Yakko's World but Everytime There's a Military Conflict It Slows Down

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Brian Brecker : no racism pls

ElectroBlastLuigi : Did I just watch a Creepypasta? I'm surprised Yakko's Nations of the World became a meme again (for a while).

GerArt13 : Damn.. that was hilarious and clever then sad and disturbing :^(

FlyingYak ________________ : Asia: oh no Africa: oh NO

metalmugen : Really puts things into perspective

Die Y-Akten [DE] : That was really disturbing...

Killer Bob : Quite a powerful ending since the slowed-down sounds of the map flapping sound a lot like artillery fire...

Jarno Datema : When your trying to teach while super high/wasted

Kaera Neko : Can't we just go ahead and achieve world peace? Surely we have the potential by now?

ArvidiusMC : 2:22 I swear I hear "Aah! Somebody toucha ma spaghet!"

Kakashi The Copy Ninja : Oh god... Africa...

Richard Savings : The best bit is waiting for a gradual slowdown, and then it all comes at once.

oversleepingg : I just want to appreciate the amount of research that went into this, good job man !

Kevin Mata : When I read the title, I thought, "Boy, this is gonna be slow as fuck when it gets to European countries"

The ultimate furfag : The rest of the world : "had a bit of conflicts" Africa : "hold my beer"

One of the last surviving doges : when he got to africa...

Jimmy Rustles : Just realized. Guam is not a country.

greenknight9000 : Start: ok Asia: *STOP* Africa: *𝐒𝐓𝐎𝐏*

Joe Wellman : To make it slow down a lot faster, do a version where countries financially and/or militarily involved in said conflicts also count.

PokeEmblem 692 : This just shows how messed up our world is... Can someone say exactly where the slowing down points are?

Alex Voxel : That's extremely creepy

Intrspace : I hate to say it because it's just a meme, but this could easily pass as art.

L Lawliet : Ugandaaaaa

Jonathan Hrovat : I blame Wakanda’s foreign policy

Flavor Of The Month : Is it normal for me to feel scared/worried for humanity.

Hunter Smith : When it got to Africa it slowed down so much the auto subtitles thought the words were deep notes and only said [music] lmfak

Stanislaw Michalak : sound of robot having diarrhea 2:46

O : Just a nitpick, but I'm not sure if you included Turkey (Recent military coup and Kurdish separatists in the south), Thailand (Constant low-level fighting in the south, as well as another recent coup), Bangladesh (Couldn't see if you included this one, but I'd include genocide as military conflict, especially since their seems to be low-level armed resistance), Egypt (Are those sinai rebels still at it? Googled, yep.) Damn this comment sucked to write.

Panzer Man : The Middle East lol

PokémonFan830/Gaming and Stuff : (Turns to 2x speed) *THATS MUCH BETTER.*

ZiggyThe assassin : 0:40 is this going anywhere 0:50 ohhh lol 1:48 oh my...

ArtyomPA : It´s "Germany now in one peace", not "Germany now want peace". The subtitles are wrong.

לואיג׳י הנוקם : **gets to Africa** ZA WARDO

Irelandball Productions : Yakkos world but every country the British invaded isnt said

Just Another Guy With A Moustache : Nuking Africa should fix it!

Dynamite Gaming : 1:33 botswaaaanaaaaa

MoStuff : Category is "Autos & Vehicles" by the way.

SrZolaf : Directed by David Lynch

Derpman1 : Holy crap when it went to the East it started slowing down then came Asia slowed down even more. Africa.......just Africa, holy shit.

Axu : is this an anti-war meme?

Daddy Donald : Latin America: oh no Southern Europe: oh damn Middle East: come on man Asia: *COME ON MAN* Africa: *_W H Y ?_*

Kiwikick238 : Yakko getting pulled at the end is how I feel after watching ghis

Timeless Fox : when you get tired during your history project

DerpyDreamz022 : I like the part when he mentions most of africa then everything slows down

Soda Pup : The slowdowns represent the thousands of deaths that come with the respective wars, which makes it worse

Ezequiel Acevedo : Pobre África :( se volvió re turbio el vídeo cuando llegó

Ragna8859 : By the time he said Australia,no sound was at human audible frequency anymore

nachosman : 0.25 Speed

Rodolfo Lopez : 0:49 is about the time the pot brownie kicks in

Hakuna Matata : *He forgot Andorra 🤨*