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pcman427 gaming : i need a part 2 called infinity

Valeria J.V. : 0 + 0 = ∞

AlpacaLegion : This is a part of my childhood <3

Pheonix Of the east : Leave a like for zero

Stephanie Cruzado : I love the narrator's voice it was perfect for the film

Mia Sanchez : *ZERO TO HERO!* I'm sorry, help-

Mc Fries : Plot twist: all plus numbers have a minus on their backs

Sergio Torres : This isn't about racism, is about aporophobia (hate to poor)

Black Hole Studios : I thought this was going to be a horror story, but now I'm subscribing.

Wilson / : “As 0 grew older he walked the lonely path” Me: did he wAlK tHe LoNeLy RoAd???

Q Phanmew : I always burst out laughing at 10:59

Wolfie Animations : Poor zero LETS GO MY LITTLE ZERO

Aleena Shafaat : I have seen this video quite a lot of times. But.. I feel so warmly after watching it everytime. It lays with a deeply message... Thank you for making this film. And very thumbs up for the team who made it and I want to appreciate the person who's idea this is.. Keep thinking bright. 😊

Meep Meep : It has been 7 long years, but I still can’t stop these freakin’ tears streaming down my face every time❣️

Pheonix Of the east : The 7 are so jealous

Heather Rapley : "When Nothing, Becomes Something"

Nightmare2605_ AJ : I’m. Freaking. Crying. This is so moving. I will do my best to share this to everywhere.

Mythical Unicorn : The end made me cry a little.. Great animation!

Taïna Pimpie : 2018?

Sapphire chanver2 luv theo : Welp i wacht this at 2018

Cory Ellsworth : You made me emotionally attached to a PEICE OF WOOL.

Dogg O : Plot twist When u turn the baby sideways it becomes an eight

Loliz YTTM : Every like is equal to +1 number for zero

Jintian Meng : Everything is nothing, with a twist.

Itz Kayla Bitchz : You know what I just that all the whit kids have a number,but brown kids have a 0.🤔🤔🤔

J-Vahalla-B : Am legit crying now. This i what the future is about. We need more of these and not a despacito. Awesome storywriting and animation. And remember folks, no matter how you are and how you look, there will always be someone out there willing to love you with all their heart. Just believe. Be brave and kind. Peace.

登録するとハルクに毛がはえるよ! : ナレーションの声すき

なる助。Naru Suke : 日本語の字幕はありがたい、、 With Japanese subtitles to me thank you for.

sonarika arora sonu : Speechless the best thing ive ever seen

Jeffery Keltner : From zero to hero!

Anonymous AJ : You guys do know that this video is a nod towards social classes and not racism... right? I mean, your proof is right here. 1:21 First Class (8, 9) Upper Middle Class (5, 6, 7) Lower Middle Class (1, 2, 3, 4) Third Class (0) Edit: LOL @ the people that keep marking this as spam. I'm not stupid. I know that's what you're doing. Stop trying to censor the truth!

Hannah Radon : I would probs be a 1000 A MINUS 1000

Rhodelia Alcantara : Keep in mind that we are born in the same planet.

σรคмค ـ҉ৣৡ : 😭2018

Taylor_Potter : For every like zero gets one more opportunity in life

Emo Prick : Mom: why are you crying? Me: PIECES OF YARN

Xx _Red_Panda_Plays_ xX : Oh no zero he deserves better just because he’s a 0 doesn’t mean he has no value (oops that’s right 0s don’t have a value) but in the end he still had love in his life

ANONYMOUS 100111 : Even the universe was 0 but now its ♾

Jon the Misunderstood : This is just........Racism

Hoa Lương : I cried watching this. This is so beautiful! Their love and hope about life is really admirable. Thank you for making this film <3

KeisanMusic : Why that love was forbidden? Because of they are ZERO?

浩二田所 : いじめられて負の数なって負の数同士が掛け合ってプラスになるってオチかと思った

Kristy Bhowal : Beautiful animation. Finally something made me cry after decades.

˚✧🌼Clair’s Vlog🌼˳✧༚ : 10:35 *NANI WUT OML MY TEACHER WAS WRONG*

Dinesh Paul : Magnificent. Just amazing....

josilynl3 : Reminds me of little big planet

UtopianPoyzin : This could be a full fledged movie ngl...

Harsh Roy : Oh my..... Really fantastic I never imagined of such a great end really man great work..Appreciate it

XxboxX Gamer : -SAD-

THETRUEKING12 : On your calculator type 0➗0=