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pcman427 gaming : i need a part 2 called infinity

Meridian : 10:58 lmfao

Suprova Anims : Great animation.

Yual's Dream World Daligcon : Beautiful

RoastedToasted : If you divide zero by zero = infinity. Putting zero into zero lmao.

MemesAreFriendsNotFood : Homie went from zero to hero

Nawaf Yazan : My feeling like zero there are no anyone respect me or take a good care to me :( #STOPBULLYING

Joanne Vincentius : T-T this makes me so sad

Chase Stone : 5:10 roblox oof sounds😂

M3h_itz_ Ash : Me: yo don’t judge a yarn YOUR A YARN TOO! Mom:sweetie who are you talking too? Me:them yarn :3

when you can't think of a good username : it's not representing anything in my opinion. it has many similarities to racism, but I don't think that's what the video is about at all. if anything it probably represents people who are different from society, or people who are considered outcasts.

Alpha_ Trix : Never give up 💪💪

Loriban Cinema : I freaking love this stop motion !!😭😭💗💗

zackster67 : pink basterds

GalaxyGamerzzYT zz : For me zero is the most important number cause if there were no zero there will be no time or time won't exist

Katniss Everdeen : Isn’t it awful that people will judge people like this

Jeff The Killer : my life in school is just like 0's

kinder games كندر قيمز : NISE👍

Zezeroh : I was thinking that as they were looking at the mural he made, they would shut the door.

sonicultimate siegas : I liked

carelle leian santos : Zero is like me

Roma Kuloshvili : *Infinity isn't a number!*

Skyla Everteen : I love how it ends with 'the beginning'.

Kisna Rani : It was touching... Truly explained that nothing can also be something.. 👌👌😊

Ashlyn Vlogs : Poor zeros I feel sorry for them if I saw those kids in real life DENG I WOULD CALL POLICE AND TAKE A PICTURE SO THEY CAN PAY THE PRICE😡😡

Denis Fan : This was so sweet now I know a zero is some thing some thing u need

atzLynx : Nothing Can be mutch more with another number, two. Togerher they are a number. 20 200 2000 200000 200000000000 2000000000000000000. This world needs more zeroes. But the bad thing is, that we kill and murder and bully all the zeroes. Because we know that they Are so mutch more than us. But we don’t understand, that they can only help if there is a number.

RandomZ5 : So beautiful! The narration touched my soul and had me like "I'm a Zero too!😣" Ending was epic! I expected it to be a 100 for some reason, but infinity is so much better!

Zied Njar : جميا ان اجنبي يترجم مقاطعه

団長 : だんだん意味がわかってきてからもう一回見るとあぁってなる。とても良い作品だと思う。

anshuarya11may arya : D best part is... If v want to b happy nothing can stop us to do so. . . . It's all about attitude

Tress passer : So sad I cried after the first minute 😢😢😢😭😭😭😭

VinisRei_Bs - Br : Liçaum de morau

Survien Ibo : I almost cried.

Ooonerf Lego : Sad

carelle leian santos : 😭😭😭😭😭😭

Syd 8888 : Now i will never hate wool...that has a 0 on them... and i never did...

Naj Idriss : Racism

Blue Dragon : Way u bully me

Grace Jacob : He is special then all of them in there. 0 what

Chewy Mark #1 : Bravo bravo😢😶

ayan hira : Im half zero

Paradox0246 2.0 : I love this short film

Michael Deng : there should be a part 2

pritha sarkar : nice.i like it very much.

悪臭の極みどっどりあん : 途中からずっと心にきたけどいい終わり方で良かった…

Team TDM : After watching this i want to team up with the zero

El It Cumbion:V : Y de qué trata la historia

Gaming Panda : Fuck rasisim

Mint Rekii : Where have you guys gone? miss ya guys!