DESPERATE CHEETO - Randy Rainbow Song Parody

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chelliespider : Trump: The quicker fucker upper

Edward A. Casimiro : It's a sign of genius when the parody is better than the original song. Good job, Randy! I'm sharing this on FB, and I don't care if my Cheeto-supporting friends see it.

Beth G. : You are the ONLY good thing to come out of this election! Bless you Randy Rainbow!

Gary Stark : It's that look on your face that has me on the floor, even before the music begins! Too funny.

Adonis Fernández : It´s Randy. You can Hit like befor watching.

Raven Star : Randy, you're PERFECTION!!

Kate Parker : Is sainthood out of the question for Randy? Knighthood? THANK YOU for making us all laugh together instead of sobbing in fear.

Taco Tube Animations : still 0 dislikes

Mona Bahgat : Gurl! I love me some randy rainbow 🌈 🌈🌈 the voice, the sense of humour, the musicality and rad videos. If she don't make it big there is no justice in the world. BYE-BYE 👋

Stacy Neuman : He’s a mental case alright ! This was great they say “many a truth are told in jest” 😅

Ceelle2 : Not only do you have a wonderful voice but the writing and comedy timing are spot on! This lover of musical theatre appreciates your work. Trying to think of how the songs could be put into a one-man off Broadway show?!?

Movie Girl : Those pink glasses are the bomb. Randy looks great as a blonde, far better than the Desperate Cheeto wig.

Jim Wilson : Randy, you're one of the few good things to come out of this presidency. Thank you for the distraction as the world is dismantled.

CrankyPants : I sure would love to see Randy manage to meet with trump, have a camera ready, and then have Randy start singing The Room Where it Happened. I would pay money for that.

Toasted Blonde : Nailed it again!

AJ Writer : Randy and Eminem made my week!

LJ : I adore you Randy!

Agneta Tröjer : I found Randy Rainbow thanks to The Guardian. After having heard "Yes, we have no Steve Bannons today", I had to watch all the videos kind of 50 times each. I started to sing Randy's songs everywhere and I got complements for my voice. Randy made me sing for the first time in my life and I have told everybody who have complemented me that Randy Rainbow made me try my voice and that they must subscribe to this wonderful channel. I'm 64 years and thanks to Randy I feel 64 years young.

babybunni : Oh you darling man. Will you still sing for all of us when this moron gets us all nuked?

walter chaffee : Just start your day with a Rainbow! Thanks again for my anti-trump innoculation , take one rainbow per day to avoid breakdown!

Softcloud the kitty : I'm eating cheetos as I'm watching this.

Anti GOP : The Desperate Cheeto, Fat Donnie Dotard, is a "Fucking Moron." Just ask Rex. Low IQ Donnie.

Christine Chance : I love your videos. Um, but, um, could you please not show that creep-os face so much? :)

Moon Mist Healer of DappleClan : Never been so early! Keep up the good work, we'd all be dead without you Randy! 😊

HL N : This is brilliant.

Bonobo3D : Genius, the work of a mature artist in top form! Bravo Randy Rainbow!

Gymnasts Synchronise : I like this better than Despacito!!!!!!❤😆

Annabelle Dee : Gracias, Randy. This video has somehow undone all of the awful the Desperate Cheeto has brought upon the 'land of my ancestors', Puerto Rico 🇵🇷️. You're the BEST, Randy ❤

Master Galliminus : I liked this video before I even turned it on and loved it once I finished it.

Fizz Clockwatcher : Thanks, man. We need this. I'd never heard him mocking the pronunciation of Puerto Rico. I can only watch him speak within the context of your videos - otherwise, I just have to read the stories. He's too gross.

Gymnasts Synchronise : you show reality in THE BEST way EVER

vibradiant : "You've had a rough week... for about a year now." You're gonna be filthy rich, Mr. Rainbow. Congrats, and I hope it doesn't mess up the genius of what makes you so effective and funny.

Alice Simard : Oml this is amazing

Aurelio Vidal : Great video and fuck the fucking fucker, resist.

Matthew Ramsey : This is hilarious, but it's also 100% accurate. Which is why it makes me want to laugh and cry simultaneously.

brandonisi : I think this might be one of the best ones you’ve done. Nothing will ever top microwaves are watching you, but still. This was amazing.

Clay Octane : Did he really just day Weto Rico? Someone throw a paper towel at this fool

merryapple1 : How do you just keep getting better and better and better??? Just when I think you can't top the last one, there you go! Te amo, Randy Rainbow!

Satyajit Sahu : Cheeto thinks he is a smart-O when he tries his fake accent to say "Pwetoh Wiko"! Fuckin moron. Thank you for the laugh Randy!

Ahli Bahasa : "Don't know why your hands are so petite-o" Hahaha

Janet Weeks : Randy does it again. Parody perfection! Lyrics are genius!

All Gone : Randy you deserve an Oscar, tony, Grammy and Emmy award! You are the best!!!!!!!!

Brenda R : He's like an orange Rain Man. Very good towels. Very good. Ya, very good.

Perry McCorkle : Who deserves a Grammy! Randy Rainbow!

madelon devita : And when do you start your tour, the country needs to laugh because all we're doing is crying.

Margie Almonte : Awesome Randy! Love you!!

María de Neira : Why isn't Randy more popular????? He's a freaking genius.

Amin Shayan : RANDY 2020

broadwaygirl84 : Keep em coming Randy! America needs you!

Peggy Garberick : Thanks Randy - without you it would be a very sad world.