Discord is Being Destroyed by Furries (yes I'm serious)

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Justin Y. : Owo what's thus

LyricWulf : woof

The_Dolphin : This is how many furries I’ve murdered 👇

I don't know anything anymore : *we cant expect god to do all the work*

KitkatKate : Discord: we dont allow child porn or beastiality. Also discord: but both of them mixed together is perfectly fine!

Erwin Rommel : *just make sure they don't attack the gamers*

HighSkyz : So according to Discord... posting porn of an animated 5 month old child is against ToS, unless it resembles say... a dog. Yeah, that logic is just flawless.

Ardon : AllTheFoxes is a big problem in the discord community

OG Soy : Furries need their own species tbh... cuz that aint Homo Sapien

Sindex the living being : children are not allowed wait is that a tail owo

Versaucey : Discord: We do not allow any type of content that involves sexualized minors. Also Discord: Cubs are fine because they aren't humanoid.

Meme War Pepe : We need to organize and storm discord on a set date and just go through as many servers as we can and mass report the people that deserve to be banned along with any moderators that attempt to stop us. If they dont change on their own, we'll make them. Create a new account and get ready. Im storming everything i can in 1 week (the 23rd), any help will be appreciated. Ill make a sub-reddit for it (it'll be called r/LiberateDiscord) tomorrow so we can strategize. Spread the message (not on discord of course).

Magenta Dragon : But furries don't think they're animals, that's otherkin........

Matti Seppänen : Not sure if you have noticed, but there is a poster with a furry character in your room. Edit: Also your pillow seems a little "infected".

Jamed Lamed : Have you wondered why there is such little regulation and punishment on furry discord community's? Its because nearly all the discord mods are furrys.

TyphoonZebra : So... The mods are gay?

Lqgistics : i’ll go learn c++, css, and js so i can make a better discord. thank me later.

Shade : I'm just going to say that this is really disgusting. I'm in a few furry servers and some are actually pretty cool. But the pedophilia still happens. A fucking 13 year old dating a 17 year old. Whenever one of us tried to call them out on this it's automatically US being the problem and "wanting to break them up so they can get with so and so." The 17yo lives in Texas while the other one is in Africa. I'm honestly so sick of seeing it it's not funny, because even IF (and that's a big if) that's legal now, it won't be when the guy turns 18. But no that's "starting drama" and "hating" People are saying that the Furry community isn't completely bad when yes, there are good people but they don't outweigh the bad. I'm willing to bet 80% of the Furry community is either A. under 14 years of age B. A pedophile C. A zoophile D. Has another illegal issue happening in their lives. And it's honestly sad that the small portion of Furries that are actually decent have to live with that title because their community is actual shit. I'm not taking it back because it's true.

Kieran Ennis : This is why the fandom has such a bad reputation. If a group of people decide to call themselves furries, because they like anthropomorphic animals, that is fine. However, it is generally known that the furry fandom is not that well versed in the aspects of social interaction, so they have a hard time explaining that a majority of NEW furs tend to be finding the fandom on accident through pornography. The majority of the new furs confuse lust for the soul purpose of the fandom, and most importantly... A majority of the new “members” of the fandom are immature, sexually curious teenagers that see boobs on a moose and say, “I’d tap that.” This introduces a number of problems that people, like me, have a hard time explaining. The fandom exists to express yourself. The fandom exists to share arts, crafts, and stories relating to anthro characters. Point is, that yes, a handful of members of the fandom do have fetishes relating to cub/kit/pup porn, it is no different from the people who fetishized baby/child/young porn. We as a community don’t all agree with the idea of cub porn. We just do what we do best. Ignore them. Shun them. At the end of the day, that person can still go around saying that they are a furry based solely on the fact that they like cub porn. Just like how the next guy could just trace Mona Lisa, and call himself an artist. “What? I drew that.” Because being a furry is to embrace and share the creation of anthro art, music, and other media. Cub art and whatnot is unavoidable. We have a ton of people in the fandom. We have young members to older members. Talented people to those that are just learning how to draw or craft. Mature artists to PG artists. Role players, to story writers, to people who make complex fursuits, each one custom fit and handmade on their free time. And yes. That includes The casual furs, to the overly sexual furs. Some people see it as a hobby. Some see it as a lifestyle. There are always extremes of any kind of group of interest. And everyone in that group may not agree with one another. However, it is unfair to label the entire fandom based on its porn. The fandom is at its core, an umbrella of interests based on anthro characters.

Zanken : I'm in, the c4 is planted, let's burn this place up

Stabthe stav : I see that furry pillow in the background u r not fooling anyone Kappa

WWL231 : on behalf of all furries...we dont know what *some* of the fandom is doing

Toactwithoutthinking : Every time furries say they aren't all degenerates, more evidence points towards it. Even the ones who seem to be playing damage control always happen to have something they need to hide.

Skrap TM : Weeaboos have all their loli and shota servers but you're concerned about bunch of furfags?

Heck Frick : I think it's the weebs we should be worried about.

Malohn : Guys. I'll infiltrate them and join their team.

i dont even know : Here's my message which I've put on multiple videos about this. I'm not a furry or anything and I have no idea how I got to this video, but let me say something. I have multiple "furry" friends. Based on years of knowledge, its rather obvious that being "furry" does NOT make them instantly sexualised with animals. My friends don't even think anywhere near that, as is with the rest of the fandom! They all know it's disgusting and wrong so they stay away from it! However, EVERY single fandom has a sexualised side to it, and you can't stop that. The problem is that sexual side of the furry fandom (which is actually very small) gets recognition and is misrepresented as how the entire fandom acts. What...? Another thing is that members of the "furry fandom" supposedly identify as animals. No? They just have "alter-egos" of animals that they play along as, that doesn't mean they actually identify as them. I hope you all change your minds on this fandom, I've met some of the nicest and most talented people through my friends who'd never do any of these things! This fandom is not like what you haters think it is.

Wolf : We haven't destroyed Discord, we just get WAY to much attention on the sexual acts and fake news.

Talen Lunari : TLDR: Discord literally already had a blanket ban on anything CP related. Said blanket ban already listed anything "humanoid" as also being not allowed One or maybe two mods on the trust and safety team took the loosest interpretation of that and claimed that non-humanoid cub was fine. Once Discord proper found out they fired the mods and tightened their definition even further. This entire video is pretty much fake news and making a mountain out of a molehill.

Dogma : I was permanently banned from discord for having a disagreement with a furry, while being a furry myself. (I was only reported *ONCE* by the person I had the disagreement with)

Rabid Mouser : Since the majority of the Discord moderation team are Furries themselves, it makes sense that they wouldn't want to ban cub porn. They're probably into that kind of stuff anyway.

StellarwolfYT YT : Im a furry. I dont want to be appart of discord for THIS reason

Justin Y's Stand : I like your beautiful long hair

Dylan Salerno : I know I'm late but this is really important... People need to know that not all furries are like this; they are a very LOUD MINORITY. It is like this because people love controversy and don't talk about the normal people. Me for example, would ban all of these pedophiles without even taking a breath. They are disgusting. Again however, you can not use these people as evidence for the whole community being bad.

Vladimir Vsevolodovich : Tik Toks Gamers vs Furries war has expanded to further systems

nedtheyak : Something about the way your hair, glasses, and shirt go together is really calming me down and it's quite nice.

Valocator : Shouldn't it be even worse if it resembles an animal? Surely that's both paedophilia AND bestiality. I'm not entirely clear on how furry porn works from a legal standpoint but if the law doesn't forbid what is effectively bestial pornography then we need to be asking some questions.

Canuxis : i have never been so disappointed of my like-minded people.

Kinaro Savard : Sooooooo, soy boi. Where I agree with you that cub related stuff is very conserning and should be banned. However its not really furries that are destoying discord, its only poor modarators like you had said. maybe it would be a little wiser to not paint furries with the same brush because you sound just like one of them alt right wing idiots. You may actully then have an argument to stand on. All I seen in this vidio is you shitting on furries because a few certan individuals.

No Name : The real problem here is buying a game on discord... lol

Cuuppeli : I'm tired of the fucking "Discord allowed cub porn because they're furry pedophiles" arguments, the only reason they allowed it is because it's not explicitly illegal to allow it. The people at Discord made a decision to follow US law, because they have to, and that's it, that's all the rules they were going to have. After the backlash they rightfully banned cub stuff, but they originally allowed it ONLY because it is technically legal. Also, your Chris Ray Gun impression needs work.

Cash12121 : Hey, Kappa I implore you to let your viewers know in the comments (pinned) that the situation has been solved as discord fully changed their policy. People can look this up by going to discord's blog under the title "Maintaining Trust and Safety at Discord With Over 200 Million People". This was solved as of Feb 13, 2019. Otherwise, I feel like people are being misled on the situation. I hope that you will pin an update about the situation or make a new video as soon as possible because as of now it has been 3 days since the discourse was solved.

EnvyTheBunny : Just don't use the platform? Not hard, plenty of programs and sites before and after Discord,Dont go into a NSFW porn section? its not that hard of a problem. Discord is a company, there isnt going to be any touchy feely stuff your on about, it always ends with the best way to make money with any company. The title of the vid is just click baitty,false and quite frankly hateful, nothing you said is going to "destroy the platform", yeah there's problems like that with ANY other social media platform, but thats just life.theyll get dealt with. Also, If Discord wants new moderators and such they'll get rid of them and get new ones, there quite aware of all the drama. Let me change the title to "Discord is being destroyed by Black people" (obviously its not) trying to show, just, how NOT ok that is.Though people find it socially acceptable to be pricks to certain groups of people, so thanks for being part of the problem and keeping the hate a'flowin, though probably just want that CLICK-BAIT MONEY, and you knew the title would bring more views then a mature title like "Discord is being destroyed". Then proceeds to act like hes on a moral high horse, HA!.

Azurex : animes are ruining discord

CanadianWheatBread : i stan kappas hair

rehecked Philip : By the way, they're banning all the hitler gifs, but left in all the Stalin gifs. They banned all the white pride gifs, but they left in all the black pride gifs Their platform is become less and less tolerant as the days go on...

Felix Live : Furries: *Post child porn* Furry Mod team in charge of a popular platform: "I'm going to pretend I didn't see tha"

Commissar Purity : If you're a furry and you're reading this, I SHALL TAKE THY HEAD IN THE NAME OF THE LORD!

Jebron Lames : Fun fact. If you say something bad about furries on social media and a mod sees it. Theres a possibility he'll look up your name and if it matches. He'll ban you

JedDraws : Nice *COOL SHIRTZ* you got there!