Launch Pad Water Deluge System Test at NASA Kennedy Space Center

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This system is used to reduce extreme heat and energy generated by a rocket launch.🚀 On Oct. 15, 2018, the Ignition Overpressure Protection and Sound Suppression water deluge system at Kennedy Space Center's Launch Pad 39B was tested, sending water about 100 feet in the air. The test is part of preparation for launching our Space Launch System rocket on Exploration Mission-1 and subsequent missions. Modifications were made to the pad after a previous wet flow test, increasing the performance of the system. During launch, this water deluge system will release approximately 450,000 gallons of water across the mobile launcher and Flame Deflector. Credit: NASA Kennedy Space Center


Merchant Ivory : Pretty sure this was a top secret test attempting to launch water into space

Cisco A : California is on the phone

andrew nelson : Should have been titled “NASA’s Super Soaker”

Virdeo : Finally water cooling that can cool my amd cpu

Vladimir Lenin : *Now that's a lot of water*

Commander Cosmic : Put some Flex Seal on it

Galaxy Goldbox : If it was a water park.. I will just jump in...and maybe die...who cares!?!

Upcycle Electronics : Take that Bellagio! You ain't got notin on NASA... Vegas Shmagas.

Unknown : Imagine you're deaf and you were on the walkway thing when it activated

Rui Leite : This is odly satisfying

Melvin F. : Wow! Please make a video explaining how it all works.

Jeeva Jp : Jacking off after a long time be like

Sweettooth187 : Him: Has no job, multiple warrants, face tattoos, dropped out of highschool...and is over 6 feet. Her:

Malachi186282 : How long does it take to fill the water tower from scratch?

akhil kadway : This was 450,000 gallons in 1 minute. Niagara Falls pours over 700,000 gallons of water per second. MIND BLOWN!!!!!!

B R : Laminar flow!! How much pressure is that? And how many gallons? What does the pumping station look like? The piping has gotta be huuge! I see different colors in the water. What chemicals do you use? And what are their purposes? I have so many more questions!! Lol

Billy Ritchie : All we need now is a rocket on that pad

Pandoraspocks : Better than Niagara Falls...

R.M.S Olympic : This made me thirsty.

Raja Bandi : 😊 Close up of that water rise looks just like rocket 🚀 Takeoff.

John T : Yeah, yeah but can you land a rocket on it?

EyesOfByes : Looks like any Intel CPU-cooler to me

terrorista31 : It looks kinda surreal lol also this got me pumped for the launch!

Vin ce : and people complaining about a running water tap at Wok cooking stations

Sergey Solovey : Я использую примерно столько воды, когда чищу зубы.

DeepBlue : NASA my favorite :)

Wade’s Underworld : Hey NASA where’s my shill payment? It costs money keeping those flat earthers in check.😆👍 also I’m so excited about the SLS, I can’t wait until EM-1 I’ll probably have a full blown geek attack.👍 GO NASA!

Romulo Sarzenski : Blastoise used Hydro Pump. It's super effective.

bazz mc fury : The technical name for this device is "Chuck Norris's bidet"

emilio laban ramirez : A lot of tests. Blessings & success.

titanium9000 : Godzilla's drinking fountain..! Oh, and really? 72 flat earthers? Jump off the planet please..

PhatKid68 : Now we just need a rocket to suppress the sound..... :( Thanks Obama!

Volo : Dear NASA, Now you owe us a video of mopping up.

TheRebelOne : Breaking ...: Did you hear the undercover Caterpillar straight 6 at 1:30 or was it a Cummins 6BT.....who needs rockets when you can listen to that....🤔😁

ANNE DROID : I can see the problem....... The pipework hasn't been completed & that's why water is going everywhere.

PHOBOS1708 : ok but most important question is ... does it blend?

Kendal Brown : nasa is cool mine space shuttle fight to the moon in 2021

EATSLEEPDRIVE2002 : When you see your buddy walking along the flight deck…

KiddKoalaz : Me when Super Smash Bros Ultimate releases.

Theron Nelson : The concrete Launchpad would disintegrate if they didn't keep it cool

blubyu : Freaking impressive!🤯😎😁 In my humble opinion I am guessing hardly any pumps used and massive Wells and tunnels dug under the ocean and surrounding Seashore to funnel up towards that area

robyn brown : Amazing! This will save so many lives, congratulations NASA nice job!

Ray G : Would this water injection system fit a V Tec?

rgerber : if you look closely, you can see that drop behaving slightly different

John Hyll : Good to see progress coming along with the new rockets

Joseph Astier : If the SLS doesn't work out, you have the start of a pretty decent waterpark.

Viktor Tsvetanov : Why you not transform heat energy in electricity!? Just install few pipes in the rocket launcher, one power turbine and done! NASA GOT GREEN

Dastickupkids : We need one of those in every neighborhood at summertime....

Opr Paul : NASA just hired Aquaman!!