Launch Pad Water Deluge System Test at NASA Kennedy Space Center

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Jeeva Jp : Jacking off after a long time be like

Upcycle Electronics : Take that Bellagio! You ain't got notin on NASA... Vegas Shmagas.

B R : Laminar flow!! How much pressure is that? And how many gallons? What does the pumping station look like? The piping has gotta be huuge! I see different colors in the water. What chemicals do you use? And what are their purposes? I have so many more questions!! Lol

Merchant Ivory : Pretty sure this was a top secret test attempting to launch water into space

Cisco A : California is on the phone

Virdeo : Finally water cooling that can cool my amd cpu

andrew nelson : Should have been titled “NASA’s Super Soaker”

Vladimir Lenin : *Now that's a lot of water*

Melvin F. : Wow! Please make a video explaining how it all works.

Galaxy Goldbox : If it was a water park.. I will just jump in...and maybe die...who cares!?!

Commander Cosmic : Put some Flex Seal on it

Sweettooth187 : Him: Has no job, multiple warrants, face tattoos, dropped out of highschool...and is over 6 feet. Her:

Malachi186282 : How long does it take to fill the water tower from scratch?

Pandoraspocks : Better than Niagara Falls...

Raja Bandi : 😊 Close up of that water rise looks just like rocket 🚀 Takeoff.

Billy Ritchie : All we need now is a rocket on that pad

Rui Leite : This is odly satisfying

R.M.S Olympic : This made me thirsty.

Moss Fett : Release the semen

Wade’s Underworld : Hey NASA where’s my shill payment? It costs money keeping those flat earthers in check.😆👍 also I’m so excited about the SLS, I can’t wait until EM-1 I’ll probably have a full blown geek attack.👍 GO NASA!

akhil kadway : This was 450,000 gallons in 1 minute. Niagara Falls pours over 700,000 gallons of water per second. MIND BLOWN!!!!!!

John T : Yeah, yeah but can you land a rocket on it?

KiddKoalaz : Me when Super Smash Bros Ultimate releases.

Sergey Solovey : Я использую примерно столько воды, когда чищу зубы.

Robert Connor : Where does the water come from? Does the water tower in the background have anything to do with it? Tower seems too small.

ла *** : ЭТА ЧТО

Joseph Agyepong : long live NASA LIKE IF YOU AGREE

Texas proud : What is the purpose of that anyone know ?

lilcrooky : The unsung hero of every launch flight

emilio laban ramirez : A lot of tests. Blessings & success.

frosty A B : what you're looking at are actually the connections that will be hooked up to the mobile launcher, the mobile launcher then distributes the water around the rocket to suppress the noise and cool the deck (just like it was for the Space Shuttle) the system is fed by the 290' tall water tower in the background it was installed for Space Shuttle, it was not there for Apollo/Saturn V

pete a : Was of water

Collin MacInnis : Thats for absorption to mitigate?

GOOGLE TAQIYYA : *Great. Now I gotta go pee.*

David Garston : Wow that an impressive amount of water.

colorado841 : I will give it a about a 4/5 stars. I definitely recommend visiting. The landing was a bit rough, but the ride was a blast. A real adrenaline rush. The trick is to stay in the center for the whole ride.

TechMantra : EK releases their new water cooling.

BluMac : 0:01 poor bird

wardogs161 : Refreshing!

MAKREX : subscribete eldemente

terrorista31 : It looks kinda surreal lol also this got me pumped for the launch!

MAKREX : sctifctory

wardogs161 : Now we know the reason behind those manmade mudslides.

PhatKid68 : Now we just need a rocket to suppress the sound..... :( Thanks Obama!

Angelus Marcarita : And russian Rockets can take off without expensive plataforms. With Vodka fuel and no waste tons of water xd

That Guy : "I make Minecraft let's play videos" Girl:

Naughtystimpy : This is the dirtiest thing I've ever seen. Pure porn.

Danny Ocean : Anyone from Florida? That water rite there smells soooo bad whew

Dastickupkids : We need one of those in every neighborhood at summertime....

Dustin Penner : Chocolate teapot! Amarite?