Marcus King - "Ain't Nothing Wrong With That" - On The Road (Acoustic)
Marcus King Aint Nothing Wrong With That On The Road Acoustic

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20-year-old Marcus King’s got the blues in his blood, and is making a name for himself as one of the top players on the scene. He graced our On The Road crew with a stellar solo performance of his band’s hit “Ain’t Nothing Wrong With That” at Spinster Records in Oak Cliff.


Krister Persson : The future of real music....

lucas deaver : The more Markus King I listen to the more Markus King I can't stop listening to.

Catherine Cheek : Totally awesome. Great song.

True A : You can hear some of the chords from Rain Song by Led Zeppelin on this track. Marcus has definitely studied the greats and created his own style/songs from their wisdom.

Mark Blackwell : Thank God for Marcus King.

Chaz Gray : Ray LaMontagne meets Michael McDonald with a hint of Michael Bolton

Kyle Rucker : ain't nothin wrong wit dat

Mike Zulu Zubeatz : This dude is fantastic and so is the band. @ZuBeatz #TruHustleMusic

Michael Abt : that guy´s really got them blues.. ;-)

haveniteyes : How can you dislike music done with passion.Hes going through the emotions not the emotion.Take it from an artist this guys special.And will scaringly get better hes only twenty. £¡¥€ £☆¥€

Nate Hine : how do the people in that store ignore that .. amazing

Joseph Lee : The Marcus King Family Reunion festival in NC was FANTASTIC! Do not miss it next year.

Earl Edmond : Whoevere said an old soul has got it right...

fenderles : what a great talent with soul. I love his music

Bob Deluxe and The Ideals : what a talent!...listening to his constantly right now

fwfrazorx : Seems like he's really young and music just flows through him.

Neil Kraft : Finally, an awesome guitarist that sings and sings like he plays....awesome 😎

maxsundance1 : 3 persons dont got it

mike whelan : love it

Jeff Sharp : please please please come to Canada!!

njdkidd1231 : anyone notice the drummer in the back buying records? haha

John Pattee : A once-in-forever artist.......

ferpiopiogm : Marcus Music Hope King

takis tsakas : what s the matter with his captures my soul

duhardrock7 : Awesomeeeeee!

Mirek Pokorný : great musician:-)

Fisher Ohvf-men : Gmaj7,, Amin7, Bmin7.....nice

thomas medeiros : Just sitting on a chair playing an acoustic guitar and singing a song that you wrote is as real as it gets. You don’t have to be Warren Haynes or Derek Trucks to realize talent when you hear Marcus sing and play.

Patrick Jordan : I love this kid!!

thomas medeiros : That voice is unique. The kid can write a tune. Oh yeah he can play guitar like nobody’s business. You think I am a fan? 😀😀

Mark Wolfe : A great musician

Alan Cassett : Ummm. Michael Bolton anyone? lol just kidding..sort of.. seriously, you have to admit- all of his vocals sound like Michael Bolton!

castthom : how come you have the voice of a 60 year old that smoked 30 a day and washed them down with a bottle of whisky ?!! I mean that in a totally awesome way btw its bloody unreal . love the album

John Wayne : Greta Van who???? This is the real deal here fellas