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Samad : i swear if you guys make a butt song im out

Mettaton NEO11 : “Is this your car?” “Nope, it’s yours!”

Monkey D. Luffy : wanna laugh ? replay button 1:09 1:09 1:09 cost 1 like ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

AquaticEntity : “ITS A HEARING AID!” “ *WHAT???* “ Lol I wear hearing aids so that one had me dead Edit: Lol thx 4 all the likes :D

Jake Devine : 1:45 Odd1sOut???

Berd : good job nerd

Landon Sims : YouTubers SomethingElseYT: 0:20 Jaiden Animations: 0:24 and 1:36 TheOdd1sOut: 0:30 and 1:45 JacksFilms: 1:01

TXMN Elevators : But BUT B U T This isn't what I wanted

100k SUBS WITHOUT A VID CHALLENGE : I reversed the magic word at 0:03 and it said meme-icus ice cream icus

Baconhair Oofernoob : I am going to open this door! *Gets murdered by a butt*

Kaskobi : So i reversed the magic word at 0:03 and it says “meme-icus ice cream-icus”. Fun fact

Zooble959 : Hmm that guys voice at 1:46 really stands out to me as an odd one out... Edit: also 0:30 🧐

Reece Bousquin : 0:16 bruh that’s more of the 70’s like if you agree

DerTeam Jack, Zeke, And Joseph : When My Mom Says Something 1:37

Aeizn : so it's devolved to fart humor, huh...

Michael Jay - Value Investing : Dang, I remember watching these when I was a teenager.

Robzrapid : I think the butt memes are getting to my brain. :3 1:25 1:39 2:01

Rifinou ariou4 : Srsly i was with my parent😂 1:14


Minecraft Master : 0:24 Jadien?

1ik : Alright, cya next year Tom.

SuperCool Fortnite : What the magic word? : MEMEICUS ICECREAMICUS

panda panda : preschool teacher: what does the big sheep give us? preschooler 1: The big sheep gives us wool! preschool teacher: very good! now, what does the big chicken give us? preschooler 2: The big chicken gives us chicken! preschool teacher: excellent! now, what does the big pig gives us? preschooler 3: The big pig gives us bacon! preschool teacher: great job! now, what does the big cow give us? preschooler me: The big cow gives us homework! [true story folks]

Julian Marmol : 0:03 suck the mucus and the limb

esam zetouna : 1:45 was that James

OutsideTheBox : I like how they tell nobody that they’re releasing it

stemen chez 6 music and gaming : This made me laugh so hard

William Upfold : 0:08 this is what I do then bored

Shonte Lee : 0:18 when you have to study the test.

BDAB0M3 • : 0:20 0:24 1:40 1:45

HeyGeesh : *Top ten anime returns*

Colten Clover : What’s that behind your ear?!! OH NO!!! GIANT SHEEP!! those are clouds..NIAGGGHHhHh

Person who plays Deltarune : 1:48 is that TheOdd1sOut Edit: Oh it is

TheGreenfire22 : It ain't silent, BUTT it sure is deadly.

PinkWolf 202 : 2019 anyone?😉😉😉

Vailskibum94 : yoooo my eyes lit up when this appeared in my recommendations

TheLegendaryLoaf : 1:17 he was doing the flop

*I Need* *Lamps* : What the magic word Me: BOOGA BOOGA BOOGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Alfred AlfieSIV : 0:44"Aw come on, boys don't cry." 'Boobs pop out' That made me laugh so hard

Durning : What’s that behind your ear? It’s a hearing aid! *wHaT?*

PlanetBloxSteve : Please deleted the 5 4 3 2 1 _inappropriate noise_ I love watching these vids, but I hear enough of that from my super annoying classmates!!!

Kristen Elizabeth : JAIDEN ANIMATIONS 0:23!!!, 1:36

Antonia M : kid: dad can you make me a sandwich? dad: abracadabra you’re a sandwich

27 subscribers and 4800 views : so how does that make you fewl?

JesseRoxII : 11 out of 20 of these jokes involve someone dying.

Dalhissinth Ragnarokta : Damn TomSka These got dark lmao

Chona Castillo : I wonder whose butts they belong to?


Fares films : this video was uploaded in my birthday

Justin Y. : It's here! It's finally here!