Madonna's Boyfriends, Partners & Husbands

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alan wisdom : Even with the money all the cosmetic procedure she had, she still have bag under her eyes ! And after she want to sell us her very expensive skin care 🤣🤣🤣

Janet Michel : I personally wouldn’t want to date most of these dropouts, Guy Richie was one of the decent men she had and lm pleased her son with him is staying with Guy as l think Madonna is a bit of a nut case.

Marc Sound : Michael Jackson and Madonna were never involved. LMBO

perth45 : Doesn't she realize how strange she looks.....?...those cheeks....!!!!

Cathy Kristensen : She been with some really hot men!

True American : Great in the 80’s! Old liberal hag now.

Petros Kouklotheatros : How about some respect???

D Larson : What an old, washed up, liberal shrew now..

Ricky Parker : Madonna used to sleep with Latino "boys" all the time in the late 70s even telling a story once about how one gave her a nasty case of crabs!! ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!! Yeah she was notorious for slinging that snatch ALL OVER NEW YORK!!!! lol

anglianchannel : old hag has had more pricks than Trump's voodoo doll

Sarah Franks : She is still a very hugetalant but yes she looks horriable

Ory M. : She is so ridiculous... Doesn t accept She is getting older. Really terrible...

noemistephanie93 : Im a fan but MAN she's been turned more than a doorknob! (I know it sounds corny but u get what I mean lol)

Bianca blast : How about the young boys?

Heidi Graham : They missed all the customers she had on Warhol's couch when she was a prostitute in NYC. And that's from Warhol's own words.

AT OCDesignzz : Way to many to count!

zacthecatty35 : Looks incredible!!! Our glorious Queen Madonna forever!!

José Carvalho : In USA today she's just a shadow of what she was, so that's why she makes all this Carnival abroad lol

Ricky Parker : Madonnas a Dog! lol

anglianchannel : the only relation between Madonna and art is with Michaelangelo, yes folks, she's seen more ceilings than Michaelangelo

Laura Elaine DeSilets : Money and Fame just leave you as an empty shell. You can not buy love. I feel bad as she over the years has thrown herself away. Now she is a fat soccer mom as she has said on Kelly Rippa show. Im glad she is a mom trying to find love. love starts with self and you attract it. Going around sleeping around is just sex. I loved her older fun and lively. Make a cime back tour I bet you will knock off those silly pounds coz your a workout goddess who iwns gyms in Canada. Whata empire.. !! Queen of Pop

anglianchannel : 3 49 minute video to tally all Madonnas conquests? are they in blocks of 100?

Adam Thomson : yuk what a skank

anglianchannel : she wanted to blow up the white House, she meant blow the staff in the Whitehouse

james gonzo : Prince never dated Madonna he just gave her a crappy song.

mpourmpoulithra2011 : QUEEN OF POP

anglianchannel : she dated the entire NFL, well just in the locker room, don't forget the NBA, the united States Marine Corp all of Hollywood and every villager in Malawi

epi pi : Madonna is old...her face is so unnatural.

A Sha : Never thought she had class eventhough she has been around quite a bit..

Star Blue : Lisa Young..Guess I'm not the only one...dud you read the rest of the comments????🤔

Bg Rod : Show respect to the blue print for miley, brittany, christina, and the of the pop movement!

Annie Chophi : Grandma of pop..

Kenny Scott : Thanks for the latest information. That's one of my Xmas card list for starters.

Bobby Samra : Her fanny must be like the tongue of a 1000 year old lizard 🤮

Cricri 76 : Madonna and Sean 💗💛❤👍👍

Nahuel Velazquez : Aguante madona

sean love : Adopt me Madonna 😉

Nahuel Velazquez : Madonna

Ed Óliiver : Great video! But you forgot Jean Michel Basquiat...

Jaime Arango : Madonna what's going on ? 🙄🙄

anglianchannel : I saw her the other day on a construction site, they were using scraping g off her make up with earth movers

COGLIONE DEL RE : Che faccia di vecchia e quanto è ridicola su Facebook

Fenestra Dreams : Her music has aged as badly as her face.

Kim Gee : Transgender

Me'em Miester : If I was an iconic celebrity like Madonna I wouldn’t want to grow old and fizzle out and become irrelevant like she is now I would have committed suicide at the height of my career and become “Immortalised”.

MICHELLE WILSON : Trash video.

Nick Thomas : All the plastic surgery in the world cannot make her young. Her face is a botox waste site.

Star Blue : Who cares bout Madonna? Tired of her....

Mauro Gammal : Age gap . Hahaha. She didn’t want him anymore.

Napoleon IV : If she had a son, he would have schizophrenia because she was beat up.