Marcus King - "Ain't Nothing Wrong With That" - On The Road (Acoustic)

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Krister Persson : The future of real music....

lucas deaver : The more Markus King I listen to the more Markus King I can't stop listening to.

Catherine Cheek : Totally awesome. Great song.

Nate Hine : how do the people in that store ignore that .. amazing

Lucas CR : Chris Stapleton and this guy, are now my two favorits artists!!!

Mike Zulu Zubeatz : This dude is fantastic and so is the band. @ZuBeatz #TruHustleMusic

Chaz Gray : Ray LaMontagne meets Michael McDonald with a hint of Michael Bolton

Kyle Rucker : ain't nothin wrong wit dat

mike whelan : love it

haveniteyes : How can you dislike music done with passion.Hes going through the emotions not the emotion.Take it from an artist this guys special.And will scaringly get better hes only twenty. £¡¥€ £☆¥€

Earl Edmond : Whoevere said an old soul has got it right...

Bob Deluxe and The Ideals : what a talent!...listening to his constantly right now

Mirek Pokorný : great musician:-)

Mark Blackwell : Thank God for Marcus King.

fwfrazorx : Seems like he's really young and music just flows through him.

castthom : how come you have the voice of a 60 year old that smoked 30 a day and washed them down with a bottle of whisky ?!! I mean that in a totally awesome way btw its bloody unreal . love the album

Neil Kraft : Finally, an awesome guitarist that sings and sings like he plays....awesome 😎

John Wayne : Greta Van who???? This is the real deal here fellas

Mark Wolfe : A great musician

Alan Cassett : Ummm. Michael Bolton anyone? lol just kidding..sort of.. seriously, you have to admit- all of his vocals sound like Michael Bolton!

Joseph Lee : The Marcus King Family Reunion festival in NC was FANTASTIC! Do not miss it next year.

Michael Abt : that guy´s really got them blues.. ;-)

njdkidd1231 : anyone notice the drummer in the back buying records? haha

fenderles : what a great talent with soul. I love his music

takis tsakas : what s the matter with his captures my soul

Jeff Sharp : please please please come to Canada!!

Patrick Jordan : I love this kid!!

John Pattee : A once-in-forever artist.......

ferpiopiogm : Marcus Music Hope King

Fisher Ohvf-men : Gmaj7,, Amin7, Bmin7.....nice

maxsundance1 : 3 persons dont got it