DESPERATE CHEETO - Randy Rainbow Song Parody

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Juanita Joseph : I LOOOOVE THIS!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣 My distaste for agent orange to my favorite tune!! 😍😍😍😍

Alizette Olivares-Ramos : I love this I don't care what others think about it I just love it

Itz sofi : “You’re the color of the sign outside the store that says Home Depot” I DIED OMFG😂

eachdainu : finally a voice of reason

JJ YellowShorts : You've had a rough week from about a year now lol

Trinity Cadence : I. LOVE. THIS. SONG!

Jeanette Mercado : OMG, first video I see of you and loved it.. And coming from Puerto Rico and hating that song, I love this parody

Hermione Targaryen : Calling trump a cheeto is an insult to cheetos

LinneAzalea : Why isn't Randy more popular????? He's a freaking genius.

Eric Cartman : This song is the reason why I am still sane

Levi Hander : This is so funny!

Janet Maurice : OMG! I just Stumbled on this video the day it came out and literally spent the entire weekend catching up on Randy’s genius! I’m obsessed and addicted! Watching these all weekend made me realize I haven’t laughed since the inauguration.😂😂❤️🌈

Shadow stalker MKII : I can’t believe that he promised the people less taxes but he hasn’t even did anything except make people annoyed at him and getting people KILLED. Not to ignore that he swears too much and too much Twitter 4 U

gingerbreadjill : I look forward to every song you post. You are fantastic!

Toxic Dog7337 : Pls put this on Spotify or itunes or something its awesome

Shelly gaga : i thought randy was going to do a sketch in a parking garage or on the phone with eminem

MeltingMarionette .w. : Omfg this is amazing. Also love the Desperate Cheeto. Who’s with me

Claire Claire XD : Definitely the best video ever. My family's firm Puerto Rico too 🖕❤️ thanks randy

Alisa Eliene : He kinda has a Charlie and the chocolate factory

Art Ellis : Right on! Look up Tillerson's Song on YouTube, guys.

crimsonstar108 : This is a good week for administration burns. This and Kellywise are required reading this week.

Laura Veselovsky : My favorite part of these videos is your glasses! I love all of your other elements, too, but that's my favorite.

Brie Stoll : Who gave him A+'s? Him?

Beck V : This was amazing. Thank you for it! Calling out the orange blob on Puerto Rico was necessary, funny, and touching.

Yenkin2001 : Shared on Facebook, well done and keep them coming. We are Canadian but we still think they are great.

MadriFilmArt : Oh My GOD, Randy this is your best ever, you have really outdone yourself this time!!! xoxox

Jedi Master : My new favorite song like of you agree

Jose Sifontes : This video is awesome - can't stop laughing every time I watch it.

it's just Erin : Oh my god I love this so much


David Niewinski : Can you post these lyrics up somewhere?

Ansari Baksh : 😆😆😆 this is so hilarious! You sir, just got a new subscriber 👍

Jonathan R : I can't stop watching is that good!

Kyla Douglas : 😂😂😂oml! I got it to 9k❤

I'm Ready Already : I've now come back to watch this three times. So good

Kylie Spell : Omg... When I had first seen this I blew water all over my laptop busting into laughter! Like my new favorite song. Ahahaha...


221BSam : Oh my goodness Randy, I have tears running down my face, that is brilliant! keep doing what you’re doing, you make this administration more bearable.

erdmanr1 : Poor Trump. This must be the first time he ever tried to pronounce a word in a language other than English. Someone must have tried hard to teach him the pronunciation and get him to pick it up accurately. But they failed.

Minecraft Man : All those dislikes I will hunt u down and dislike u

Suzie Gutierrez : Every thing u said is sooo true

daddy long legs : Im so happy right now

Reese Heebink : The only reason there are dislikes is because people are mad that they didn't write this.

William Blevin : Good day, HAHAHAHAHA!!! Thank You The tragedies are horrible, but this Yellow Bodied Cowardly LiAR-ito.... Thank you for your time.

E Torres : Absolutely brilliant. On behalf of my Puerto Rican side of the family, THANK YOU RANDY!!

Rebecca Moss : This is amazing! Life saver for those of us looking for some normality in all this mess

Tabitha Basye : Randy Rainbow is so pretty.

Peggy Halter : This guy needs to be a guest on SNL!

Brilana Thompson : "Been having a bad week, for about a year now!" ... "In and out, in and out, three times - okay well lets not get into your sex life!" LMAO! This is amazing!

The Ultimate Reductionist : Hey, Randy - since you clearly have an "in" with the White House, can you arrange a meeting between me and Trump? I got some things I'd like to get off my chest. :)