Yakko's World but Everytime There's a Military Conflict It Slows Down

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Brian Brecker : no racism pls

ElectroBlastLuigi : Did I just watch a Creepypasta? I'm surprised Yakko's Nations of the World became a meme again (for a while).

Juan Cortes : I really felt like we were descending into hell...... i wanna go home

ASDFMuahii , : after he said saudi Arabia everything went down hill

Perpetual Motions : Americas: Okay Europe: Sure Middle East: Oh no Asia: No... Africa: Oh Jesus

Sarah Finger : North America: .... South America: oh Europe: oh Asia: oh no Africa: OH NO

Kakashi The Copy Ninja : Oh god... Africa...

Mankind - Redefined : Hit double speed when it goes grayscale.

Bunny Tamer : In the description. Category: Autos and Vehicles. WHY

sNATCHED : this made me appreciate animators more, look how much detail that we miss out on—

OwnageCubed : We’re actually living in the most peaceful time in recorded history.

Banana Jin : *Asia and Africa though*

sNATCHED : I was waiting for a “Why are we here? Just to suffer?” When it hit gray scale

Jacob Melone : middle east: slows down Africa: *stops*

Golden Creature : The legend has it, that if you play this at 0.25x speed, you will recieve a heart attac from satan himself...

sNATCHED : damn buds balls dropped haaarrddd

GerArt13 : Damn.. that was hilarious and clever then sad and disturbing :^(

michael harmon : This is the quality content I’m looking for on YouTube

Pickled : this is honestly... really really sad

Meesh Elle : every time there's a "current" military conflict?

i stan park jimin : 2:22 somebody toucha my spaghet

Billy Hicks : This is how it originally aired in 1993. They re-edited it later as it upset too many children.

It's me SEP : It really starts to slow down around the Middle East and Asia

Ezha Exta : 0:55 sounds like a real dude

Pheminon : I was waiting for the African countries. Thanks Europe, your invasion of African Countries in the early 1900's was actually worth something

metalmugen : Really puts things into perspective

Dragunov : BotswaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaA

Shrek Cena : *B O T S W A N A A A A A A*

Julia Palaia : *ITS ALWAYS AFRICA*


One of the last surviving doges : when he got to africa...

Kartel Beatz : This has a dark undertone since it’s represented people brutally dying in war so every time it slows down that’s a time when someone was brutally murdered

It's me SEP : Poor Africa

Rose Depp : Does anyone else find this a bit creepy

Argentino Falger : Se puso re turbio al llegar a medio oriente y a africa ni te cuento

Panzer Man : The Middle East lol

Them yalley Boyz : I love how when it got to the Middle East it got so slow

Chase 692 : Oh god Asia and Africa were the creepiest parts

The Challengers : There’s Syria, le ban on, I s r I a l, J o r d a n.

Ghost : If you do this weird trick of adding "Orchestrated by the US" to the title, you'll find that you won't need to change the video at all.

Irelandball Poke the ducks : Yakkos world but every country the British invaded isnt said

RobotomV2 : Here we see yakko becomes a demon.

Ezio Auditore : 0:51 when the weed brownies kick in.

Ian Lehman : "Father blessed them all with reason... and this is what they choose..."

Moravian Mapper : 0:51 Here it comes

Allbuch [DE] : That was really disturbing...


Roberto Molina : Four your informetion Costa Rica alredy have an military conflict

Gigastar : AFRICA: save this cat before his heart stops.

Cristian Babencu : When puberty hits too hard