King Princess - 1950

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Viktor Nikiforov : I guess I have a new crush

CLINT THE PLUG : this girl’s weirdly style is dope.

Lily Whispers ASMR : Absolutely beautiful song

Hailie G : She reminds me so much of Harry Styles fashion/personality wise and her music is the reason I'm breathing and to say I'm in love is an understatement.

I put the Gyno in Androgynous : Oh my god this is amazing #pride

INDIE ARMY : Kristen Stewart, Alessa Cara & Cole Sprouse vibe

What In The World Giselle : Dam this song is so good

LyricalGenes : *I like this! Well done* 🙌


RedVacktor : this song is great!

Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea. : This girl's got a better moustache than most men.

kisses xoxo : She is so pretty. I would love to date her or either kiss her. I'm probably bi

S. M. : I knew the music video would be good because she started singing right away; can’t stand when there’s a silent 5 min long intro.

Gabi S.M. : Gosh, your voice............... please, kiss me.

cherrycream : she's hella attractive and her voice is beautiful

Kathleen Payton : King Princess is v hot

ellalie del rey : this makes me gay-er

Cyan Guptilll : People are freaking out about the smoking...get over it. This video is beautiful and raw. We need more of this. It isn’t your life. Enjoy the music and appreciate the honesty within the video..or just leave.

deyna : her voice is so soothing omg ❤ i love it

Luís Borges : Needs more smoking, not enough yet

Balta Bueno : Only 1950's kids will remember this

hotcakesand syrup : millie bobby brown led me here

Ishaq Al-Zaeem : She’s gonna blow up I can feel it

Ryan Sellers : Artist on the Rise on Trending!

Gabby : god i am so gay for her lmao

Aku's Blogs : Aesthetic..👌❤

Mibble Cibble : I’m in love.

Anon Anon : Damn...heard it in a porn stream. And I'm like wow, really like this song. So spent 30 minute on finding the lyrics " I'll be right here waiting for you " until I almost gave up. So I went to spotify Today's Top Hits and I slowly browse through. And I finally found this song. Kids, the moral of the story is to never give up!!

Rizal Nasrulloh : "fuck, yoooouuuuuuuuuuu"

Vai’s Life : Found this song 2 days ago and I’ve played it on repeat for 48 hours now🤷🏽‍♀️

Amber Rodriguez : How loving it would be to date a musician until y'all break up and they make a song about you

zack parsley : This is so awesome!!

Hannah Trigwell : Love this!! 😍

38 Minute Truce : When will we agree there's nothing cool about smoking?

Gramma Hobbes : This song has helped me. I've been having some issues lately. Health wise and mental wise...I'm sick all the time. It's been a tough two years...when i'm sad, I listen to this song and it helps me. Thank you.

Gabri : I can’t decide if I want to look like her or date her

omg its me : why are there so many hate comments? calling her slurs and saying she only got famous on youtube because she’s gay?? no, sweaty, that’s not the case. she’s famous because she has talent. probably more talent than a lot of celebrities today.

Koren-Grace : I listen to this song everyday. Multiple times a day. This video is so good.

Lissie D.S : I'm actually in love omg

ashmit galav : What's her name ?

Beesan Da'na : are we going to ignore the fact that she is the girl version of cole spouse...

Haidyn_Graham : Harry Styles and Kristen Stewart had a baby

M' aiq : Hope she makes an Album soon😊 I'd buy that shit pronto lmao.

laney lily : lesbian culture takeover <3<3 the gay icon we need honestly i love the like half drag thing you're kinda doing- how you express yourself feels real it inspires me i feel very similarly

Candice XX : Harry Styles' tweet brought me here.

hi there : She is so perfect óAò At first I listened to this song on spotify but then I saw THIS GAY VIDEO WITH THIS GORGEOUS WOMEN. I couldn't ask for more this is just amazing 👌

KingParis : New fav song❤️

Alaís Marçal : this is fcking art.......

Adam Lauina : Awesome to be yourself and share with others. Great song 👏👏👏

Luke M : Thanks Harry Styles for tweeting this!!!