Class of 3000 Intro
Class of 3000 has to be one of the most underrated shows of all time

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A show that held so much potential!


h e l l o : Class of 3000 sing! Me: NANANANANANANANA

Yolis Bortin : Damn, I almost forgot this show existed. I used to live this show.

mysterioso2006 : This show will be right next door to Clone High in cartoon heaven...short, full of incredible ideas, and taken away from us way too early...

Evanexus : "So much reality TV that real life becomes a sitcom" Did... did Class of 3000 try to warn us about the Live-Action Age that was on the way?

kurayamidesu : "So much reality TV that real life becomes a sitcom"

Still Dill : Yup, if someone had to try and explain to me that this was a show and that I used to watch it I would of said “what the hell are you talking about?” But after watching the intro it brings back all the memories lol

Ogono Art Family : I used to think they said "Class of 3006" not " Class of 3000 Sing"  lol

Yekaterina Petrovna Zamolodchikova : I never knew what they meant by "take it to the bridge" until now. I thought they literally wanted to sing london bridge is falling down.

Aloha Dubs : Apparently everybody else ALSO thought this show was a hallucination.And then all of us found this and realized oh shit it actually existed.

TheBeLuvdTRex : Anyone here actually know who Outkast is?

Alter Ego : Sadly it got cancelled like every other good show on Cartoon Network.

Ben Hughes : 7 year i haven't heard this and the second Andre said "CLASS OF 3000 SING!" I sang word for word lol

Dopy : My mom actually thought I was crazy when I tried explaining what show this was and she didn’t even remember until I showed her this

BaoZakeruga : "If you ain't got no rhythm, we gon' show you how to get some!"

adam guilbeau : This should be on Netflix

Steven Dolce : Today is officially Class of 3000's 10th Anniversary.

Parish Drumgoole : I remember watching this everyday when I was 7 years old😂

Dustin Nunn : Cartoon Network was awesome back then. Right now, IT SUCKS! Thumbs up if you agree.

Harvey Noble : No lie regardless of whether you liked the show or not, the intro was awesome as hell. I still listen to it to this day. Such an underrated cartoon.

Young Smitty : I always thought that the black girl in this show was a younger Leshawna from TDI.

totalgamer460 : is it bad that the only part if this show that I remember is the beginning of the theme song?


Johny Man : RDC squad where you at?

smileykid18 : I always felt this show was so underrated because many people felt it was shit as it came out during Cartoon networks WORST time period ( 06 - 10 ) but it was very unique and original for its time . the writing was good , the music ... Oh gosh AMAZING ( you had ANDRE 3000 of Outkast doing this SHOW !!!!!! ). Everything about this show hit every good point but was unable to live up to its full potential because of how horrible the era of Cartoon Network was at this time .

turtlesss 103 : dang, I honestly thought I hallucinated this show until I suddenly remembered the title at like 3 am and Googled it.

Stitch Chapeton : Class of 3000. My childhood!

h e l l o : Omg I loved this show! :D

Justin Bedi : this show reminds me of the old days

BM Marcelo : Hey Sunny! Can we take 'em to the bridge?

Battery Volt Series : Happy 10th anniversary Class of 3000

Dr.Fail : "uhg! its too cold in my office to eat my ice cream!" *puts it outside in the hallway, takes it back few seconds later* "now its melted!"

Alelander : If someone could make a 1080p 60 fps of the nutshack, they can make it of Class of 3000

Jaren Hankins-Barajas : So much reality TV that when life becomes a sitcom, if you ain't got no rhythm then we show you how to get some. YEAH!!

MissingnoUploader : I miss this show, really liked it back then. I wish CN would be the way it was in the past.

Rαmen Noodαru ღ : Another nostalgia trip, used to watch this a lot when this was on CN

Leighanna Sarah Tindall : The 3 people who disliked this doesn't remember _Class of 3000_ at all.

❤Bless His Soul❤ Mjfangirlgal45 : Ahh, The Old Days...

diego galeano : forgot about this show bro dang🔥🔥🔥memories love the old cartoon network

MonkeyBoy : One of the most forgotten cartoons of all time...

-Sir WESLEE- : Thank you RDC for reminding me of this the vids for this show views probably went up 20% after lol

Keyakeyabobeya Tyree : cancel for stupid ass reasons bring back the show like you're bringing back every other childhood favorite show. come on now get real this was the best show and CN knew it.

ischleep : OH MAN i never noticed that the show took place in Atlanta and i live in Atlanta

Maki Ruby Rose : Man I really miss this show...

Kryptopex : o...m....f.....G I FINALLY FOUND IT!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Izices : Sonny's voice has been in my head for i don't even KNOW how long because of "Class of 3000 SING~" Gods I miss this show ^_^

chaoticplumber : i was six when this came out ITS BEEN NEARLY 10 YEARS think about that...

SirEriol : The London bridge part is... unsuspected.

BABY Iverson#3 : Still reminiscing in memories in 2018🤦🏽‍♂️😥

a1uM1nuM448 : *THIS GEM* *OH MY GOD*