Fisherman Caught on Video Jumping into Water to Avoid Crash

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Joshua Williams : Me in gta

James : Quite fortunate for their legal case that they had two separate cameras filming behind them. The powerboat hit them pretty much dead center. Very accurate. Really couldn't aim it any better. Guy starts yelling when the powerboat was still quite a ways off. He was very observant. The guy closest to the cameras also was looking at it early on. I like the little PSA at the end about wearing your lifebelt. Sure is an important thing for all boaters to do. I believe they fine you if you don't in some places. Terrible position to be in - if you jump too soon, the speedboat may swerve at the last moment and miss the boat, but run over you. But, if you jump too late, you're almost certainly dead. But they timed it just right. Damn fools driving powerboats, the eternal story on the water.

MrCoffeekelly : I'm not a fan of people suing over every little thing, but in this case I hope they get a fortune.

I'm Tired : Those fisherman barely avoided death. Don't Text and Boat.

Juan Gallardo : He was most likely texting some other azzhole.

aureliusva : I'm glad everyone is safe. Swimming in skins in cold water ain't easy.

normc62 : "... a lawsuit seemed unnecessary because the people in the Weldcraft weren’t hurt badly." Ok, dude... switch places with the people you hit and lets see how quickly your opinion changes! What an idiot.

Roctopus Channel - Planet Coaster : DAMN ...... that was intense

Jeremiah makaveli : whats the name of the song?

Beardoh Thebossman : I would be so mad on that speedboat guy, i'd probably smack his head into his own boat and ask him how that feels.

The_Reginald : its like that southpark episode where they take old peoples licenses away

RileyPlays : ba bab bababa bababababa

Princess Molestia : Ba ba ba bam buh buh ba ba ba ba.

zindi1138 : good seriously hope he gets every penny ! open your dam eyes !!

Motor City : Lmfao. Dude jumped out before pushing his lady out... smh

Jef Damen : Phew, scary...

Skidz1818 : Who else watched Tosh.O then searched for this video on YouTube?

Larry Green : he was just a Caddyshack fan

jjcp292 : Glad they're okay.

PMc : Is the river okay??

smalltown texas : Scary shit. Glad everyone is ok

Замкадыши Life : На казанку лодка похожа

Winter : Deja vu meme

psikogeek : That guy should counter-sue them for deceptively anchoring where no one would expect a collision. ;)

Survival Bushcraft : Officer, I saw them but they wouldn’t get out of my way! Don’t they know who I am? !

SDBARTENDER1 : Another rich guy w a boat.... Cant buy common sense. This is why I pay so much for insurance. Thanks a lot rich guy.

Tina White : Good thing you jumped! I hope you sue the living hell out of that guy and I hope he got some jail time!

Victor K : HEY! You scratched my anchor! ⚓️

Livereater00 : just a little fender bender

Lutfur Rahman : Boat version of watch you're jet

gta5 big money Lambo : Holy crap good God I did not see that coming

Read More : Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba

Mariotic : Babababa babababa babababababa

Windows Sucks : Was there a stripper giving you a lap-dance,Captain?

jasminf0x : Here after Markiplier watched it

xx TheStormRising xx : Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba...

Lego Figure Building 2 : So scary!

jordanfstop : Mythbusters couldn't have had a better angle than this.

Nick Romano : Was Chuck Schumer driving that boat? In all seriousness I am glad they survived!

Shamus13499 67 : What an idiot

ericsdash : ...testament to that boat that it didn't sink...those Weldcrafts are tough. Glad they are OK!

Sae Kim : Please tell me what happened to this idiot... He should not own a boat... Ever

thebobandtomshowfan : People need to put the FUC%ing phone down and PAY ATTENTION. People are on the phone while walking, while waiting, while at the movies, while mowing the grass, while driving, while boating. Just put the phone DOWN. This putz is in a nice expensive boat, on a nice piece of water, not at work, should be having fun enjoying the time. Instead he put it full throttle, pointed the craft in the direction he needs and then jumps on the phone because he's bored, needs to be entertained, has ADHD, and is a putz. Lock him up for attempted manslaughter.

bloodykills 750 : Markiplier brought me here

teoscar zip : When that idiot would be in a position to be trialed in Croatia, he would just have to say "Syncope" and he would be innocent. The same thing happend in Croatia with death casualties, Croatian businessman kills two Italian tourists on a sail boat with his speedboat, corrupt judge sets him free. Hope your jurisdiction gets it done right.

ralph kramden : This in a nutshell is how the DummyCraps felt on the morning of November 9, 2016. (Why was a a) 75 year old who b) can't even STAND while operating an apparently-D*MN-expensive boat c) going so fast? His intentionally-oblivious passenger(s) must be like: Sure, Mr Ted Kennedy, I'd LOVE to take a ride with you! Allow me to shove that bottle of vodka down your throat so you can keep the hands on the wheel! [Glad these guys are ALIVE.])

Char Plays : Ba ba baba ba ba ba ba ba babababa

darkvulgar : Was Al Czervik driving that speedboat with Wang as his co-pilot?

teh scoot : I'm probably the only one here cuz of mark I'll just leave

Sythicol : Just to be safe for future boaters they should have a skinny pole with a small bright colored triangle flag attached while fishing. Just in case cause we can have laws but you never know when it can happen again.