The World's Smallest Cannons

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swagic Wizard : good defence against angry squirrels

Tom Milles : I know a better idea! Aim it with the back towards the target, and fire away the whole cannon on it!

clonemarine Yaakov : I think it would be fun and adorable to put a bunch of these on a couple model ships, rig the fuses to an electric ignition system for firing in sequence, and have the tiniest ship-to-ship battle ever witnessed.

felicianoabe : haha that little thing is so cute! oh it punched through foil how precious lol

Invincible Extremes Muscle Cars Garage : These made me laugh so hard. They are awesome.

shoot me now : im gonna 3D print one right now! :)

Fingernail Freddy : You'll put your eye out with that kid!

Spanish videos : Fighting germs like a BOSS!

RidonkulousMG : How do we know you’re not actually a GIANT???

Kobe Sevin : I don't even have one but I lost it already

Sylvester Fritz : who made it, you?

Alejandro Medina : i wonder if you can get those devices used for measuring bullets speeds and measure that diminute rounds, then calculate how many joules of energy those shots have :P

shinobi1kenobi75 : Is it necessary to use the striker portion in the powder mix since you are touching it of with a flame?

Jamie Champion : Did it take more time because it's smaller?

Jaro Ralph : The recoil lol

landfair123 : Start selling them to army ants.

Know All : (1) If the cannon can not have a very short recoil, it fails as a performing cannon. Why not glue it to the table? (2) Why a wick was not used to detonate the shots? I enjoyed the video nevertheless.

Jaro Ralph : Thats amazing

ronald bedford : Nice job.whats your propellant?

Sahil 123 : Great stuff man ! I don't know why this channel is not viral...... This requires a lot of hardwork and time.A person has to go into times of frustation in making these tiny things.Anyways,keep up the great job man !

Rhejdirogth Groatvhe : What's the load?

alecrockz22 : well after u shoot it u gotta go find the cannon

Castaire : Americas new secret weapon

Cpt.AirWolf : War Thunders M22 lol

manshark1966 : The weapon to surpass metal gear

MMauser98 : what kind of powder you use in such a small gun? :)

Francisco Villa : That cannon gets knock out on his ass every time it fires still look awesome

Arctic2Noob : Haha I was checking the Guinness world records page for the smallest working cannon and thought about suggesting you to try to set the record but I see you have already made a comment about it on Facebook. Have you ever thought about trying to officially break the record?

Toxic Ice gaming : Wow u prob end up eating it or sumting

Toxic Ice gaming : Wow u prob end up eating it or sumting

Mahmud Harits : Awesome! Lol lol lol lol lol lol ....

vhoa : cute

heyimgoingtoplaysomegames : You should film them all in slo-mo! I have a feeling it would look awesome ;)

Hùng Dương : the cannon is also a bullet :))

Marcus Wong : Soooooo cute !!!

Raker109 : awww the small one is so cute

Alle Genio : OoO *blows up* BOOM I'M AMAZED

ByeTech : Simply admirable!

Maxx Meether : That's actually sweet

James Reynolds-Tate : Awesome

Hamilton Kilpatrick : will these hurt or what?

LeGunslinger : You should register that in guinness book "smallest canon"

Endoben : could u please turn a normal cap gun revolver/rifle to a gun

MrMcAwesome : I probably shouldn't be caring about this, but 1943 pennies are worth around $50k. Sry if u knew that already

DudeManGuy : lol thats pretty impressive to assemble somthing as small as that

Puppy Puppington : I was so excited and when it finally was lit i was crackin up by how it just flew away lololol

Peter Petersmann : Ouch!

TofuandGreenBeans : Just incase there's an army of ants you need to fight.

YungLil Flu : i made my cannon 1,7mm large                             1,4 height

Kokichi Ouma : That thing can kill a ant