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Comments from Youtube

Meikle641 : Give him one more.

stat-track fedora : it was funny at the beginning but got depressing really quickly at the end.... i'm really fucking sad now..

George Terpsidis : "Yes yes,yes iam,there there...give him one more... " Charles is the manager we love!!

Master Markus : Where's my ode to Pickles or Charles, huhhhh?

Beep Beep Meme Creep : Dr rockzo: I do c-c-c-c-cocaine Me: ok I don't think everyone wants to know that

AhmetCan Bilgin : He reminds me Axl Rose :D

Kitana Kojima : Oh god the David hasselhoff hamburger part kills me every time

The Conner's Channel : "hey swiskaar, I'm gettin a hand to the job from your muhmuhmom"

Zoes Dada : I'm guessing the good doctor here is based on David Lee Roth and a few other eighties rock stars? Pretty accurate. Anyways I love Dr. Rockso and I absolutely despise clowns so he can't be all bad.

Michael Oltmann : thank u.you're an angel.makes me laugh everytime

Shadownuke : anyone know what episode the last scene was from?

Kat Kuronuma : this needs more views too dam funny XD

Ronaldopopkings : Easily my favourit character from the show :D

Ominous : Ka Ka Ka yayeah!

vampireoftheeast : He does cocaine to fill the void in his soul. When he was very popular and successful he got caught up in the rock and roll life style (drugs,sex, rock&roll). He was on the top of his career during the 80s and at that time cocaine was the drug of choice especially amongst rock stars and rappers. Eventually his career spiraled down the tubes when he was caught having sex with an underage girl. After his career died he couldn't stand that idea and kept doing cocaine to escape reality.

YouShouldBeThere : I don't believe so

Dylan : I wonder, does he do cocaine?

Madame Tigre Le Deuxieme : 0:25 I honestly thought he was going to say "Sell shit" instead of sell shoes...

shop 09 : awhoo-oo huh huh!

Let's Pretend : Rockzo Best charecter!

bobdwilliams : I hates cocaine................just sayin'

[The Crows Nest] TV : *I DO COCAINE*

African Aries : I swear, he needs rehab