DESPERATE CHEETO - Randy Rainbow Song Parody

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Alex Martin : What if we find the paper towels he threw, get a DNA sample, clone him, raise the clone (at a highly accelerated rate) to be a good, smart person, and replace him with the clone?

Raven Star : Randy, you're PERFECTION!!

Ellen Weiss Margolis : "You've had a rough week... for about a year now."

Gymnasts Synchronise : I like this better than Despacito!!!!!!❤😆

Michelle Figueira : I never laughed so hard. Damn these lyrics are HoT!

Gymnasts Synchronise : you show reality in THE BEST way EVER

cindy chan : the best 😊😊😁😁😁😎😍

Kim Juana Lehmann : once again, you have an incredible voice and i love your sense of humor <3 <3 <3


Vicky Abramowitz : I love Randy's YouTube channel. Not only is it hilarious but there are no Repugnicants stinking up the comment section. That's what I call sheer heaven.

Spider-Man : "Turns out your morality is lower than your jowls", LOL!

Peter O'Malley : 400 dislikes = 399 drunks and one Donald Trump

Parker Jean : “You’ve had a rough week....for about a year now.” Randy Rainbow I love you:)

Lord Of Pancakes : When Randy Rainbow puts on the pink glasses, you know its going to be FIRE! It still is fire without the glasses. Well done!

livvv : In Spanish, we were doing presentations about Spanish countrys and two boys did Puerto Rico Guess what song they did HMMMM Desperate Cheeto 😂 Edit: today was out first day in Latin and I heard someone say quietly “Puerto Rico, Charlottesville, Kimmy Jong, can’t keep track of all the times that you’ve been wrong” The whole class: *starts laughing* Me: *dies of laughter look at friend* Friend: *look on face* OH SHIT THEY HEARD ME

MyRedPony1 : Before I get started, I'd just like to say "I love you, Randy Rainbow!" Desperate Cheeto is my favourite. So far. When this return from Puerto Rico was plastered everywhere, am I the only one who looked at Melania and saw the terror in her eyes as he was trying to sound Spanish? It looked like she might have even been holding her breath. She only smiled when everyone laughed, as if she was so happy he didn't embarrass her again. Anyway, thanks Randy. My Dr. says that you are the only cure for my high blood pressure. Well done.

Taco Tube Animations : still 0 dislikes

Debbie Lyon : Randy were you being intentionally sexy at 3:40? It worked. I'm a gay man now.

Alexis Maldonado : Literally the best thing I've seen on YouTube ever. 😂👌

Dominga Maldonado : Melania looks like she's just wants him to shut up 😂😂😂

Grace Klotz : Marry me, Randy, I LOVE you!!

Edward A. Casimiro : It's a sign of genius when the parody is better than the original song. Good job, Randy! I'm sharing this on FB, and I don't care if my Cheeto-supporting friends see it.

Julia Machado : This is the best song I have ever heard.

San Diego : this entire video is awesome !!! "i was talking about your breath & your hair" - LMAO

Your sister from another mister : Just thought I’d stop by and watch this for the 15th time.

Gonzalo Bermudez : Oh, man... this is... perfect!!! Thanks for your creativity and your sharing.

Beth G. : You are the ONLY good thing to come out of this election! Bless you Randy Rainbow!


Jonathan Hopper : I normally roll my eyes at these types of things, but this is sheer brilliance. Take the most annoying song ever and turn it into the greatest parody song ever made. I can't count how many times I've listened to this and I absolutely despise the original. : I absolutely LAUGHED OUT LOUD! ¡Muy bien!

Socks The Doggo : Im crying!!!

Elizabeth Frey : "president." "still?" sigh "okay"

Aweseome245 : My life's complete-o this is the best thing i heard all week-o randy keep up this good work streak-o this makes me amazingly happy when i'm sad yo my life's complete-o

The Chicken Nugget : This is.... HILARIOUS!!! My friend showed me this and I died laughing!

Peter O'Malley : How do I put this on repeat?

Peculiar Twilight Tween : "You're the color of the sign outside the store that says Home Depot" lol that is so funny 😂

jays funny videos Lang : hahahah😂😂😂😂!!!!

Robert Bornstein : Fabulous-o!

Lalo Hamadeh : i love it

Michele Travis : I just wish I have found this channel sooner.

RUZGAR DURUSOY : My favorite song

Neil Playz : 😂😂😂

Bela Feldbusch : Can't stop watching this

June Nash : Fantastic, love it

Adonis Fernández : It´s Randy. You can Hit like befor watching.

makalaninefer : Excelente! Love you Randy, greetings from Holland..!

Red Blomquist : The new anthem.

AyindeTMG - Minecraft & More : 12,000 Like!!!!! #DesparateCheeto

Rukhsana Khan : This is just genius ...great voice.

Jason Huntley : Unfamiliar with Justin Bieber, I went and looked up this song. I have to say your parody is better than the original, which was pretty damn good. Keep up the great work!