Knifemaker Explains The Difference Between Chef's Knives | Epicurious

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Edward Short / The Hoosier Craftsman : Looks like he finely chopped is meaning to finger food.

djTLMtv : I don't know how YouTube decided to put this video in my recommended section, but this was very interesting indeed! Will sure knows his knives and hid hands tell you he's the real deal :) Oh, 8:18 for all the Teken fans ;)

Alec Steele : This was a fantastic video!!

Conan Roundstone : After 24 years in the kitchen I’ve gone back to my victorinox that I started out with as an apprentice chef. My arthritic hand appreciate the fat handles and my poor Shun sits in the knife bag

Jessica Davis : YES. I love this! Professionals teaching me about their trade will always be incredibly fascinating.

Drazil Odomok : with the way he waves those knifes around i can understand the number of cuts on his hands.

Garik Kazarian : more like a wustof commercial .... **EDIT** apperently wustof is somewhat of a industry standard , i honestly had no idea Now the video makes much more sense

John : At 6:37 they were just talking about knife length, but at 8:04 the title of the summary is labeled "Shape."

Gryxll : Teacher: "I hope you guys learned allot on break." Michael Myers: "Subarashii."

Joshua Leong : Perfect video, the editing, camera direction, Will's in depth explanations, lighting, focus, tool layout, the way we should perform the cuts with each knife, highlights of each knife profile and type every time he grabs a different one. Splendid job guys. Keep up the great work, and I hope your continued success mirrors your passion and dedication to your craft.

Devo L. : great vid,.. er but one thing. the bolster is actually a heavy duty part of the blade where a chef can use it in butchery preparation, for breaking bones. not just a little "safety" design but more for multi-function for serious chefs. no bolster, light tang carbon knives are great for specific things, but i've found over the full day of use (usually 10-11 hrs. in a real kitchen) the heavier, bolstered knives i've used have more "work" ability in them.

Carpe diem : i know you´re a professional, but moving your fingers around these blades is freaking me out!

Let's be Honest Official : I hate the thick back of the knife(right before the handle), because as you sharpen it over time you won't be able to sharpen that metal spot (obviously), and so this will create a hinder as you try to slice things on your board because the blade won't be parallel to the board anymore.

The Hungry Gringo : I had no idea that I needed to know this much about knives!

WR3ND : Many critiques in the comment section. To be expected, I suppose. Most people are opinionated experts. Nice video either way though. Cheers.

Jeremie Bricout : He's such a professional that he tested EVERY SINGLE KNIFE on his own fingers before making the video to tell us which one is the best

Scott J : I can vouch for the Victorinox Fibrox knife. That thing has been my constant kitchen companion for 15 years. If you are young, getting into cooking, it is an excellent first good knife at a fair price. Keep it sharp and it won't let you down.

kennycybertron1 : I'm teaching my 19yr old son how to cook and we watched this video together yesterday and let me say that I feel this is one of the best written, produced instructional video on you tube. The information was presented straightforward without a lot of fluff. My son nows understands when I say "Nobody Touches My Knives". I personally own a 36 piece WUSTHOF Classic Knife block set. I also have two NESMUK 7" chef knives handed down through the family from Germany. They are Damascus steel. Thank you for the great video.

Marley B : his hands says a lot about his work

Neil : there's so many knife cuts on his hands. chills...

derstreber2 : Knives are like, extremely dangerous, and are the weapon of choice for many armed robberies, especially in the UK. Why would you even need a knife? I mean, they can be used to seriously hurt and even kill people. What we need is some common sense knife control laws for the safety of our children and the public at large. At a bare minimum we should regulate the manufacture of knives. I mean, a blade that comes to a point with an angle less than 90 degrees is super effective in illegal uses, but as everyone knows, the tip is rarely used in cooking. I also think that we should have a complete ban on knives with black handles. Wood grain handles make me feel safer.

TheHelleri : Mine are entirely too large for my space. One is like a slim french style but made in solingen. The other is unmarked, has a bulky french style look, but with a hidden tang and a large bolster. The former is 10". The latter is 12". So I just end up using my Opinel Carbone No.7 (although i really should get a No.8 as the No.7 is often just a hair too short) for most kitchen things.

Bubacat 1 : I've worked with knives for along time in the food industry. this guy knows his blades ,very informative

PREPFORIT : Great info

Andrew Montague : Really good but I did keep looking for the sponsorship from Wusthoff....

Between Lines : 4:17 for a great view of how you can tell he makes knifes for a living

Joe Buehner : Very fascinating, very logical

ElGanso : Truly humbling to learn that so much thought has been put into something I use every day.

BareWitness : All those cuts on his fingers. I believe him!

Snitch Hotline : The only shot they had was of him cutting celery 😂😂.

4bit 4u : That was Awesome, well done.

Júlio Salotti : Shape - Size? xP

Grumpy ol' Boot : Took a look on my own Chef's Knife … "Zwilling Twin Cuisine", it says … I wonder how it stacks up to those knives that he shows off ?

Mykasan : it felt like a well writen article <3 i loved it

Jorden Young : I'm here using a butter knife to cut veges

Peter Nicholson : blyah. Wash your knife after ( EVERY ) use. I have carbon steel knives from Sheffield, stainless German blades, and hand forged South African knife sets. Look after your knifes. They can be a pleasure.

Gluttey : anyone else feeling that anxiety everytime he waves a knife up and down while looking at the camera

Spencer Petersen : The fact that he compares everything against the Wüsthof makes me glad that I've got a Wüsthof.

TheCaptainLulz : Heres the thing, the japanese knives are probably better for full chefs who can make use of the unique features. but for your average resto, theyre wasted money (A LOT of money). Those german knives need be bought once and thats it, so for your avg place they are FAR better.

Jon : Iv'e wanted a Wüsthof for years but good god are they expensive.

Giovane Alucard : Full tang and hidden tang doesn't make a diference on kitchen knifes, unless you are a uncultured and use the knife like a machete. The guy is just trying to sell the Wusthof.

m0rthaus : "If you're mincing shalluts". Do Americans really pronounce shallots that way, or just this guy?

mrabrasive51 : I'll stick with my Hattori Hanzo blade!

donepearce : Chefs are far too fond of cutting. I understand why they do it - money. Thin food cooks faster. But at home you don't face that problem, so stop cutting. Most things actually cook better if they have some bulk. And of course on the plate the diner can decide for himself the size of piece he wants on his fork. The taste is retained better that way too. So all you need is one knife for maybe cutting a potato in half - if you really have to. But please consider boiling them whole and in their skins.

Yaren Red : Where do everyone buy their knives from, just curious?

SuperPussyFinger : The way he swings those knives around, I can see why his fingers are all hacked to hell.

Ilsunny Lo : Use cnc milling machine or lasers for the best cutting tool.

King Pluto : You clearly did your Google searching on this one. However, did you know: you have inferior genetics? Yes, I'm a population geneticist studying human phenotypes for over a decade. It is very obvious to me and those in my area of research that you possess 4 out of 5 traits indicative of regressive genes resulting from over breeding. Your best course of action is to sterilize yourself before you introduce more bad genes into our gene pool.

Jakob : Very good and insightful video and those cuts on the fingers 7:39 certainly also give the impression you have some knowledge and experience n the matter. Good video +1

DJ Ravine : My only complaint is the sound effects they added. I'm sure a knife sounds like it's grinding on steel when it's pulled out of a wooden sheath.