I Learned How They Chop Onions On The Street...

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Radieschen : How much french onion soup did you make after this video? :D

V.G.M Joey : Would you consider a video series on sauces. Like just in general, everything ranging from tomato sauces to cheese sauces?

Ajai Chauhan : Hi Alex. A few tips from India, that speedy blind folded onion chopper, on some Indian street side... Couple of facts for you.... Since they can't own really expensive knives. .they make do with hexa-saw blades from their local hardware. .. Hexa-saw is not meant to cut vegetables. . But instead steel, for that reason they are hardened and made from high carbon steel. Down side, ,they are brittle (in comparison to our normal knives) Also since it is a steel cutting blade... it's thickness is thin and consistent, unlike a conventional blade that is thin on the edge, but considerably thicker on the top ridge.... that thickness creates a problem , it displaces the onion as you drive the knife deeper. ..and make it difficult to hold the onion together

Chris Deligiannis : flip your knife when scraping your cuttingboard

E luna : Try grandma style. (means using your hand as the cutting board) My grandma was a pro she cut everything in her hands but never cut her hand once.

Bourada Mohamed : ''Ah non merde!'' hahah mort de rire xD

Dennis Comella : Just watched an 8 minute video on how to save ~15 seconds chopping onions.

NOT ANOTHER COOKING SHOW : You should be making an onion jam. Maybe through bacon in it, even if you make something with it, you would finish it and you can't give that away (liability) So make a bacon onion jam and put it on toast in the morning and keep it for awhile, give to friends as gifts! Great lesson here...

MrFirepoi : I've just discovered your channel by chance and wanted to say how great it is. Can't believe I've just watched an 8 minute video on how to chop onions and found it so entertaining! Bravo!

Worldlove69 : *_tears have been shed during the making of this video_*

iDREWPICKLESi : To this day, Alex has never gained his sight back.

Cooking Lessons for Dad : Freeze the chopped onions in bags and use them when you need them!

BowenALLin:D Valkenhoff : WHY ARE people saying onion soup COME ON MAKE CHILLY

Jason Pascher : the most original french looking guy i ever see and he is still cocking

ELDI 98 : Your english speaking is soo satisfing.

A Passer : I like the way you speak so I’m subscribing :D

Neil Barker : I can watch some of those street food vendors work all day. Their process for food prep is really logical when you break it down. Coincidentally, peeling, cutting, and dicing onions were my first tasks in my very first part-time job. Much respect to the onion!

Imperialism : Man you gotta sharpen that knife!

moonbroch : If you put sour cream, some apples and all those onions in a big pot, let it cook for a while at pepper and salt as much as you whish. DONE. Extremely tasty

Daï-mon : Le Journal de YouTube : Dans ma cuisine le chef t'engueulerait pour ne pas replier tes doigts à la découpe Alex ! Bonne chaîne sinon, c'est pas bête de faire des vidéos en anglais, que nos amis les 'ricains sachent qu'on mange parfois autre chose que des grenouilles et des escargots ;)

Timothy Kim : This is making me cry...

12345budie : This is fake!!! He is cutting the onions on a cutting board and not on the street!

Joe Clark : In my opinion, fast only matters up to the point that quality is sacrificed. Which of the two techniques produced the most evenly sized pieces of onion?

Geoffrey Grafing : Reatly great guide! Loved it, like fer realz. I've been thingking recently that I could cut up watermelons better but I just cant THINK HOW1! What way do you think it the best?

Mike O : I love that knife you're using, where did you get it? Cool AF.

Mike B : So...didn't read comments...but doesn't it take longer to prep the onion when you keep it whole? It is much easier to cut the onion in half and peal away the outside bits. Even if the chopping is 14 seconds faster...it probably weighs out.

babara davis : Love the knife with the drawings on, where did you get it from please. xx

Pyskotic : It's not a knife actually, it's a hexa blade sharpned and handle added to make a knife

Alter_Signa : Best food to cook with that many onion is italian i think. best Pasta Sauce tip: Lots of Onion and Lots of galic.

MB : Oooh les ogres

Vitul Bansal : why am i watching this?

BagOBeans : if you use a knife that is both very sharp and has more material on the tip(is heavier on tip) it might not be as difficult to chop.

B007 : Would be only 10 seconds if you use a mandoline.

Dilraj Sandhu : Good shit dude, it's been a while since i found some genuinely interesting and creative content.

Atyaf Abdul : Well I am sure if I attempted to do this the onion will not be the thing that I will be chopping😅😅 More like my hands. I am such a kitchen hazard. You don’t want me anywhere near a knife. 😂😂😅

dfgdfg : chop the 2 ends off and chuck it in a machine for cubing onions. High end knife: $400. Industrial onion chopper $500.

Troyers : Je ne crois pas que mon chef serait d accord que je coupe aussi grossièrement comme tu prétends dire qu'on peut utiliser ta technique au restaurant x)

Cörey LaRöchelle : Right well of course French onion soup

Kunal Bansal : Hey Alex! One important thing that you have missed out is that you need a very sharp knife with a straight blade. I use a Japanese knife, sharpened regularly on a Japanese whetstone. (2000 grit, then 8000 grit). Secondly, you should curl your fingertips inwards and slide the knife along the middle segment of your fingers. That being said, the knife that the Indian street food vendor is using is a very common, very cheap knife that is widely used by every second street food vendor in India. It is a simple knife made by sharpening a hack saw blade. Yes, a hack saw blade! I know this because I have worked as a chef in a few different restaurants in India and in Canada, and because I am obsessed with kitchen knives and speed cutting. Bonus tip - I practiced hitting a drum stick on a piece of thick rubber rapidly just to get the wrist movement right to be able to cut fast. Hope this helps... Cheers!

Guimauve : A NoNion

Bradley Linnell : Like your videos so far, just subscribed. Make Potato soup with your onions!!!

Ken Avila : How are you not weeping from cutting so many onions?!?!

SHMO : I’m only watching cuz I’m hungry

TPotShax : In your first speed test you forgot the horizontal cuts. So street style is even faster then you think ;)

Ekanki Bansal : I love this dude.

UniqueIbrahim : You should make something called msakhan this is a dish made out of onions but trust me it’s sooooooo amazing

Norman Torok : did you make goulash? that would be my move. brilliant

Chris Carr : oh no merde! my new favorite phrase

Rowan Tyldesley : I cut myself just watching the video...

Hope For the Planet : 2K 👎🏻??? WTHeck? Can't imagine why...but with 30K 👍🏻You're doing great Alex..