Yakko's World but Everytime There's a Military Conflict It Slows Down

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Brian Brecker : Worship me. Subscribe to me. Believe in me.

One of the last surviving doges : when he got to africa...

Juan Cortes : I really felt like we were descending into hell...... i wanna go home

Miayy.s : I was waiting for a “Why are we here? Just to suffer?” When it hit gray scale

Miayy.s : this made me appreciate animators more, look how much detail that we miss out on—

Perpetual Motions : Americas: Okay Europe: Sure Middle East: Oh no Asia: No... Africa: Oh Jesus

Miayy.s : damn buds balls dropped haaarrddd

ksmi : First Minute: okay pretty normal Middle East: **s c r e e c h** Gets to Asia: **s l o w d o w n** Gets to Africa: Satan is that you?

Marshall Frearson : North America: nothing to see here South America: sure whatever Europe: I’m fine Asia: oopsie Africa: *OOPSIE*

Julia Palaia : *ITS ALWAYS AFRICA*

PokeEmblem 692 : This just shows how messed up our world is... Can someone say exactly where the slowing down points are?

Kartel Beatz : This has a dark undertone since it’s represented people brutally dying in war so every time it slows down that’s a time when someone was brutally murdered

Gigastar : AFRICA: save this cat before his heart stops.

Rose Depp : Does anyone else find this a bit creepy

An average Nutella : Me: Okay this is going pretty good.. *TUNISIA MOROCCO DJBOTI BOTSWANA ALGERIA THE SPANISH SAHARA IS GONE*

Peewee Herman : I looked up vehicle maintenance and this came up Care to explain

Buildingblox Anything : Start to Middle East: Sounds like a cartoon character with a slightly lower voice Middle East to Spain: Sounds like a real person India to Lesotho: Sounds like a really low scary voice Lesotho to Dahomey: Sounds like a monster Dahomey to end: Doesn't sound like anything

Buildingblox Anything : And now the nations of the world brought to you by Yakko Warner! Dances United States Canada Mexico Panama (gets lower) Haiti Jamaica Peru Republic Dominican Cuba Caribbean Greenland El Salvador too Puerto Rico Colombia (gets lower) Venezuela Honduras Guyana and still Guatamala Bolivia then Argentina and Ecuador Chile Brazil Costa Rica Belize Nicaragua Bermuda Bahanas Tobago San Juan Paraguay Uruguay Surinam and French Guyana Barbados and Guam Dances a little bit slower than usual Norway and Sweden and Iceland and Finland and Germany now ome piece Switzerland Austria Czechoslovakia Italy Turkey and Greece Poland Romania Scotland Albania Ireland Russia (gets lower) Oman Bulgaria Saudi Arabia (gets lower) Hungary Cyprus Iraq and (gets lower) Iran (gets lower) Therre's Syyrriia (gets lower) Llebbannonn (gets lower) Issrraell Jjorrddann Bbotthh Yyemmennss (gets lower) Kkuwwaitt and Bbahhrrainn Tthhe nnetthherrllannddss Lluxxemmbbourrgg Bbellggiumm and Pporrttuggall Ffrranncce Ennggllanndd Ddennmmarrkk anndd Ssppainn Dances slowly Innddia (gets lower) Ppaakkiissttaann (gets lower) Bbuurrmmaa (gets lower) Aaffgghhaanniissttaann (gets lower) Tthhaaiillaanndd Nneeppaall aanndd Bbhhuuttaann Kkaammppuucchheeaa Mmaallaayyssiiaa tthheenn Bbaanngglleeddeesshh (gets lower) Aassiiaa (gets lower) Aand Cchhiinnaa Kkoorreeaa Jjaappaann Mmoonnggoolliiaa Llaaooss aanndd Ttiibbeett Iinnddoonneessiiaa (gets lower) Tthhee Pphhiilliippppiinnee Iissllaannddss (gets lower) Ttaaiiwwaann Ssrrii Llaannkkaa Nneeww Gguuiinneeaa Ssuummaattrraa Nneeww Zzeeaallaanndd aanndd Bboorrnneeoo aanndd Vviieettnnaamm Ttuunniissiiaa Mmoorrooccoo Uuggaannddaa Aannggoollaa (gets lower) Zziimmbbaabbaawwee Ddjjiibboouuttii BBOOTTSSWWAANNAAA Mmmooozzzaaammmbbbiiiqqquuueee Zzzaaammmbbbiiiaaa Ssswwwaaazzziiilllaaannnddd Gggaaammmbbbiiiaaa Ggguuuiiinnneeeaaa Aaalllgggeeerrriiiaaa Ggghhhaaannnaaa Dances really slowly Bbbuuurrruuunnndddiii (goes grey, gets lower) Llleeesssooottthhhooo aaannnddd Mmmaaalllaaawwwiii Tttooogggooo Ttthhheee Ssspppaaannniiissshhh Sssaaahhhaaarrraaa iiisss Gggooonnneee Nnniiigggeeerrr (gets lower) Nnniiigggeeerrriiiaaa (gets lower) Ccchhhaaaddd (gets lower) aaannnddd Llliiibbbeeerrriiiaaa Eeegggyyypppttt Bbbeeennniiinnn aaannnddd Gggaaabbbooonnn Tttaaannnzzzaaannniiiaaa Sssooommmaaallliiiaaa (gets lower) Kkkeeennnyyyaaa aaannnddd Mmmaaallliii Sssiiieeerrrrrraaa Llleeeooonnneee aaannnddd Aaalllgggiiieeerrrsss (gets so low it doesnt sound like words any more) Dddaaahhhooommmaaaaaa Naaaaameeeeebbbbeeeeaaa Ssshhheeennneeegggaaaaallllll Llliiiiibbbbyyyyaaaaa Ccccaaaammmmeeeerrrroooonnnn Ccccoooonnnnggggoooo Zzzzwwwhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaar Wwwwhhhhaaaaaathaaaaaaaaayyaaaaapaaaayyyaaa Gggggnnnnneeeee Bbbbbssssshhhhhaaaaaaaaa Mmmmmadddddagggggassssshhhhhgggggrrrrr Rrrrrwwwwwaaaaannnnndddddaaaaa Mmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyrrrrr aaannnddd Cccccyyyyymmmmmaaaaannnnn Hhhhhnnnnnngggggg Abbbbbooo Dddddabbbbbbbbee Qqqqqqqqttttttttrrrrrr Yyyyyyygggggggggssssshhhhhlllllllvvvvvvyyyyyyh Cccccwwwwwhhhhhaaaaahhhhhhh Mmmmmmaaaaaauuuuuurrrrrrrttttttttnnnnnnnyyyyyhhhh (gets lower) Ttttthhhhhhnnnnnnn Tttttrrrrrrrrnnnnnnnnsssssssyyyyylllllvvvvvvvnnnnnnnyyyyyyyhhhhhhhhhhhh Mmmmmmmmmmnnnnnnnnnnnccccccccc Llllllllllttttttttttcccccccccchhhhhhhhhhhhnnnnnnnnnnssssssssssttttttttttnnnnnnnn Mmmmmmmmmmlllllllllltttttttttt nnnnnnnnnnn Ppppppppppllllllllllssssssssssttttttttttnnnnnnnnn Ffffffffffjjjjjjjjjjj Sssssssssshhhhhhhhhhttttttttrrrrrrrrrrlllllllllyyyyyyyyyhhhhhhhh Sssssssssshhhhhhhhhdddddddddnnnnnnnnnn Video ends really slowly

Mirek0010 : 0:51 Here it comes

Banana Jin : *Asia and Africa though*

Chase 692 : Oh god Asia and Africa were the creepiest parts

PB-Neo {害虫処理ネオ} : Watch the whole video on x0.25. I swear you will hear satan speaking quietly while watching


Steve Tejada : 1:33 B O O O O T S W A A A A A A N A A A A A 0.25 speed i forgot to say that

GerArt13 : Damn.. that was hilarious and clever then sad and disturbing :^(

The Challengers : There’s Syria, le ban on, I s r I a l, J o r d a n.

Gracelumin RAM : All the conflicts are making Yakko even more depressed

Banana Berry : *When you hit puberty*

Leon Briski : Whenever you think your country is shit just remember this video

ElectroBlastLuigi : Did I just watch a Creepypasta? I'm surprised Yakko's Nations of the World became a meme again (for a while).

Gamon G Shep : When puberty hits you like the Middle East hit Yakko

Italian Yakko : *A U T O S A N D V E H I C L E S*

Leagueof TOAST : That changed into a demonic show pretty freaking quick

The Church of Masymas : Hits Middle East: Slow Hits Asia: Sloow Hits Africa: SLOOOOOOOW

Tricksandtutorialsforminecraft : Category: autos & vehicles

Despacito_Boi : Lmao, as soon as he hit the middle East *YAKKO HEART ATTACK*

hadhami hadh : Am I the only one who noticed that many peaceful countries were montionned? East Asia, north Africa. I'm sure things are not that bad😦😦😦

Drank 40 : Watching this at 1 am freaked me out. It looked like it was getting closer to hell every second. And that voice. Oh that voice...

maresgoez : Wait! There's war in Africa?

The Mr. Man : *_Who gave Yakko drugs_*

Malik Khaleel : He stopped speaking English when he got to Africa.

Pixelshooter 1 : B o T S w a N A

LaPapaya _Babosa : Like por *Aryentina* :v

Communist Ball : America : Good Europe : Meh. Asia : Oh... Africa : ...

Thunder Jimmy : I am dying from the slowness of this video...or the fact that one’s voice so low can bring unintended consequences with them. Not insulting anyone with very low voices intentionally, but if you got offended, then my bad.

Foxxii : This cured my crippling depression but it also put my depression into crippling depression so in conclusion I am fine👌

Phil. ball : And now the sins of the world with Satan Warner,

Jacob Melone : middle east: slows down Africa: *stops*

Greer Loves Kenny : **Africa has left the chat**

Clap Trapper : *has africa rly been in that many military conflics??*😓