader : Are you using Kerbal Space Program to run the simulation?

Michael Barnett : Thank goodness! They are alive!

Jesuisguillaume - zm2y611 : Glad the Russians know what they're doing with their launchers. Thanks to the hard work of the engineers at the control station and those who designed the rocket, 2 people have been saved today. Good job Russia ;)

Sami Anttila : The animation is dumb. It continues as if nothing had happened.

Marquee K : Can't believe people complaining about the 'fake' CGI. Whoever said that it was supposed to be rendered in real-time? It's just synched with the mission plan so that we know what will be going on up there.

Дмитрий Жихарев : Russians have an Emergency Rescue System (СAС in Russian), thanks to СAС, people remained alive ... no one in the World has such systems ...

SolarWindsRider : Watching this after SpaceX launches - launch site in the middle of f*cking nowhere with tumbleweed rolling around, 50-years old rocket design with no cameras and pre-recorded animation... Feels like 1970s.

cybersquire : Damn. 'Ballistic Decent Mode' sounds like a whole lot of G's. Glad the crew is ok.

Aaron Peavler/Geomodelrailroader Railroad Photography : Soyuz triggered range safety self destruct 2:39 you can tell something is wrong by the shaking of the crew and large chunks of rocket at Cross of Korolov. Also Soyuz emergency beacon has been activated along with the VOR transponder they only turn on if the crew pull the abort handle.

Tristan Band : The Soyuz spacecraft is safe, but every now and then something goes wrong. Fortunately the abort procedure ensured Hague and Ovchinin came out safe. Soyuz's safety record is unmatched, whereas SpaceX craft look pretty but their safety is unknown. I used to be a big booster for the private rocket industry, now I am not so sure. I welcome more manufacturers for rockets, but I don't think space travel, exploration, or colonization should be driven by or subordinated to the profit motive. Instead we should adequately fund our space programs again and keep it in democratic control.

Russian Pilot : First time since 1983 and seven's time in history.

otakujhp : Sad the booster failed, but good job to the Roscosmos team. Obviously a great launch escape system and search and rescue team.

5Andysalive : On Apollo the Nasa commentator sat in Mission control and saw what was going on. Poor lady here has only a timetable of what should happen when but no info of what's actually going on.

Food Review Fridays : Is this the first soyuz launch failure in 50 years?

Dennis Verhaaff : Interesting to see that the entire CGI part that depicts the rocket's path, altitude, speed, and distance after it is out of view of the cameras is just a prerecorded video. It didn't reflect any of the symptoms that were described and made it all look nominal.

Niven World : Thank God for not being space shuttle challenger 2.0

Mr. planet : I was very surprised when I watched it live..

Big Daddy : You hear failure, emergency, etc., and the NASA chick is all "proceeding normally...". Wth?

Forum Orologi in Libertà : Soyuz , security guarantee on flights.

Hullspeed : It's not surprising the animation is a pre-rendered nominal depiction. The "real time" data also appears to be part of that pre-render. The acceleration profile continues to follow a normal staging and burning sequence - along with the expected velocity and distance measurements.

Lucifer : Even with lunch failure the crew still safely landed back to earth. Sojus is a beast.

Lilly : So pleased they are safe.

FelixCalamatus : Holy crap I'm barely seeing anything on the news about this but it has to be the first in flight abort of a manned spacecraft this century!

velociraptor4554 : 2:38 oh girl ,if you would know...

DC Studios : It was a nice stream but what if you stick a couple of cameras on the rocket?

Shlomo HaTalmid : Thankfully The Emergency Abort Procedures Functioned Properly & Both The Astronaut & Cosmonaut Returned To The Surface Safely...Yikes!

agent otaw : Wow thanks they're safe 😲

space nerd : This is why we need SpaceX to launch our people to the space station

John Southern : Why even have the animation if it has absolutely nothing to do with actual events?

TB Liov : As long as the crew is safe I don't see any lost, instead it's good experience to learn of it and correct any mistakes for future trips.

Kevin Shipman : To be an astronaut, you have to be extremely fit & resilient, extremely intelligent, extremely practical, fully in control of emotion, have an advanced knowledge of physics & applied sciences, be able to cope with the vast & deep loneliness of space/atmospherical loss, AND, be able to keep completely cool & 100% rational/functioning while facing immanent doom. I feel slightly less upset I didn't get a shot at it ;-)

Xenophagia : Glad they're all safe! They did a great job and the Soyuz is a great and reliable spacecraft.

Rainbow Dash : Fortunately all the crew are safe, you have made a perfect job!

Game Tv : Thank God! that they are alive! The main thing is))

Stridsvagn : I actually saw this live in school, but when the animation came i had to go so i didn't know they aborted :O :(

温小明 : Houston, we have a problem.

0d1n_ 89 : What a desaster. But nice to hear that the crew is safe.

[Error] : Thanks NASA...

Angel : Thanks for the video.

alex gritsenko : Rogozin"s report to Putin: It has happened because of Jim Bridenstine! I saw him drilling Soyuz by his eyes before the launch. Rogozin dreamt to force NASA to use a trampoline to deliver their astronauts on orbit. What a clown.