Amazing Modern Agriculture Vegetable Harvesting Technology Compilation #1

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AJ S : I didn't see one damn squash bug. Smh

hsheng06 : The vegetable picking-up in the field is a back-hurting operation, like they say "repetitive strain injury (RSI)", and back problems would emerge when those workers get old. The employer may either say "I just don't care" or find a solution such as those adopted in the vertical agriculture.

supriya dhir : what is this

cecapit shemalat : it fruit or vege??what name

Kanthi A :

Zaldy Sakura : Whattt is the

Ibrahim Haqiqzai : This is the best

Nitz Ching : love watching your vedio

Albert Abalayan : what is that?fruit or vege?

Esra Manalu : Itu buah apa?

Eva Lim : Hard working people

максим иванов : зеленые намного лучше желтых !!!! намного !

Shalu laskar : 👍👌Nice 😎😎😎😎

Mahamadaree Wama : มันคือลูกรัยอ่าาาา

Mario TV : Gaubano plant...

Vikas Gupta : what is this ???

Boonme Noisana : นี่คืออะไรผักหรือผลไม้

David C : Como no sean robots la gente que se ve,no se que tiene esto de moderno

bunheng you : What kind of vegetable

Nitz Ching : What is the name of this vegie?

Wingstel Jon : whats the name of vegetable

Tamagotchi Hayyo : People will get hungry without their hard work.

zhee thunderstroms : That's zucchini😱😱😱 i am surprised zucchini has a yellow colours

Austin Montero : We dont have that in our country.

Samchay Sure : ผนละน่ากินทังนั้นเลย

Нина Марущак : Дякую за відео. Важка праця у фермерів!

Thitirat Titurat : ขอบคุณมากๆที่มีคลิปดีๆให้ดูชอบมากค่ะ

Kavita Lakhat : Osam

Engineering Update : What is it name please .??