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pcman427 gaming : i need a part 2 called infinity

Suprova Anims : Great animation.

J-Vahalla-B : Am legit crying now. This i what the future is about. We need more of these and not a despacito. Awesome storywriting and animation. And remember folks, no matter how you are and how you look, there will always be someone out there willing to love you with all their heart. Just believe. Be brave and kind. Peace.

MonsterV Gaming#1 : Part 2 please! :)

Tech hi Tech : so nice 😢😢😢

Phillip Napolitano : Mom: what’s wrong Me: YARN JUST YARN

Bbpaws33 Luke : Reminds me of little big planet

GROWTOPIA R KING : Zero is my favorite number

Super Nova : He just went from zero to hero like if you agree

Lottielollypop :3 : isnt this like racism... if so lesson well learned WE R ALL EQUAL

Cizza078 Cizza’sworkshop : SOOO CUUUTTTEEEE

KeisanMusic : Why that love was forbidden? Because of they are ZERO?

Sofia O : This made my day

Obey the Mage : I was expecting a 10 not an infinity with 2 freaking heads 0_0

Romy Tu Patrona : Alguien habla español :p

Skyler Power696 : 10:59 He's like, "heloo, don't mind me, just watching you in your sleep."

Meridian : 10:58 lmfao

Suganya Selvam : Zero is always Hero☺

Ash Sk : Ummm... that's lot of Math -.-!

thenat chiamman : was on verge of crying but then at 10:59 that dude was like 👿 😂😂😂

LølaQuinzel : I wish I'll find true love one day.....

Mc Fries : Plot twist: all plus numbers have a minus on their backs

judyta jaskolka : Its so so so sad😭😭😭

Rubick Cleus : I love 0 number, why? Because in the Math 0+0 its the easier for answer it!

GalaxyWolf Fpix : I thought the baby was going to be a 10, infinity makes sense though

Tony Spring : Disliking this is just evil it is a beautiful story about how special you are and how you do something amazing not only that but how badly others who are different treated. It is teaching fairness and self love in a creative and great way. This is just other way to show how special each and everyone of you are. Why would dislike it. I mean if didn't for me I would click away knowing disliking it is just not helping the message that they are trying to send really. I now that is just my opinion but I think it safe to say that we are allowed to say our on opinion and if you just don't like it that is fine, but please don't go around disliking everything. I felt that this needed to be said so I have took apon myself to do this. I hope no one is afeended I don't me to if I have I just thought it needed to be said

Valeria J.V. : 0 + 0 = ∞

Lola Lol : Oh, zero :'(

BoosteD Gamer : 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 are fu................... number but 0 is very very best number

Blame Angelo : To be honest this video is like when Jesus Christ was born

Chicken Boy55 : this is like when slavery was around with 0's being black and the other numbers being white

Don'tWatchTheWorldBURN : From the beggining, I thought 0 himself would become 10.

RobotcraftGr Animations : This is truly magnificent. I love the idea behind it and the animation was also fantastic!

Asong anak gosong : 😭😭😭😭😭

Tyra Begay : That was beautiful.

Emily Santiago : Awww I'm going to cry

fre sh avoca do : Poor little thing

Alexis Addison : Ok everyone is different that does not make you different if zero bleeds the same the other number will to.


PositiveSofia : I would help zero

Xana Montana : My hero zero

Ms.Becool777 : Sadly this is the harsh reality of our world😢 but still a great animated 🙃

ーyota : 日本人いますかー?

TheNamelessComposer : It's basically an allegory of those conjoined twins born in India, treated as divine, from a low caste.

Dc Krow : This hit home.

Emo Prick : Mom: why are you crying? Me: PIECES OF YARN

Taqi Hasan : 0+0= A HAPPY ENDING 😀😀😀☺

Antonia Tiger : 8:00 why???what he did?

Tingala_01 : Theres no such thing as a zero

Harsh Dahiya : This shows the true nature of human behavior.