DESPERATE CHEETO - Randy Rainbow Song Parody

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Edward A. Casimiro : It's a sign of genius when the parody is better than the original song. Good job, Randy! I'm sharing this on FB, and I don't care if my Cheeto-supporting friends see it.

Alex Martin : What if we find the paper towels he threw, get a DNA sample, clone him, raise the clone (at a highly accelerated rate) to be a good, smart person, and replace him with the clone?

Gymnasts Synchronise : I like this better than Despacito!!!!!!❤😆

Ellen Weiss Margolis : "You've had a rough week... for about a year now."

Gymnasts Synchronise : you show reality in THE BEST way EVER

María de Neira : Why isn't Randy more popular????? He's a freaking genius.

Fizz Clockwatcher : Thanks, man. We need this. I'd never heard him mocking the pronunciation of Puerto Rico. I can only watch him speak within the context of your videos - otherwise, I just have to read the stories. He's too gross.

Raven Star : Randy, you're PERFECTION!!

The Randomizers : DESPERATE CHEETO!!! Best song that has ever been made

Dan Moser : Very catchy tune.. Now I can't stop thinking of a lyric line ending with Sam Alito. :/

QueenHarleyQuinn123 : You have an amazing voice!

Spider-Man : "Turns out your morality is lower than your jowls", LOL!

yesmilxover : I can’t stop watching this. I’ve listen to it about10 times now and I still want to listen to it again. Randy you’re addictive.

Elizabeth Frey : "president." "still?" sigh "okay"

cindy chan : the best 😊😊😁😁😁😎😍

Digna Irizarry-Cassens : My blood still boils and my BP rises at the disregard for human lives by this terrible horrible despicable man somehow elected as president. The nerve of a person with limited language skills and who can only speak one language at 4th grade level to mock those of us with accents and the loving way we pronounce our country's name is 'insoportable'. Randy's parodies help me put things in perspective and bring my anger to a manageable level and my BP lower. He makes me laugh and I feel better all day.

slkshewolf : Your vocal range, is amazing...always in awe

Vicky Abramowitz : I love Randy's YouTube channel. Not only is it hilarious but there are no Repugnicants stinking up the comment section. That's what I call sheer heaven.

Julyan Animates : That song describes Donald Trump in every single way

Edward Langeland : love it!

X Crespo : 🤣😂you have to have a sense of humor this is brilliant watched 10 times still laughing🤣😂

QueenHarleyQuinn123 : YOU NEED TO PUT THIS ON SPOTIFY OMFG!!!! 😘😘😘

CrankyPants : I sure would love to see Randy manage to meet with trump, have a camera ready, and then have Randy start singing The Room Where it Happened. I would pay money for that.

Damion Pseudonym : Randy Rainbow is the heir apparent to Weird Al's throne. I would SO love to see them do something together. They're both such wickedly smart guys and brilliant performers, their shared take on something would be amazing. Seriously, Angels would fall from the sky laughing.

Peter O'Malley : 400 dislikes = 399 drunks and one Donald Trump

Lord Of Pancakes : When Randy Rainbow puts on the pink glasses, you know its going to be FIRE! It still is fire without the glasses. Well done!

Jessie Plays : THIS IS GENIUS 😂😂😂😂😂

Bonobo3D : Genius, the work of a mature artist in top form! Bravo Randy Rainbow!

livvv : In Spanish, we were doing presentations about Spanish countrys and two boys did Puerto Rico Guess what song they did HMMMM Desperate Cheeto 😂 Edit: today was out first day in Latin and I heard someone say quietly “Puerto Rico, Charlottesville, Kimmy Jong, can’t keep track of all the times that you’ve been wrong” The whole class: *starts laughing* Me: *dies of laughter look at friend* Friend: *look on face* OH SHIT THEY HEARD ME

Parker Jean : “You’ve had a rough week....for about a year now.” Randy Rainbow I love you:)

Khadija Bah : Omg he’s so hilarious 😆

MyRedPony1 : Before I get started, I'd just like to say "I love you, Randy Rainbow!" Desperate Cheeto is my favourite. So far. When this return from Puerto Rico was plastered everywhere, am I the only one who looked at Melania and saw the terror in her eyes as he was trying to sound Spanish? It looked like she might have even been holding her breath. She only smiled when everyone laughed, as if she was so happy he didn't embarrass her again. Anyway, thanks Randy. My Dr. says that you are the only cure for my high blood pressure. Well done.

Ceelle2 : Not only do you have a wonderful voice but the writing and comedy timing are spot on! This lover of musical theatre appreciates your work. Trying to think of how the songs could be put into a one-man off Broadway show?!?

Dale Hawley : I love this song. It's intelligent, hilarious, and spot on. Plus, Randy, you are just adorable and fun to watch!

Debbie Lyon : Randy were you being intentionally sexy at 3:40? It worked. I'm a gay man now.

Alexis Maldonado : Literally the best thing I've seen on YouTube ever. 😂👌

Grace Klotz : Marry me, Randy, I LOVE you!!

Stacy Neuman : He’s a mental case alright ! This was great they say “many a truth are told in jest” 😅

Youtube Galaxy : This is the best song I have ever heard.

Raging Potato : I can foresee this getting 1,000,000 views by November who agrees like if u agree

JJ YellowShorts : You've had a rough week from about a year now lol

Emmanuel Rodriguez : A guy from Puerto Rico Hit like on this video! Good!

Jim Wilson : Randy, you're one of the few good things to come out of this presidency. Thank you for the distraction as the world is dismantled.

JustJanetification : I would have your children if I had a uterus

captured momentzz : "We got very high marks! we got A+ pluses" Good Boy ahaha the feeling you get when you get A+ on your math test or any other subject :D

Naomi : "You've had a rough week... for about a year now."

Enrique Grobbelaar : You are just getting better!

Softcloud the kitty : I'm eating cheetos as I'm watching this.

Michele Giffin : I love this

Mr. Gaming Panda 1234 : Boy this is the funniest thing about Trump you have to be in a comersherl