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خالد القرني : my brother died because of him

Гражданин Мира : "no deal, I choose the button" =D

Jeff Gottwald : Basically the plot of Death Note.

I hate unicorns : Years later from when I first watched this and it's still funny.

Yazen Alomary : it was supposed to be like a moral puzzle *presses button* solved

Navic : My teacher showed the class this in class. OG math teacher.

Kill a Commie For Mommy : he just killed around 12 people

Joeri20cm : This is one of my favorite videos ever, if i want to laugh i just rewatch this over and over :D

Anti-Gravity : I wonder what would happen if you pressed the button 8 billion times. Would it kill some alien humans somewhere far away or what?

Albeleo W : This is a Twilight Zone reference, for fuck's sake.

Claire Smiles : God I wish that box would kill me

Brandinisnores : my finger got caught in this box *DONT! *

Simon Lee : I miss picnicface

Liv : thank u hawpcast for telling me to watch this it's fkin gold

E-Man Martr_187 : Remember watching this on Tosh.0

westkk99 : he murdered 13 people

gpoop23 : So this is how I know that guy from Mr. D!

Aubree Grossman : Still funny

EXOTIC Hypz : This idea was from sml the button

Bad Times, Inc. : I'd also do it, all things considered, it's a pretty sweet deal.

Nathan Brooks : better than the movie

Cermpler : "Solved"

Dominic : This is a pressing matter.

omniXenderman : This is exactly what I would do

Chewy Thomson : I was wondering the same. Shazam has come up blank.

Jack : Roosterteeth did it better.

Ian : I hated this story

bittenbyacrow : It's actually based off the same short story the movie was based off, more than likely. Though the design of the button/box itself is clearly cribbed from the movie.

bittenbyacrow : A Canadian sketch comedygroup, responsible for POWERTHIRST, (I believe) the Brawndo ads in/around Idiocracy (or at least the POWERTHIRST videos inspired them), and "All About Halifax" (the capital city of Nova Scotia, both mine and their hometown; a satirical/humorous 'informational video'), among others.

bittenbyacrow : Actually, it means anyone who is ignorant (not sure if that's in the 'rude' sense or the 'lack of knowledge' sense).

Ahmad Nagy : THE BOX (2009)

Edalwulf Bergmann : You do know that doesn't miserably mean black people right? It means anyone who is a wast of flesh and doesn't commit anything to society.

Brittany Lamoureux : No deal! I choose the box!

Jimmmy Johnson : what is picnicface?

Stephano andPewds : "solved it." :D *click-click*

Maddie Emerald : Wat movie?

Subzeros14 : This guy doesn't know me which means I just survived the man pressing the button. Which also means that anyone else that commented didn't die. But the people that disliked, sorry for them... They are the people that died during the making of this.

Horizonstrider : Rofl!

Look Behind You : what's the song at the end?

Julie Sloan : I could do it.

Rotatebilly : Nah, I like this version better

omniXenderman : which inturn is based on a japanese card game based on a religion based on a fishtank

Chrypto : "No deal" Lost it there

Anaphylaxis : Copied off RoosterTeeth

epsilonbob : Actually that wasn't officially the 'rules' it was just ominously implied as a "dun dun dunnn" consequence at the end.

Anthony Becker : agreed

doomfullord : Happy Drinking Bird + The Box = Doomsday device. Clearly his choice over the million dollars was a grand one indeed.

Mohammed Al-Sahaf : I just watched it with your recommendation. I respectfully disagree.

Graham O'Brien : RoosterTeeth...did this better