Weird Al "Interviews" Ozzy Osbourne

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From AL-TV 1992.

Comments from Youtube

danieldb631 : Wait a minute. Ozzy has eyes?

Kira Alex : Do you mind if I call you Bob?.... LOL

SnowHawk7 : Ozzy Osbourne 20 years ago. Damn. This should be a PSA for not doing drugs.

handsomebrick : Ozzy's name is actually John.

JPMcFly1985Two #FeelTheBern : I'd love to find so many of these original interviews Al used. I searched for any of Ozzy's 1990-1992 interviews but can't find this one. Was it from MTV? I'd love to know what the original context of "My kid went to see a movie and I got run over" was!

Monomythhero85 : Ozzy Osbourne says Worms in horseradish are good.


Dawn Gilbert : *IS THAT OZZY OSBORNE????* Holy freee-holie. O_o Let that be a lesson to you, kids: "Don't. Do. Drugs."

ultraali453 : Why the heck didn't he put this on his official channel??

Harv72b : Ernest Goes To Camp was the second-greatest movie ever!!!

HarvesterOfShadows : Holy shit, Ozzy actually looks amazing here.

Danny Hood : Al needs too make another ozzfest interview ,  and ozzy   cool movie

Bruno toffoli : 2:32 kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

Angie Melanie : yo si me comería ese sandwich mmm

steeltownbrown52 : Much Music would repeat this special [Al TV] for years. Mainly used as overnight filler.

Bryan Behooved : Ever seen Ernest Goes to Camp? "That's a kewl movie mann"

DfW.Sneaker Head : Replay like the Last 2 seconds of the video.Shit gets freaky...

Josh Levin : Ozzy is the only person who would squat down in a tub full of mayo

carlotta robbins : I'll admit, no-one in my family is a fan of Ozzy, but this is hilarious!!!

The16thninja : My kid went to see a movie and he got run over!

Steven197981 : That's freaking hilarious. Haha.

mike dime : He cut one and wouldn't admit to it. He admitted to being married to that psycho bitch and having fat kids. Lol, why would he notnadmit to that after all his rockstar buddies with super hot wives all went on to have super model daughters instead of ugmo what's her face. No wonder he does drugs non stop. Just kidding, it's just wierd al

Staypift : That depends, is he awake? Then yes.

CoolCandyCraft : was

Draven Quinn : is Ozzy Drunk

ir10031981 : Weird Al is the king of mock interviews and parodies. just like Howard Stern is the king of all media. I wonder if Weird Al would impersonate Howard Stern.

Za Goudou : >.< Classic hilarity

Syrine : Omg Ozzy's soooooooo hot

Aubrey : (sniff) Oh no. Oh Ozzy, did you cut one? LOL

Elvendorkk : Spot on!

Redskull1900 : XD i love ozzy

Tristan Kilbertus : This is the most underrated Wierd al interview, i almost pissed my pants!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jerome Cabral : ozzy's the man

iamcooldk : ahahahahahahahahahahahahaahhaahahha

Paulette Gordon : 😂 love both of ya.

vsfvf fsg : I love Ozzy but this is so funny

Adam Youdell : LEGENDARY!

Swollen1 : Anybody know what Ozzy truly thought was a cool movie? Always suspected could find it on Don't Blame Me, but never watched.

aj101pf69 : Love Al!  So funny!

Sevastian Popov : Legend

noemistephanie93 : wow this is the first time i've seen Ozzy without glasses, i never seen him without glasses!

Shane Sands : Lol

Outrider775 : That black guy from that rap band...

Moke Wed : That’s good

Konsker : lol

pianoman021 : I hear a lot of Doug Walker's cadence in Weird Al. (Obviously, Weird Al was first...)

bb G : ozzy is kind of a stupid name. 

Islice Mango : Fake

EMINEMWWII : 0:45 that's racist