Trippy RollerCoaster Ride

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yoji0 : I love how stoic and stone-faced he is through most of it. Like things are actually distorting and he's just "yup, things are gettin' weird here, hang onto yer butts"

Zing Sting : Interesting but also unsafe. Would have been busted by the ride operators, that's why he hid the camera before the ride came to a stop.

Daniel Pauchet : This is fantastic.

Patriots Nation 4 Life Tom Brady is GOAT : I just had a flashback to when i did salvia

james Barrie : I think you're an idiot for holding a camera on a roller coaster. Hope you don't kill someone with it next time.

Charley Deppner : Trippiest part? "My contacts are going to come out of my eyeballs."

The WhyteMaN : Is no one gonna comment on how irresponsible it is to hold an object like this without it being secured? If for whatever of the many possible and conceivable reasons that this dude lost grip, that equipment becomes a projectile for anyone sitting behind him.

Sir John Hammond : Should have called it "Winding the Track".

Noxious Green : Imagine if he had dropped the selfie stick. He could have nailed a rider behind him or it could have gotten into the track mechanics. Definitely worth the risk, right?

Adam Geary : Did you seriously not have a wrist strap or other lanyard on this camera while doing this? This is the reason selfie sticks are banned in Disney parks.

Tiger800 XCx : We can’t stay here! This is bat country!

Josh Shapiro : When Doctor Strange rides a roller coaster.

Steve Jones : this is a walk in the park for Jeb.

Eduardo Gomez : Si tomaras alguna droga y te subieras de nuevo conseguirás la misma experiencia v;

Ravedaze : Absolutely mind blowing stuff!!

Bart F : ok you did it. You made the best video on youtube...

Grant Marshall : That was awesome!

Moriarty Vivaldi : That looks so weird with that Gopro super setting or whatever it's called.

Иван Нефедов : Хм, это 360?

DZBZ Developer : СТАТКЕВИЧпидар ; )))

jon freeze : Sickest vid this year! I love how your head just pops up at times. LOL!!

ValeriUS AkimOFF : It's very....very strange video... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Tahoe2002Md : Dude this is epic. I loved it. Kudos to you for keeping a straight face throughout. What a fun ride!

Matt Sidor : I watched this ten times in a row.

shorehambeach : Looks like you have one massive arm and hand 🤣🤣

TheBrokenMachine : Bananas.

Jones Crimson : This would make a cool music video

Jon Irenicus : I need a 10 hours loop version in VR, thank you.

hawaiidispenser : This is fucking awesome! I feel like I'm watching groundbreaking fx from a $200 million movie: "The Corliss Effect"

Nicholas Britsky : This is great. Nice editing job.

Nick Ramero : Risks it coming loose and hitting someone behind. Not even apologetic about it. One thing to risk your own safety, totally different to risk other peoples.

Jeff Raimondo : *Awesome*

Lynx K : Кто с медузы))

j fong : life when high

NoJusticeNoPeace : Want to see something _really_ freaky? Watch this video with one eye covered by a pair of sunglasses and it will become 3d thanks to the Pulfrich effect.

leokimvideo : deserves way more views..wild footage

Archivator-RUS : Ото отправляется в моё избранное и будет показано на моих похоронах всем присутствующим.

STRONTIUM300 : Да ацтой..эффект рыбьего глаза просто всё изгадил

1990sus : Когда бухой вернулся домой и ложишься спать=D

comeonyougotnerves : 5th Dimension RollerCoaster ride everybody. 🙏

Jack Willson : почему оно не крутится

Scott L : Yurgit mignok turgnoyat boolyat! Hurdnor jut dit badeee! Hihihihihihohohoho 😂😂😂👍

илья кудряшов : Так вот оно какое четвертое измерение! So this is what the fourth dimension is!

Vasiliy Shalamay : Мужик это охуенчик!

Адам Садулаев : Это очень упоротое видео

Виктор Пупкин : Вот это пробки на дорогах!


flametoast : Queue up Incense and Peppermints and start the video right away with the video''s sound turned down. There's your acid trip.

дима : хто с мдк?

ademy des : кислота!