Whatever Happened to Kai The Hatchet Wielding Hitchhiker?

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Adam Baldwin : Great message from Kai. I hope he gets the justice he deserves.

The Guitologist : I believe him. Why else would a lawyer invite a transient hitchhiker to his house?

Rawman : An absolute masterpiece!!! The message from Kai at the end just was the cherry on the top of the perfect cake. Wavy you are on point with content lately and this has just taken you to a new level. Keep it up bro. I hope Kai gets the funding and justice.

Drachen : The wheels of justice turn ever so slowly, for fuck's sake. Seems like another classic case of malingering by the legal system to keep Kai imprisoned, locked up, and shut away. Damn, I hope the truth gets out and he doesn't waste so much more of his life in prison. At least he's remaining upbeat.

CasuallyObserving YouNaked : When a random guy on YouTube has better journalistic integrity than CNN

Rawman : That Luigi's mansion music to set the Halloween mood.

spyrocete11 : Sounds like netflix needs to make a documentary on this guy.

casey chapman : We gotta help kai guys

WillyMacShow : wavy about to bust this guy out of jail

Limey Figdet : What happened to "Innocent until proven guilty"? They're keeping a guy in jail for years for something which was very likely self-defense.

retsz : I can't speak to the events that happened because only Kai really knows, but I'm absolutely certain there's some obstruction of justice going on here. He at least deserves his day in court.

Infidel Castrato : You're just leeching off other people who have done videos on ol mate. Wavywebsurf did a video just like a while ago.

Brian Scott : i feel so bad for kai. that creepy lawyer deserved to be murdered for that shit.

Alkaline7y : The reason the trial has been delayed is because Kai's attorneys haven't received the last round of discovery until this year. The prosecutor on the other hand has had 5 years to build their case. A proper judge should of thrown this out years ago. This is a violation of right to speedy trial in my eyes. If Kai is guilty of what they say he is he's going to have years of appeals because of how shoddily the prosecutor and investigators have worked this case. And the tax payer is going to be paying for all of it. This is how the judicial system works. It's a farce and a money grab. And it's the common people's money, the tax payers, that pay for it. I pray that Kai is found not guilty or that the judge comes to his senses and throws this case out.

Bullets Forteeth FULL AUTO : Kai has been waiting 5 years for a trial?... That's a clear violation of his Constitutional rights right there! I hope his lawyer is worth his salt and exposes this miscarriage of justice.

Krazy8ightz : Seeing how the guy wouldn't have known he'd be dead, more than likely the drug was still in the house somewhere. If Kai is telling the truth, that means there should still some of the drug somewhere on the guy's property. Since there was no suspect arrested when his body was found, his home would have been searched thoroughly for leads. The officers either didn't find it or it was intentionally overlooked so they can get a murder case.

ExcaliberDG11 : Sad what happened to him

omg wtf : Gotta respect when someone mans up, admits mistakes and makes corrections.

casey chapman : Thank you for your journalistic integrity wavey

Madditude : Whatever Happened To SammyClassicSonicFan in the future..?

PepeHands : #FreeKai

D Sky : This is Legendary, and really fucked up.

Evan Cornell : I really hope this video blows up and the right people hear Kai's messege.

Suzanne Becker : This makes my blood boil. I hope he has some good attorneys. Only going off the info in this video it seems pretty clear that Kai is not only innocent but also a victim. He seems like far too much of a caring man to murder someone. He also seems far too honest of a man as well. His story needs as much attention as possible. Great job getting the word out.

Stoney Drazzz : Damn wavy, dropping these fire videos like hot cakes, your right this one was way more entertaining

Ron Swanson : Guys can we #freekai

ZMAN 420 : That is very unfair! A great country we live in! RICH PPL DONT SIT IN JAIL FOR 5 YEARS WITH NO TRIAL! HE BETTER GET JUSTICE!!!!!!!

Trump 2020 Trump : Imagine five years of your life in a prison without going to court and get things your sentence won’t be seen till April 2019 just imagine

celic190 : If Kai truly was a murderer he wouldn't of used the blunt end of his hatchet. If he truly was a cold blooded killer in that moment he would of instinctively killed that man because of the danger he was putting others in while currently trying to kill a man with his car. If Kai instinctively acted as a killer he would of attacked that man as soon as he said he raped a child. This, proves he is innocent.

Brian Smith : Thank you for reposting for journalistic integrity. Ringing the bell. TRUTH

Some Things In Life : Kai's Telephone call feels like the last call from Neo in Matrix....It's Empowering!

Alexander Loves Women : You SHOULD'VE preserved your hard work by simply unlisting the other version, and leaving us a link to view the original video. :)

Irate Puffin : That’s messed up. 5 years is not a speedy trial. This dude needs the lawyer Steven Avery is using. Katherine something or other. Zellner, I think.

Kyle Wysh : Damn wish more people would hear that last clip with kai

Evildie .x : Better than the last one, nice

EfrainQuezada : So galfy dies on the 13th, Kai posts his Facebook post of the 14th, and the police find him around 16 because articles are published on May 17. How did the police instantly identify the suspect, zero in on his location and arrest him in Pennsylvania? I mean if it was fingerprints on silverware from the night before, how could police not have recovered drug residue. I'm lead to believe kai was specifically targeted by galfy and local law enforcement.

/ gaming : Best re upload Ever!

Ben Myers : Kai seems like a genuine guy. Not a cold blooded killer to me. Thanks for this vid wavy, maybe when you prison break the lad you and him can go w e b s u r f i n g jeff

DR M : Sounds like a lot of conflicts of interest if it's true the relationships between the lawyer and others involved with the investigation and trial. Hopefully this will all come to light if that's the case.

Nelson Lee : Guy never heard of "Stranger Danger"

The Emo Emu : That guy really comes across some shady characters. They should use him as a deviant-magnet.

Amber AnnMarie : Kai needs to reach out to the lawyer that is helping steven Avery! She's well known for helping innocent people get their truth out and has helped free them. I cant remember her name but she is all over the 2nd season of making a murder, I'm sure she's costly though :(

Darric P.L : You're awesome wavy God bless that you are helping this guy, bless you

Nathan H : My sister knew him when he lived on VC island. He was always out and about being friendly with everyone. Bit of a mooch apperently she said

Polexia Aphrodisia : I was in the original Free Kai Facebook group. It was disbanded because of a small group of obsessed women who alternated between being extremely possessive of him/targeting other women in the group, and trying to sabotage him by calling the jail and claiming he had broken rules, or getting him to admit crazy and damaging things during phone calls they had with him. I left the group before the worst of the drama went down but one of the women actually targeted me for a while and at one point was pushing hard for me to come to NJ with her to visit him, even though I had never even heard her voice and she was a total stranger. Kai's personality towards even the most dedicated group members changed a lot once he got under the influence of those women. He started doing really weird things such as giving a minor female's contact info to another man in the jail, which is ironically what my parents told me he would do with my info (I was a minor when I first started writing to him in jail). I wonder who is running the current Kai page, and if it is one or more of those women.

davekn74 : Holy crap. I just assumed the guy that got smashed multiple times in the back of the head with a hatchet was dead.

Kaithai Sayarath : I don't feel bad for that guy one bit. Cops can't tell the difference between a Asian guy and a white man. This is personal

Chris Slack : Thought someone was ripping off your story


Eric Cook : Hopefully things work out to this guy that's some bullshit with all the crap he went through I've met plenty of people like him throughout my life and then we have the easiest flights as it. They looked upon since the same as any other homeless person and people tend to find them to be gross useless and not smart which lots of times really not the case at all sometimes people choose to live that way but more than half the time it's not their choice and they just trying to get by another thing I have noticed people like that you have a heart of gold and will give you the shirt off their back and it's sad that people take advantage of them every single day over and over again like in this case here and because people have stereotype of them everyday different from way back when 1 people thought the same about blacks gays or women but they stood up to themselves and eventually got the respect they deserve now it's think it's they're turned and rather than people shiting on them like they've done for years and making your life worse than it already is that we start helping them even if it's something as small as yes not having stereotypical and prejudice thoughts about them it's a small start in the right direction but it is just that