"TEENIE WEENIE" ft. Lucas Mann and Howie Favichia

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metfan4l : Stevie T. sent me here.

AncientReality : thanks for the prostate orgasm

Rings of Saturn Band Official : Hope you enjoyed my probe <3

Andrew Baena : HOWIE IS THE BEST CUDDLER OF ALL TIME. Source - sharing a tour bus 3 years ago and fondly thinking about it every night to date

Desca red : Nothing like a good Christian Rock Band

Yolo McSwagginz : When your favourite artist writes a song about you <3

vincent g alcorta : So do I head bang or twerk???


Alex Draxer : Its funny, because even though the lyrics are laughable, the actual music is really good.

CitizenErased 17 : Never thought I would see a dildo solo. The prophecy is true.

- 幽玄Glückwunsch : Explain this, atheism.

OfficerGiantWang : I sent this to my friends and they haven't talked to me in a week

Brian Amory : Dildjent?

Michael Aylor : The vocals and music are so great, and the lyrics are hilarious. 69/10 would recommend

SpinScissor : teehee-weenie.

AccountOfTroll : I thought that the coop with Rings Of Saturn would be called 'Exploring Uranus' or something like that. Still awesome, but I'm a bit disappointed...

Marty Simpson : The clapping emojis made that 10x funnier than it already was

Markus Völkel : Steve T anyone? No? OK.


jimmy leo : why do i believe they didnt bought the dildo but they already had it?????

Milou : My older brother showed me this song and told me I would relate...

TheTuta99 : Haters will say this anal probing is half speed

Alexander V. : I like to start my day picturing an actual set of 1,000 clapping asses in my minds eye. That is true enlightenment...that's my center, my zen.

weepingwell : The only part I didn't like was when he laughed after the solo. I thought this was a serious affair, gentlemen. Please edit that part of the video out and replace it with more dildo noodling. Thank you.

DrBrainzzz : When I can't find a pick, I generally replace it with a dildo too.

Synth Runner : Lucas has the GIANT DAD shirt on - SOULS FANS UNITE !!!! \m/\m/

Leighton Fisher : Hurry up and get Phil Bozeman on a collab

Evan Golondzinier : I never laughed so hard at such a hardcore song!😂 keep it up guys!!🤘

Leila Lane : The visualisations look like a tight butthole pulsating with anticipation.

strongb53 : Is that a giant dad shirt?

Aproxi : I've never heard a song hit so close to home

Alec Strassburg : this is the sound of a thousand clapping asses

Powerhouse Willington : I watch this at work where everyone can see my screen in full view. Someone in HR wants to talk to me. They're probably going to tell me how much I changed their lives with this song.

Liam Records : came here from stevie t

waffeln : this song is proof that god isn't real because god would have made this the national anthem already

Ciara991x : If there weren't any lyrics, I would have thought this was just a sick metal song 😂😝🤘

FLUFFMANDUFF : I'm crying.

Delusive Blaze : Stevie T brought me here and I did not regret this adventure.

United Fight Club Tv : Anyone else got here because of stevie t

Daddy Cthulhu : can't wait for more collabs with Ros and Bj I need more gay aliens, they could make an album called Gayyyyyyyyyyy lmao

Daniel Blank : TimTheTatMan squad

DJENTLEMAN SeungHyeop : Who come here bc of Steve T?

JesteR : Play at 0.75 speed your welcome

Benito Faggotini : This is the zenith of meta music. There is nothing beyond this masterpiece

TheNameless : This reminds me of batmetal

Merschavonia : Just the intro kills me “THIS IS THE SOUND OF A THOUSAND CLAPPING ASSES” 😂😂😂

Tom Olsen : Here from a stevie t video. Give him some love brojob

Robert Friedland : I was dying of laughter when I heard this song.

IgnoranceIsBliss : The instrumentals are so good though!