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Meridian : 10:58 lmfao

Electra Athene : Why do you all think its about racism? To me personally it leans more towards disability, but even so, I doubt it has anything to do with that. Hatred for people with different race and having disabilities have it much better than many years ago, sure it may not be perfect, but you can't expect it to be. Edit; I know its about problems with a society, I was just stating my opinion that I don't believe it has anything to do with Racism or putting down people with disabilities (though that is possible). Its a dystopia, if you want to see a good dystopian animation go see "Being Pretty" by David James Armsby. This animation makes it much more obvious the society they are in don't like anyone different; for example gays and as such, but Zero doesn't make it as obvious as people with actual words carved in their heads, instead numbers taking their place.

Nick Savage : Bitch I can't find #69

RandomZ5 : So beautiful! The narration touched my soul and had me like "I'm a Zero too!😣" Ending was epic! I expected it to be a 100 for some reason, but infinity is so much better!

ender zane playz games : i tap this because i love zero and zero is a good name for a male/boy

Don'tWatchTheWorldBURN : From the beggining, I thought 0 himself would become 10.

Its Gabby : life lesson: don't be a racist

zugeykitty cute : 1 like-is no more bullying

Tatiana Haugen : I think this says something about our society and about how someone is being judged for who they are when it's not their fault... it's sad knowing that everyone has somrthing incommon but ppl cant look past those differences to see that they have something in common with the other person. I hope ppl learn from this video that if we open our eyes we can see past the difference and see how everyone is alike.

スプラ兄弟 : 日本人いる?

KeisanMusic : Why that love was forbidden? Because of they are ZERO?

aralusawesome ? : Hello I am a twelve year old boy who watched this at eight. I have always wanted to log in and tell you thank you for showing me what the world can be sometimes you are my hero thank you...


this dude / toxic boi : 6:22 - rejected by ducks

Desmond James-Myrick : and those ducks are rude

Akuma : You made me emotionally attached to a PEICE OF WOOL.

Brian Williams : Did the teacher just hit him? In what world? I wouldve knocked tf out of her

Yethzimar Jimenez : Im crying so bad

Mahesh Bansod : [Disclaimer: a joke] Both the '0's were divided from each other and Infinity was created. Hence proved, 0/0 = Infinity

YourLies : I feel like the numbers except for 0 are racist

Tad Kratzer : I feel so bad for 0. Bless his heart!

Syd 8888 : Now i will never hate wool...that has a 0 on them... and i never did...

Desmond James-Myrick : and isn't it possible that they evolved from zero's

Flootzy : Their colors are different between zero’s and numbers This actually resembles racism (except for the ending)

Mc Fries : Plot twist: all plus numbers have a minus on their backs

Skyla Everteen : I love how it ends with 'the beginning'.

Olivia Chase : I kinda guessed that the baby would have a really big number, but I thought the baby who also be pink and I didn’t know it would be twins. But I wasn’t disappointed. 👏👏👏

Scott Summers : do part 2 ! zero 2 pls ! and also y wanted to know if i can have a zero toy :v (yust asking) infinity

Zain Mansoor : Hey if no body liked 0 than how did he get admission in school.

Julia D : I thought that the baby was going to be a 10. I feel really stupid now.

Itz Cass : I cried so fucking hard it's not even funny.

Planets Ahead10 : Screw this, All hail Leclouch, all hail Zero!

Nightmare purple girl : It filled my eyes with tears 😩😢

Desmond James-Myrick : one more thing how are you going to forbid some one from love

Le Meme Queen : Mom: why are you crying? Me: PIECES OF YARN

Signorina Lucia : Me: *puts hand up* Maths Teacher: Yes? Me: Is zero gay? Maths Teacher: Uhhh... Me: Because its denomination is forbidden to multiply. Maths Teacher: Get out.

Kititanui Tuntabu : sad = happy

Radioactive Lemon : Fastest. childbirth. ever.

Ayla Sans is amazing : The best movie ever it made my cry😭😢😢 it's so sad zero and the girl zero got a child!! 8!!!.

Marie Crother : If you are a zero, find another zero, steal their 0, and put it above your 0 and become an 8.

Jaydeep Raijada : Awesome

Camel Cam : damn racist pinks!!!!

Fatih Mehmet : Moral of this video: Alltimes hate pink people😂

ME4NIK 007 : Я плакал 😢😢😢

SilkieLover47 ! : This video is like the ocean: It is very deep Great idea and story! 👍👏

Mr Derek y naresh MC todo sobe Minecraft : 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😘😘😘😘😘😘

Grays 2017 Documentaries : This is interesting, insane and totally understandable. Sometimes it is shocking.

StoryAtStudio : This is very unique 🙏

Ghost. G .walker : Who else cried

Doge Lover : We need to get DangMattSmith to react to this