Discord is Being Destroyed by Furries (yes I'm serious)

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The_Kraken757 : This is how many furries I’ve murdered 👇

I don't know anything anymore : *we cant expect god to do all the work*

Kakurendo Blodhgarm : Even furries hate furries.

Shemione Granger : I don't mind furries, I mind the furry discord safety team being extremely biased.

FoxxGames : this is how many furries I've slain 👇

Ravalo354 : 2015: Discord replaces skype 2019: skype replaces Discord

Ardon : AllTheFoxes is a big problem in the discord community

Matti Seppänen : Not sure if you have noticed, but there is a poster with a furry character in your room. Edit: Also your pillow seems a little "infected".

Justin Y's Stand : I like your beautiful long hair

Justin Y. : Owo what's thus

Kieran Ennis : This is why the fandom has such a bad reputation. If a group of people decide to call themselves furries, because they like anthropomorphic animals, that is fine. However, it is generally known that the furry fandom is not that well versed in the aspects of social interaction, so they have a hard time explaining that a majority of NEW furs tend to be finding the fandom on accident through pornography. The majority of the new furs confuse lust for the soul purpose of the fandom, and most importantly... A majority of the new “members” of the fandom are immature, sexually curious teenagers that see boobs on a moose and say, “I’d tap that.” This introduces a number of problems that people, like me, have a hard time explaining. The fandom exists to express yourself. The fandom exists to share arts, crafts, and stories relating to anthro characters. Point is, that yes, a handful of members of the fandom do have fetishes relating to cub/kit/pup porn, it is no different from the people who fetishized baby/child/young porn. We as a community don’t all agree with the idea of cub porn. We just do what we do best. Ignore them. Shun them. At the end of the day, that person can still go around saying that they are a furry based solely on the fact that they like cub porn. Just like how the next guy could just trace Mona Lisa, and call himself an artist. “What? I drew that.” Because being a furry is to embrace and share the creation of anthro art, music, and other media. Cub art and whatnot is unavoidable. We have a ton of people in the fandom. We have young members to older members. Talented people to those that are just learning how to draw or craft. Mature artists to PG artists. Role players, to story writers, to people who make complex fursuits, each one custom fit and handmade on their free time. And yes. That includes The casual furs, to the overly sexual furs. Some people see it as a hobby. Some see it as a lifestyle. There are always extremes of any kind of group of interest. And everyone in that group may not agree with one another. However, it is unfair to label the entire fandom based on its porn. The fandom is at its core, an umbrella of interests based on anthro characters.

Zane Sue : There is one way to save Discord All Countries need to fight againts furries and kick their fluffy asses out of Discord Glory to Humans

No Name : The real problem here is buying a game on discord... lol

Chow : Discord: So furries, or bias Safe and helping team: *Yes*

Leggøs : >Bans quackity for joking around< _doesn't ban cub porn_ *ok then* EDIT: I like how a argument is going on in the replies of this comment

fengo lazuli : oh it's the part of my community that I hate .

Spongi 124 : Quackity: *makes discord video* Discord: REEEE

✞VonnyTheLoser ✞💕 : Bans quackity for a furry discord video But doesn’t ban **cub content** Understandable

Righteous Vanilla WoW : In MY opinion discord shouldn’t interfere with matters of such and instead should leave the community to shun or outcast people for their behaviour, it’s a communication platform and shouldn’t be governed like a regime. The more they try to ban people for stuff like this, the more ways people will find methods around it. Then it gets media attention and it keeps snowballing downhill. The platform should be used how people see fit and not interfered with, but too many snowflakes will get triggered so it’ll never happen.

Stabthe stav : I see that furry pillow in the background u r not fooling anyone Kappa

AstroBot 99 : Furries: yOu kNoW tHAt Not AlL Of uS dO beAsTIlY aND dRAw PoRN Discord: [shotgun reload noise]

Lotus FlowerBomb : please also remember not all Furries don't stand For Cub art.

Dogma : I was permanently banned from discord for having a disagreement with a furry, while being a furry myself. (I was only reported *ONCE* by the person I had the disagreement with)

Skrap TM : Weeaboos have all their loli and shota servers but you're concerned about bunch of furfags?

CoughE : _If furries want to be animals, we have the right to treat them like animals_

BonnieBomb : I may not be a furry, but I happen to know a lot of good furries that are never like this. Individuals like this don’t represent the entire community.

Yeet bobberson : *Clears throat really loudly...." YOU GOT DISCORD!!??????


Corallia : I am a moderator for a furry server and we have banned all forms of Cub. We have no idea why people even consider it okay This form of behavior is why everyone despises furries, even furries hate furries at this point because of how stupid parts of the community has become. Drama furs have always been a thing and has become quite endearing in certain circumstances, but things are changing now when furries are getting mixed into the normal parts of life, the regular stupidity of humanity is super charged by the hugboxes that furries build up with absolutely no idea how to self reflect. All the furries who are decent human beings just go into hiding because of what the loud minority are doing, this happens all over the place in all forms of communities be it places like Tumblr or Reddit, or even in political circles. I hate all of this and i am going to go back into hiding and pretend i am not a furry to avoid all the toxic hate created by all the other loud minorities from other communities that loves to hate on mine.

Yandere DataDigger : >Bans Loli and Shota that sexualizes minors >doesn't ban furry cub porn that SEXUALIZES MINORS!

Grahamlechrétien : why is your left hand so red?

Storm3r : So glad I'm not spending my time in servers and I just hang out with my squad on our private server

hayden martin : UwU **barfs** im sorry.

The Void : *submits literally just... I'll call it CP onto discord but its drawn as animals* Discord: hot your allowed

A man of culture. : **KappaKaiju has been banned from Discord**

WWL231 : on behalf of all furries...we dont know what *some* of the fandom is doing

Brovakiin : Discord should try employing actual adults and not children.

Lord Tyler : Abuse their rules to get them to change. They allow furry loli but not regular (none of it should be allowed). Abuse them until they can't ignore you.

James Zoeller : I'm curious what Kappa's perspective on Lolicon is.

Erwin Rommel : *just make sure they don't attack the gamers*

Canuxis : i have never been so disappointed of my like-minded people.

101m4n : Discord may seem like a "nice company". But they still record all your conversations and sell your data. But at least their polite!

Heck Frick : I think it's the weebs we should be worried about.

Magos Errant Malleator : Yeah, Discord devs are all furries and are everything that go with that: extremely double faced, hypocritical, and forceful with their views when it comes to people who are different.

Duckling Duck : You look like a librarian having a midlife crisis

Coal Dust XIII : Hmm...I knew there was something off about Quackity's ban.

Cypmtoms : *_OWO WHATS THIS NOTICES...this great channel_*

Rain : *steven universe fan faction?* hey now don’t bring Steven universe in here there’s nothing to do with that. jk lmao idk in my mind it was funny-

jimmysaint13 : Better title: Discord is Being Destroyed by Shitty People Who Happen To Be Furries (yes I'm serious)