CRAZY Police Tackle! Outruns other cops and takes suspect out!

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Watch as this policeman over takes other cops and tackles the suspect like a boss


Jake Olivares : either the cop was fast, or the other two were really slow xD

John Shaft : He repeatedly kept pressing the "x" button

Gustavo : Probably the first superhuman cyborg law enforcer... I want one in my neighborhood.

Confirmed Sociopath : When you put all your free stat points into endurance.

Michael Norman : Can someone sync up the Jaws theme to this for me?

Brandon Jobson : bae: catch him and ill let you hit

Marlon Mendez : GODDAMN that guy is fast!  And I know he's got heavy equipment on too! Impressive...

Starvin_Marv : That cop should be a D linemen for the Broncos lol

Killian Voy : I bet the cop who got surpassed said in his mind "Shouldn't have eaten those donuts" 😂😂😂

fdjizm : VTEC kicked in!

Bassexplorer85 : Thats the T1000

rickyd0821 : Like Chris Rock said, if a cop has chase after you, there is a beating coming with him.

JonW1987 : After tackle: [Insert Brock Lesnar Scream]

FforFAME : Run, Forrest, Run!

InItForTheParking : That guy needs to be playing football.

Pearson Allen : beast mode

Jamie Batten : There should be a monthly cardio test that every police officer has to pass so that we can avoid embarrassing police chases, as we just witnessed from the police officer waddling his ass after the suspect only to be past by his partner who started 300 meters behind him

JonW1987 : You know he was probably dogging his buddies back at the station. “Oh look. There’s you. You’re not losing any distance, but you’re not gaining any. Respectable. And here I am. Oh my Lordt! BAM!”

nikyu1 : he stole his donuts

rafael502 : Run Forrest run!

Cookiee Play : Captain America's undercover work

Sean Ford : I guess JJ Watt found his off-season job.

BlueFox94 : Thumbs up if a certain giraffe/penguin/bare-ass bear brought you here.

TheCheck43 : That's the difference between them getting their donuts and not.

grrrindz : that is because he ate 3 donuts, and the other one ate just 2 donuts.

AntiT3rror : He pressed SHIFT! :D

Randy Man : Not just his speed but look at the form when he makes the tackle. Perfect! A few NFL teams could use this guy, like my 2018 atlanta falcons lol

baby jordan : when your car catch's fire in gta so you have to get out and run

504daniel : you can tell he use to ball😂 just look how he tackled him

tghetto5 : "I believe that's Mr Gilmore's!"

Aleen : El frenton de MOX me envio aqui.

Aesop70 : Must be eating those new spinach doughnuts.

Starbuccaneers : "Never take donuts away from me!" -Cop

Xosh : Like a bossss

FOAD RIGHTNOW : He's the fastest feet on the force...any force! I estimate that from the time he had both feet running till he tackled the guy he ran approximately 13 car lengths in 13 seconds. An average car length is about 16-17 feet. That's about 210 feet total. Which equates to a little over 10 MPH! And that's someone who's weighed down with 10-20 pounds of gear! Not to mention he looks to be every bit of 200+/- pounds. VERY Impressive!!

Shane HyTen Allen : Perp must've robbed a donut shop

ChafradorGaming : Someone needs to make a Sanic edit of this video

Adry Santiago : Algo como esto no pasará en México wey!... desde WDF... ; )

Jeremy's Joy : Now he's being taken away by an ambulance.

Virgil van Lovren : Get yourself two suits and get them pressed officer phelps, you'll be needing them.

brandon242 : and i would be willing to bet that he stands up for the national anthem.

Hany Theo : Gareth bale! Gareth bale! Gareth bale! Allahh!!!! allaaaah allaaah allaah! yaa salam yaaa salam

Sebastian Rave : Llegue desde WDF (what da fai show)

Mecknavorz : gotta go fast

Connorst : WHATDAFAQ ARMY a sus servicios

rihardo123 : this cop eats salad instead of donuts

John Doe : Spirit of a Cheetah, this man.

Maro Sama : I`m here because of WDF

Fattu25 : HJDoogan