I Learned How They Chop Onions On The Street...

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Cherrybomb : How much french onion soup did you make after this video? :D

V.G.M Joey : Would you consider a video series on sauces. Like just in general, everything ranging from tomato sauces to cheese sauces?

Dennis Comella : Just watched an 8 minute video on how to save ~15 seconds chopping onions.

fiskfisk33 : Please dont translate your titles and descriptions, they read so much better in the original language.

David Tank : 4:27 oh non merde 😂😂

MarkRaven : So you are the guy from those math problems

Neil Barker : I can watch some of those street food vendors work all day. Their process for food prep is really logical when you break it down. Coincidentally, peeling, cutting, and dicing onions were my first tasks in my very first part-time job. Much respect to the onion!

rocknexus : Ain't the horizontal cuts redundant as the layers act as the "horizontal cuts"?

H a r r y : Make a bunch of onion/bacon jam

Andrew Davies : Chopping an oyo

Joshua Fisher : You forgot the side slices during the speed test. For the record, I tend to take even more of my time when whatever Chef tells me to hurry up. Mostly because they just want you off the clock. More about saving a few pennies off the employees pay checks than the actual end product anymore. Damn shame too. Not just a slave anymore, oh no, they want you to play a jester and make a show for em too. Edit: It's also not just about speed. That should be the last of your concerns with regards to time/temp. It's about uniform pattern.

Missy Mccarthy : Doesn't the blade of the knife get extremely dull when hitting the cutting board so hard? I don't think I want to hurt my beautiful Mac knife by cutting this way. If you rock chop, it will not dull the knife as bad.

Mark Johnstone : Great video! Knife skills are fundamental. Every chef masters this. Also, point out how to keep your fingers out from under the knife.... or it's off to the ER!

Alexander Kalle Lindgren : Chop chop

frenchiveruti : You should not translate the video titles.

Skyline Influx : HOW ARE YOU NOT CRYING?!?!?!

stumaclean111 : Well done, Alex. J'ai essayé cette technique et ma vitesse s'est améliorée de 30%. Cheers from Halifax, Canada!!

corey larochelle : Right well of course French onion soup

Peter Davis : Im very late to this video but I want to hope pasta ala genovese was made with those onions

TPotShax : In your first speed test you forgot the horizontal cuts. So street style is even faster then you think ;)

Caskas : I'm just going with Gordon Ramsey on how he chops onion. It works for me and this far along to change technique would slow me down.

Observatoire : That's the one video that got me hooked to what you are doing. Keep up the good work!

Mark Dayley : I'm so glad I found this channel! an 8 minute video about chopping onions? I was engaged right to the very end, seriously impressive. Learning Meets Entertainment Bravo... I'll be bing watching your videos. The video you did on 4 noodle dishes I can do at home with minimal effort was amazing... I keep fresh vegetables in the fridge now & use them to mix up my Ramen Noodles at least twice a week. Also, your knife sharpening video saved me hundreds of dollars!!! I was considering one of those fancy sharpening systems.

Oliver N : nice sandals- where did you get them?

ayoub a255 : the best youtuber ever, keep up the hard work, greetings from morocco, tu dois faire des recettes marocaines, bon courage

Atyaf Abdul : Well I am sure if I attempted to do this the onion will not be the thing that I will be chopping😅😅 More like my hands. I am such a kitchen hazard. You don’t want me anywhere near a knife. 😂😂😅

C Chinnock : French Man ✔ Sideways Striped T-shirt ✔ Onions ✔ Bycicle With Basket ✔

that mofo : just buy chopper on ebay lmao it takes maybe 1.5 second per onion

Vlad The Inhaler : It's easier to do the horizontal cuts first then the vertical, and the speed test you forgot to cut horizontally. Would have taken a bit longer than 30 seconds

The Happy Pear : Great job Alex love it!! Hope all good 👍🏻😄

Dennis Yap : He is cutting a different onion from you 😅

Danil Kocelov : Aren`t we going to talk about how he didnt cry once in this video?

Bananabug 4 : Is there an English version of that book

MacroLever Inc. : Aji de Gallina

Daï-mon : Le Journal de YouTube : Dans ma cuisine le chef t'engueulerait pour ne pas replier tes doigts à la découpe Alex ! Bonne chaîne sinon, c'est pas bête de faire des vidéos en anglais, que nos amis les 'ricains sachent qu'on mange parfois autre chose que des grenouilles et des escargots ;)

Luke Yin : I like this lil hip hop boom bap beat

Justinas ! : Or let me make it !

Justinas ! : Curry sauce man, the answer is alwayd curry sauces, make tika

Silly Wizard : Stop.Scraping.The.Cutting board.With.The.Edge of the KNIFE! Use the backside of the knife to scrape with.

Imperialism : Man you gotta sharpen that knife!

AJ Iggy : I wonder if you turned it into french onion soup then used the soup with carrots and potatoes to roast a pork how would it taste?

AJ Iggy : a big batch of onion soup

Hamdi Bazian : Hey Alex make a Palestinian dish called musakhan. Requires aliy of chopped onions. With sumac flat bread and chicken. Delicious

JP jay : you need a SHARP knife

ELDI 98 : Your english speaking is soo satisfing.

Kyle Neese : Is there an English alternative to Cuisine de reference that you could recommend?

jerrys88 : Video needs a new title: What to do if you need red onions but all you have are white ones

Gonzalo Diaz : onion pizza and freeze

Laziest Human Being. : I was watching that video just yesterday. Awesome.

Timothy Kim : This is making me cry...