European windows are awesome
European windows are awesome

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I love how windows in Europe work. Both sides open, and they open all the way. Quite the opposite of windows in North America, many of which hardly open at all. Of course, this style of window isn't cheap, and if you special order them from here, they cost even more. They call them "tilt and turn" windows in North America (I guess in Europe, they are just called windows) This video is on my odds and ends YouTube channel. my main YouTube channel is


Dennis Saerbeck : As a European it feels sooo weird watching this video about the most normal thing being so "awesome" haha!

Dark : Make American windows great again

Ryan : If they had that in America suicide rate would go up.

Rudi Leandro : Every window in my house has this in the uk... Had no idea it was something special.

John Cedars : Up next - testing the flushing mechanism on European toilets.

Elyssae : wait, some countries don't have this or what? are you high?

JohnAudioTech : A video about a window and nearly 1 million views in about one day.

Sella : Thought it was the same in america.


Jake Halliday : One question. Why the hell is this trending?

Mr BrightSide : This is why Britain should stay in the Eu.

Music and Football Playlist channel : i live in Belgium and for me its totaly normal. I even didnt know that in the USA its different...

Luca Van : Netherlands too. Never realised this was unusual.

kujaw1221 : Same in Poland. Standard

Kid Happy : I'm American, and I've never seen a window mechanism like that before. I see all the people in Europe and the U.K commenting that it's nothing special, but man, that's really cool. America has windows that slide side to side, or up and down. ._.

Al Paca : Wait, you Americans don't have windows like that or what? I'm confused

mikejjOZ : Yes, I am from Europe. All windows are like this, in Europe, like Africa is one big desert.

Heldraugr : I did not know Europe had its own Windows.. what version are they on?

fieryelf : My house has windows too....... Ya... I'm not that great at commenting.

zniesmaczony : There's another feature - microventilation, achievable usually after turning the handle 45 degrees from the closed position. How awesome is that?

LV : WTF, all my windows are like that :\.

Brink Shows : Lol, if you don't have super cheap windows or old onces then we all have those kind of windows here.

MasterChef117 : Just watched a video of a guy talking about European windows. help

Good Nigga : proud to be european

GZA036 : Same in the Czech Republic. Was pretty nifty

RadioactiveCs [RCS] : It's in cheapest windows here. Also it has something called "microopen" thats 3rd option - handle is between horizontal and up position. Then window is not open, but air can come inside. And to all people saying about insects - we have mosquito nets here too. Inside windows or inside or out... How you want it. You can buy it with windows but it's expensive. It's cheaper if you buy it separately (also you have few options more then). Remember that windows (and doors - some doors have this options too) type depends on climat that you live in. In most Europe - this windows are great. In cities you have a really a little bugs so you only need some cheap mosquito net or don't need at all (I have one only because of my cat), around lakes and on countryside - you need screen. Type of windows depends also even on wich side of word this windows faces. If north - you don't need blinds, if south - you need one and it needs to be good one. (I have windows facing south - it's like hell in my room sometimes, but with good blinds - I don't need ac). In mountais and other windy regoin - this tilt and turn windows are bad, cause they're not strong enough when open in 'tilt' option. So what a point in having it? So no - these windows aren't better, but american ones aren't better too. It's all depends on the place where you want to use this window.

Roger Esposito : As a kid I used to tilt it open at the top, and then without closing it, force the handle and open it normally. And the window would be open and only balancing on the bottom corner.

m : i thought this window would've been some futuristic shit lol what even is this

Jonny : A video about Windows. Bill gates would like this video

Jepril Gen : WITCH!! Oh. And we usually have sliding windows.

Kristina Mikavica : ammmmm.... you guys don't have that? 👀

windowpuncher : Seems like a pretty expensive design instead of, you know, just opening my window a tiny bit.

A o H : Is this not a thing outside of europe? Wtf?

Yggdrasil : I thought all windows were like this.

Roderick Moore : My flat in Italy had windows and patio doors just like this.  They also had concealed steel roll-a-shields for security.  It's a shame Americans refuse to look beyond their border for simple lifestyle improvements.

Weabe : What happened to the good old fashioned of just "opening a window". I don't have time for this

Gorn221 : I'm from Poland and all windows are like this in all of Europe. Maybe except UK, they even say Walkers on Lays.

Max Zusman : It is 3 am and I'm watching some dude opening german windows, what am I doing with my life?

theresonly1teamnmelb : Unfortunately, these wouldn't work in Australia, Too Many Flies, mate. lol

Deѕтιny • : Why am I so fascinated by this??

Jerrymar Torres : Look, a window. We don't have that in America.... (Sorry I had too. Parks and rec reference. Kinda.)

Kacper HP : Pokażcie mi jeszcze rolety antywłamaniowe😂😂😂😂

HOUNGOUNGAGNE : Another proof EU tilts easier than NA. Kappa

djvirusz : I have Windows 8. I'm in Europe.

Meta Sense : I know windows are like this in germany, france and the netherlands. but not all the buildings and not all of europe

Sabi Ya : I THOUGHT WINDOWS USUALLY ARE LIKE THIS?! like.... how do windows work in north america?!

rcnacura : I was just in Portugal and Croatia and love these windows and doors as well! So smart!

Xerator : Wtf lol, what kind of windows do you have in USA? :O

Alexandre EYLER : +Matthias Wandel We do have the coolest windows (some even can slide open in addition) but we don't have dado stacks for our circular saw tables :-D :-| :-(