Whatever Happened to Kai The Hatchet Wielding Hitchhiker?

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Kai the Hatchet Wielding Hitchhiker is amongst the list of average dudes propelled to stardom due to the internet. Similar to Charles Ramsey, he was made a celebrity overnight because of a wild news interview bundled with a Schmoyoho song remix. He had stopped a rampaging man who was on a psychotic rage and became a hero. However Kai's heroism is would be in danger of being stripped from him just months later due to a tragic series of events. Find out whatever REALLY happened to Kai The Hitchhiker. KAI'S LEGAL SUPPORT FUNDRAISER LINK: https://fundrazr.com/91KxTa?ref=ab_87... For updates on Kai's situation check out this facebook page: https://www.youtube.com/redirect?v=a-Fvjl00pwM&event=video_description&redir_token=YpKN_hPcGHsNvUREwwXWj79Vnft8MTU0MDA3ODM5OEAxNTM5OTkxOTk4&q=https%3A%2F%2Fm.facebook.com%2FKai-the-Hitchhiker-Legal-Support-Page-1594410144211919%2F%3Ftsid%3D0.06324416498344099%26source%3Dresult These are the main corrections which I fixed from the last version of this video: 1. Social Services removed Kai from abusive birth parents, it wasn’t the child’s fault, it was the adults. Kai wasn’t at fault for that, he was 11 years old at the time. 2. Kai doesn’t have behavioral and emotional problems, he is well adjusted and forms healthy relationships. 3. Kai was not out causing problems, out on the street or otherwise. 4. Kai’s claims of sexual and physical abuse as a small child were directed at his birth parents, as WELL as his claims against Bosco homes as a young teen. 5. Kai has a heroic and endearing love of society, not an overall distrust, deep within his heart. He is NOT antisocial. 6. Kai did not “viciously beat” Jett Simmons McBride: the court record shows that Kai STRUCK Simmons in the head with a hatchet 3 times in a lawful and controlled manner to subdue Simmon’s violent attack on innocent people. 7. Kai’s intervention was not only violent and deadly force, it was proven in court to be legally justified. 8. Kai has never committed a “slashing” he used justified force in defense of another. 9. Kai was in California after appearing on Jimmy Kimmel, from February to April of 2013, not homeless in NYC: as is evidence by video of him drunk surfing under the Golden Gate Bridge on March 26, 2013. 10. Kai kicked Galfy away from himself from on his back on the floor. Even the prosecutor admitted that the majority of injuries to Galfy came from kicks, not fists. 11. Kai did not go “on the run”; even the prosecutor admitted in a press conference that Kai was “not hiding, he was out in the open”. 12. Kai didn’t “viciously” beat Galfy, Kai STRUCK Galfy in self defense. There was no viciousness on Kai’s part, which would imply malice. There was only panic and terror at being raped.

Comments from Youtube

Bullets Forteeth FULL AUTO : Kai has been waiting 5 years for a trial?... That's a clear violation of his Constitutional rights right there! I hope his lawyer is worth his salt and exposes this miscarriage of justice.

Alkaline7y : The reason the trial has been delayed is because Kai's attorneys haven't received the last round of discovery until this year. The prosecutor on the other hand has had 5 years to build their case. A proper judge should of thrown this out years ago. This is a violation of right to speedy trial in my eyes. If Kai is guilty of what they say he is he's going to have years of appeals because of how shoddily the prosecutor and investigators have worked this case. And the tax payer is going to be paying for all of it. This is how the judicial system works. It's a farce and a money grab. And it's the common people's money, the tax payers, that pay for it. I pray that Kai is found not guilty or that the judge comes to his senses and throws this case out.

EfrainQuezada : So galfy dies on the 13th, Kai posts his Facebook post of the 14th, and the police find him around 16 because articles are published on May 17. How did the police instantly identify the suspect, zero in on his location and arrest him in Pennsylvania? I mean if it was fingerprints on silverware from the night before, how could police not have recovered drug residue. I'm lead to believe kai was specifically targeted by galfy and local law enforcement.

CasuallyObserving YouNaked : When a random guy on YouTube has better journalistic integrity than CNN

Hentai is not porn : Whos else watches the lava lamp in the background more than his actual face

Sam Williams : think if this happened to kai and he wasent slightly famous?

Ed Felty : Spending 5 years in jail without a trial is a Constitutional crime against Kai, the state of New Jersey is in deep kimchee.

Chino Sparks : This story ended up being WAAAAAY darker than i hoped wen i clicked on this... But it was VERY interesting!!! You're doing something worth while with this channel man... This could honestly help and save lives!!!! I feel so bad for Kai... I hope this terrible world balances itself out somehow and he gets true justice!!! This is insane!!!

Some Things In Life : Kai's Telephone call feels like the last call from Neo in Matrix....It's Empowering!

D D : I had no idea this guy was still in jail. I hope justice comes to this young man.

mahmoody : Mannnnnnnnn, abused when he was younger, abused when he was older, and he only wanted to live :(

Capt. George : Sounds like McBride and Kai we’re getting it on in the car. Too bad McBride survived, but at least the second guy didn’t. LOL

spyrocete11 : Sounds like netflix needs to make a documentary on this guy.

Evoldog : Just picking up random hitchhikers off the street and giving them room and board-meanwhile spiking the food with drugs. Seems like lawyer man has done this before. Met the wrong hitchhiker this time. Hollywood couldn't come up with a better script.

Lawrence Lentini : I don't care what a guy does, serving 5 years without a conviction is a mockery of justice. Dropping the case is not enough, the people involved need to lose their jobs and face charges.

gretchen baker : Thanks for the full story of Kai I had a completely different story I thought I knew

Makziie : Oh just imagine if Kai was a female, the noise in the media it would have made, im suprised i never knew about any of this.

Adam Baldwin : Great message from Kai. I hope he gets the justice he deserves.

Robin Kwatra : Kai has AIRPODS

JusticeLawyer : The fact that he's incarcerated for five years means that he is electing to postpone trial for whatever reason.. most likely so that his team can collect additional evidence. He could get a speedy trial if he really wanted one.

Mateo Bilyeu : Poor guy should be acquitted immediately. Imagine if the same situation occurred with a young female. Absolutely no question that justice would have been served expediently and correctly. Heart goes out to the guy, for real.

Nelson Lee : Guy never heard of "Stranger Danger"

Limey Figdet : What happened to "Innocent until proven guilty"? They're keeping a guy in jail for years for something which was very likely self-defense.

Paul Edgewater : Thanks for posting this. I just contributed to his legal support fund. Wish I could do more.

ObscurePilgrim : There is no justice in the U.S. Criminal "Justice" System. It is corrupt to the bone.

PirateTube TV : This guy was pushing strange drugs. An't no weed make a man do that who picked him up. But I think with the rape if it was a woman it happen to this wouldn't be happening. He's an innocent financially poor man who can't pay for a good lawyer to get him out of this.

davekn74 : Holy crap. I just assumed the guy that got smashed multiple times in the back of the head with a hatchet was dead.

WillyMacShow : wavy about to bust this guy out of jail

Maya Pino : unbelievable that KAI has sat in jail 5 YEARS! for a case thats obviously self defense and justifiable homicide. As kais day in court is soon approaching , this needs to go viral , and should be broadcasted on major news outlets to bring light to the injustice this man has been living . His attorney needs to file a motion to move the trial else where due to the fact that there are biased individuals involved that clearly are trying to cover up what this man was doing , and probably had done before until he happened to try his perverted plot on kai. Even if this case does not get thrown out , as it should for all the shoddy police work and people trying to cover this up, I believe if KAI must be charged with any crime at all he should receive time served. 5 years is way to long for a clear cut case of self defense . I'm personally bothered by this story and how this man's freedom has been taken away while the prosecutors are obviously trying to tie up all the loose ends in the case against kai. I hope KAI gets justice for the wrong he has been dealt and soon . and after he is done in court he needs to sue that cities police department because he definitely has a strong case against them . this story is so strange it should be made into a movie! if anyone is going to give this vid a like we need to repost this on our social media profiles as well to get this story out in the public's eye. #justiceforkai

Tom Christopoulos : "Justice delayed is justice denied". Some of you may know this phrase. Pretty much sums it up. My current conclusion: This boy has a whole life in front of him. Hopefully, a kickass law firm is reading this and will influence a prompt trial date.

Mahmood42978 : By the way, I wasn't initially too keen on your videos in my feed, but now I see that your platform can do lots of good. ...Subscribed

Akerly Dystic : Tragic..dude had a lot of hardships...but I can tell he's tough and got his wit .. he's going to be free soon!

Rawman : An absolute masterpiece!!! The message from Kai at the end just was the cherry on the top of the perfect cake. Wavy you are on point with content lately and this has just taken you to a new level. Keep it up bro. I hope Kai gets the funding and justice.

[R.I.P.]GoldenBooBs 37 : wavywebsurf If you can update this when he goes to trial!

Bandit Eastlick : He did the right thing because there's nothing better than a dead pervert oh, well maybe one put two of them but anyway, the fact that he is dead is a good thing.

Sten Friisk : Proof that weed triggers violence.

TheCandleWaxGaming : Hey his trial in a few days for me

Brian Scott : i feel so bad for kai. that creepy lawyer deserved to be murdered for that shit.

Madzlick Chinatown : Of course our world is so cruel that we have to harm genuinely good members of society.

J T : Doesn't every lawyer go to the Jersey bus station and invite young homeless hitchhikers stay the night? Sounds legitimate Nothing creepy.

jack strada : For all we know all his judge, cop, and lawyer buddies all came over to have their way with Kai 🤮

open eyes&ears : the bosco foundation is most likely child trafficking, galfy is a sick old man

retsz : I can't speak to the events that happened because only Kai really knows, but I'm absolutely certain there's some obstruction of justice going on here. He at least deserves his day in court.

themrworf1701 : This picture of Joseph Galfy Jr is captured near Dubrovnik, Croatia and the island behind him is Lokrum.

jay ortega : here it is again right in our face! its not innocent till proven guilty its the other way around as they bend you over and show you your rights that there is none its made up like all the stuff that keeps family apart school jail work soon you only know tax man and when he is coming to rape you...

John Hurley : Told himto raise his right hand and hes up there w both hands up.. Kai isnt crazy intelligent but he seemed like a good dude lol

Nathan H : My sister knew him when he lived on VC island. He was always out and about being friendly with everyone. Bit of a mooch apperently she said

Drachen : The wheels of justice turn ever so slowly, for fuck's sake. Seems like another classic case of malingering by the legal system to keep Kai imprisoned, locked up, and shut away. Damn, I hope the truth gets out and he doesn't waste so much more of his life in prison. At least he's remaining upbeat.

hoibsh : Sure, I'll pick up a guy standing on the side of a road wielding a hatchet. He can chop down my dying oak tree in the backyard for a coupla bucks.